When talking about the Jaguars, Byron Leftwich sounds like Rex Ryan

Steelers quarterback Byron Leftwich loves playing for the Steelers.  But nearly three years removed from the abrupt end to his career in Jacksonville, Leftwich had some strong words for the team that demoted and then cut him only days before the start of the 2007 regular season.

In fact, Leftwich sounded a lot like Jets coach Rex Ryan.

“The Jaguars really f–ked up that situation,” Leftwich recently told Mike Freeman of CBSSports.com.  “We had a good
group of players and the team let them all go.  They let us all go. 
If they had been more patient, we could’ve done big things in

Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union took issue with Leftwich’s assessment.

“More patient?” Frenette writes.  “Leftwich was given four years to prove he was a franchise
quarterback in Jacksonville.  He had a 24-20 record as a starter and a
career quarterback rating of 80.5 with the Jaguars.  That’s a
respectable, middle-of-the-road starting quarterback.  That’s all.”

Leftwich also made it clear that he’s happy in Pittsburgh, where he remains on track, for now, to serve as the interim starter while Ben Roethlisberger serves a six-game suspension that likely will be reduced to four.

“This is the first place where you feel like family,” Leftwich said.  “This is where
I want to spend the rest of my career.  That’s what I mean by
football paradise.  This is football paradise.  There is no B.S.
here like other places.  People tell you the truth here.  They don’t
lie to you.  I don’t ever want to leave.”

Of course, Leftwich left after the 2008 season, chasing a better financial offer from the Buccaneers.  And before Leftwich gets too comfortable with his presumed role for 2010, he needs to be at least a little concerned that coach Mike Tomlin will send him to the bench a week or so before the season begins, just like Jags coach Jack Del Rio did three years ago.

38 responses to “When talking about the Jaguars, Byron Leftwich sounds like Rex Ryan

  1. First round draft picks for Jax since Leftwich:
    Reggie Williams, Matt Jones, Mercedes Lewis, Reggie Nelson. Then he got released. Who are these good players?

  2. Maybe the Falcons should have been more patient too, huh? Where would Matt Ryan be? Bucs? Where would Josh Freeman be? Everyone knows Byron is an average at best QB.

  3. If the Jaguars had such a great group of guys led by Byron Leftwich, why is it that the team only made it to the playoffs after he was gonzo?

  4. hahahahaha poor baby! maybe if he wouldnt have had that “i dont give a shit attitude” and busted his ass a little harder he might still be here, because even tho hes not any good, david garrard is about the same caliber player. and he got dumped for david garrard to take over, and in one year david did more than byron could do in 4, win a playoff game. last time i checked the steelers o-line is shoddy at best so look for byron to be taking those murderous sacks and to be pulled for dennis dixon by the middle of game number 2

  5. Hey Dickweed, I pissed away $42 for a Leftwich Jags jersey for my kid when you were on the rise and the next greatest QB. Now you’re content being a backup? I live 90 minutes from Pittsburgh. I’ll be there tomorrow at 10 for my refund.

  6. So now whenever anyone in the NFL uses the F-word, he sounds like Rex Ryan?
    “Give me a f-ing break!”

  7. dixon could be the future. rapistberger is one victim away from hitting the road and leftwich is old. we could be only a week or two away from a huge change in pittsburgh.

  8. When you consider that Rex Ryan is the only person in the NFL who regularly swears, this headline makes perfect sense.

  9. You know what is sad?? I miss all the Jamarcus Russell cuts that use to be used. Now is all Rex Ryan.
    Come on Jarmarcus do something stupid!!

  10. Leftwich is right, the Jags were destined for greatness. Byron was the key to their success and they threw it away for no good reason. We’d probably be looking at Jacksonville as a two time SB champ by now.

  11. They certainly could have treated him better, and I don’t doubt that his demotion and release was a surprise to him but he was never going to be a great QB. He seems like a good guy, and is extremely accurate, but everything else he does is so slow. At best he could have been a Super Bowl game manager if they had some great defense and an extremely talented running back behind him.

  12. Thunderbolt says:
    August 20, 2010 11:25 PM
    If the Jaguars had such a great group of guys led by Byron Leftwich, why is it that the team only made it to the playoffs after he was gonzo?
    He made it to the playoffs with Jacksonville in 2005-2006.

  13. I’m just glad he enjoys playing for the Steelers. He has certainly displayed a sense of purpose and enthusiasm in having a successful team around him when he is on the field.

  14. “If they had been more patient, we could’ve done big things in Jacksonville.”
    Like get more than 5,000 people to attend a game?

  15. Steelers are a great organization. There is a difference between backing up Ben Roethlisberger than David Garrard. Garrard sucks and that dumb decision will get Del Rio fired This season. Byron also won 12 games with the Jags. Those early loses came when he was a young inexperienced starter (See young Aikman, Elway, Montana etc). Of course I’m not comparing him to them, the point is they lost early as well. The Jags were a threat when Leftwich was the starter that is a fact. I hated playing them guys. I know he beat us twice.
    He is right though the Steeler organization is top notch and HE KNOWS he will be on the bench once Ben gets back, didnt he say ‘they tell you the truth”?? Again, HE KNOWS.

  16. “”We had a good group of players and the team let them all go. They let us all go. ”
    Sorry Byron, you shouldn’t have included yourself amongst the good group of players. You were ok at best.

  17. Calling Leftwich an average quarterback is a compliment to him. He is a below average quarterback who gets way to much publicity here for obvious reasons. Of course he loves it in Pittsburgh because they are the only team that wants him. Once they get rid of him his NFL career will be over.

  18. Ya know what, Fat Albert? I gave you the benefit of the doubt the whole time you were a Jaguar but I lost confidence in you after the 2005 season when you got injured and Dave let us to the playoffs after a 12-4 year to let you come in during the playoffs and lay an egg to the Patriots! Your sense of entitlement was your demise! You felt that this was your team, no matter what, so you didn’t have to work anymore. Well, look at you now! Bitching because you were an injury prone, no accountability, career back-up who was over drafted because your linemen in college carried your oft injured ass down the sidelines and made you a youtube sensation. Shut the F up, already! You were the biggest F up of a consistently F’ed Shack Harris draft. Shack Harris is the one and only lone reason that this team is in dire straights. When you draft THAT HORRIBLY for all those years, you can’t be competetive for the long haul. Ohhh, you can’t blame Shack Harris for the demise of the Jaguars in Jacksonville! I forgot the Jaguars didn’t retire two of the class of ’83 quarterbacks (Kelly, Marino) and head coach Jimmy Johnson. The Jaguars were never revelent before Shack took the helm. Shack you were the first V.P./G.M. in Jacksonville to introduce the word ‘BLACKOUT’ in this city! In fact, I never heard of it until you were here! You, my friend, and Fat Albert patented it here in Northeast, FL. It’s funny how this is never brought up but I know why…Shack is bulletproof because he plays that card!

  19. An average QB would be better than the Bucs have right now. They made two horrible mistakes, Letting Leftwich go and drafting Freeman.
    To Jaxuar that asked “Where would Josh Freeman be? ”
    The answer is; buried on some other teams depth chart after he was selected in the round he deserved, the third or fourth.

  20. Leftwich could play behind the leagues greatest offensive line, but then again so could anyone else. His clumsy feet make him a liability for any team, bc he can’t stay healthy bc he can’t get out of the way of getting destroyed. I’ll never forget the post game interview he had in Indy some years ago where his hands were shaking like Muhammad Ali from the beating the Colts put on him. Screw off Byron, Garrard won because he can stay healthy.

  21. Leftwich is a good long-term investment folks! He should be coming into his prime in two to three more seasons. JUST HAVE PATIENCE!!!

  22. I am not saying Leftwich is great, or even good, but would like to point out that his QB rating with Jacksonville is better than Eli Manning’s career QB rating.
    A lot of guys are middle of the road QBs, some are over-rated, and some are under-rated.

  23. “First round draft picks for Jax since Leftwich:
    Reggie Williams, Matt Jones, Mercedes Lewis, Reggie Nelson. Then he got released. Who are these good players?”
    THAT’S HIS POINT! They had a good team when they drafted him. They were finally competing with the Colts… they were getting pressure on opposing QB’s with their DEFENSE. Then the Jags let go of their defensive studs, 1 by 1.
    Meanwhile, they were doing NOTHING for their offense to get better. Like you said… drafting players like Reggie Williams and Matt Jones. Why draft a college QB to be your WR? Why not just… you know, draft a WR!
    The Jags DID have talent, and WERE competing, but like Byron Leftwich said… “The Jags f*ucked that up really fast.”

  24. Funny thing, but if Mike Tomlin ever realizes how good Dennis Dixon is, Leftwich won’t be so happy in the unemployment line.

  25. Byron, Byron, Byron you silly guy. You had a legit shot, but you didn’t take advantage of your opportunity. I will grant you this, former GM Shack Harris didn’t put top talent around you and Del Rio couldn’t coach you up but those were the cards you were dealt. In the end, that slow, long Nolan Ryan wind up you have will always be your downfall.

  26. @Jack in the Jack
    Blackouts started when Coughlin was still in charge. Don’t try to rewrite history.

  27. Hey Florio, is Rex Ryan your hero or something? Do you have a man crush on him? You can’t seem to get him off your mind.

  28. Right Fatwich, whatever you say. So I guess if we would have been more patient, if the Bucs had been more patient, if Atlanta had been more patient, (please be patient while I continue to jot down all of the places he has been a bust) if Pittsburgh is more patient then they dont need to worry about Big Ben. You should be a quality QB just in time to retire. Do you hear yourself Leftwich? Seriously.

  29. “Leftwich also made it clear that he’s happy in Pittsburgh”
    Since they have more donut shops per square mile in Pittsburgh than in Jacksonville its no wonder the Pillsbury Dough Boy is happier there.

  30. HereThere says:
    August 21, 2010 12:42 AM
    “If they had been more patient, we could’ve done big things in Jacksonville.”
    Like get more than 5,000 people to attend a game?
    Once again another non football guy puts his foot in his mouth and once again here’s the link. By the way, when you click the link go back to the previous years as well. One bad season doesn’t mean sh*t.

  31. Oh dear … I agree with habibfromnewdehli. It may be the first sign of the Apocalypse.
    @Jag4Life …
    Hello, my friend. Glad you still have your team. I’m still not sure what happened there. When Del Rio gambled and dumped Leftwich for Garrard, that first season it certainly seemed he’d made the right call. Just don’t understand what’s gone wrong since. I don’t think Leftwich is anyone’s number one, and am thrilled that he understands and is content with his role. But clearly things just haven’t gone your way in the last few years. Would love to see you guys challenge the Colts and Titans.
    @smithopher …
    Florio, is that your undercover name? How cute. Just keep dreaming, sweetie, just keep dreaming 😉

  32. @jj jones, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you had a mancrush on Shack Harris…But your right there were a couple of blackouts in 2001 when the stadium was 73,000 large, the first time ever. Then in 2002, Winn Dixie bought all the tickets so no blackouts then. Jack and Shack took the helm in 2003 with the “New Era” of Jaguars football…Sorry, I didn’t mean “rewrite” history, Mr. Sensitive.

  33. Jags dump Leftwich and the following season, win twice in Pittsburgh, largely due to the play of David Garrard. Who threw 3 interceptions that year. What a f*** up!

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