Leon Washington is all the way back

Preseason football doesn’t mean much, but you can bet that Leon Washington’s 11-yard touchdown Saturday night meant plenty to the former New York Jet.

In his first action since a nasty compound leg fracture last year, the Seahawks running back showed excellent burst on a well-blocked play up the middle where he scored without being touched. 

Washington also looked ready for game action in the passing game, stoning Packers safety Nick Collins on a block.  Leon is going to be a factor in Seattle, starting in Week 1.

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  1. Rex cried for about 3 seconds, then realized “F***, I’m smarter than everyone else in the NFL, I’m glad I dumped the gimp!”

  2. first move i dont like by rex. perhaps he thought he was getting a mcnugget instead of mcknight…
    see even us jets fan can bash a coach when hes wrong

  3. Wow congratulations, Leon looked good in a preseason game. Seahawks fans rejoice, your franchise is saved. HA. Your team still blows. I have nothing but respect for leon but if the Jets were willing to give him up for a 5th rounder, he certainly isn’t “all the way back” and likely isn’t ever going to be. Im glad he had a good play and wish him the best, but 1 play in a preseason game does not mean he’s “all the way back” and frankly doesn’t mean shit at all.

  4. And Joe McKnight sucks a big one. GRR. I didn’t mind losing Leon, but I hoped we’d do a better job finding a new Leon. McKnightmare.

  5. Good Luck Leon!!!!!
    He wanted Starter money from the Jets though and that wasn’t happening with all the contracts due (or 3 years out in Mevis’ case)…
    I wish him the best – The Jets made a fair offer and he rolled the dice.

  6. I would rather have an LW on my team than an LT. BTW as a chief fan, thanks jets for giving us Thomas Jones….. Rex, you Fu#%ing F@$k.
    Oops I hope Tony dungy doesn’t arrest me with his thought police….

  7. Not sure I would have called the block on Collins jacked-up or stoned. Collins jumped in the air to knock the pass down, and Washington hit him pretty good, but the result was more due to the jump in the air.

  8. You jests fans just can’t admit that joke of a franchise SCREWED THE POOCH big time can you? Leon is coming back with a vengence and he looks good doing it.

  9. “ALL” the way back?? I dont know if its physically possible to recover 100% from that compound fracture. As a Jets fan, its was sad to see him go but, its good to see Leon on the field again tho. Congrats on the recovery and good luck this season. Too bad Seattle sucks and is going to be passing most of the game playing catchup.

  10. I’m a big Leon fan but you can’t proclaim “Leon is Back”from a few plays in a pre season game. LT has looked good too in both pre-season games but I still have my doubts about him and he didn’t suffer a horrific injury.

  11. I watched the game and while I thought Leon looked OK, anyone that has seen him play over the past few years knows full well that he was not “all the way” back.
    He didn’t look like the same player by a long shot.
    He may 1 day, but that day was not yesterday. Anyone who says otherwise actually hasn’t seen the guy play.

  12. Love the Jets fans comments after Nacho threw for 12 yards on 5 completions.
    Tannenbaum is showing that he has no clue about what he is doing.
    How’s the Mevis negotiations going?????????

  13. KoaMisiFan says:
    August 22, 2010 1:30 AM
    You jests fans just can’t admit that joke of a franchise SCREWED THE POOCH big time can you? Leon is coming back with a vengence and he looks good doing it.
    Guy, Leon was looking to get paid like Jones-Drew…..
    That wasn’t happening….. Jets offered a very fair deal and Leon decided to roll the dice and play out his contract….
    It happens… I Wish Leon all the best he was a Great Jet.

  14. Washington’s injury was to the bone. Bones heal very quickly and often grow back stronger than before.
    If it were a tendon or ligament injury that would be something career threatening, but with a compound fracture the only lasting effects would be a physiological one, but I doubt he gets gun shy now.

  15. You can argue that’s Leon is not all the way back yet but he sure looks MUCH better than McKnight right now!! Oh yeah and as a bonus the Seahawks don’t have keep cleaning up after Leon like the Jets have to with McKnight when he’s losing his lunch all over the place!!!

  16. Seattle cant suck that bad after yhey beat the jets with favre to take them out of their playoffs hunt!

  17. Fire Ted says:
    “Too bad he plays for a 7-9 team at best.”
    Your didn’t know? He’s no longer with the jets.

  18. Wow congratulations, Leon looked good in a preseason game. Seahawks fans rejoice, your franchise is saved
    They do have a Super Bowl appearance this century, unlike some other teams that come to mind.

  19. Leon should look better than a rookie learning an offense…especially when that rookie does not seem to be all that sharp.
    Will he look better in 2 years…3 years…5 years?
    Leon is far from all the way back.

  20. Why are people comparing Leon Washington to Joe McKnight? McKnight wasn’t brought in here to replace Leon Washington; Tomlinson was.

  21. @Truth Injection
    Umm….somebody better tell the Jets GM Mr. Tannenbaum because that’s EXACTLY what he told WFAN on his post draft interview!

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