Tra Thomas decides to retire

Signed in June as a possible replacement for holdout left tackle Marcus McNeill, Tra Thomas has decided to retire from football, according to Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

While this further erodes the Chargers’ depth at tackle, the plan for Thomas to take over for McNeill was scuttled weeks ago.  After lining up as a starter in OTAs, Thomas entered training camp as a backup.  He underwent knee surgery early in training camp and didn’t appear to be a lock to make the roster.

Still, the Chargers are now without a veteran safety net at left tackle.  They will have to rely on their young players — Brandon Dombrowski especially — unless McNeill comes back into the fold.

11 responses to “Tra Thomas decides to retire

  1. On behalf of Eagle fans, THANK YOU TRA
    (Despite 2 false start penalties in the SB but I’m over it now)

  2. Tyronne Green was already supposed to take Thomas’ place as the backup LT, but I’m sure this means they’ll need to get another vet somehow.

  3. What do you mean, sign a “1 day”? The way the Eagles offensive line is playing, they may want to sign him to PLAY!

  4. Are you freaking kidding me? Writers on this site pucker up on their knees for McNabb yet you give no credit to the guy who protected his blindside for 9 years? Oh, no, that’s right. McNabb is Superman and the Chargers idiotic RFA dilemma is more important.

  5. Wow.
    As a Cowboys fan, I wish him nothing but the best..
    However, it is funny to see Eagle fans drooling all over the guy, yet any mention of the name, “McNabb” sends them over the deep end in hatred. That “McNabb” guy happened to be the best QB ever in Philadelphia.
    I grew up among Eagle fans and will never understand them…

  6. Shootah,
    First, try to understand dopes like Vox who think Romo iks better tha Aikman or Stauhbach. Then get back to us.

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