Brandon Jones signs with the Seahawks

The Seahawks are overstuffed with wide receivers, but they found room for one more on Sunday when they signed former Titans and 49ers wideout Brandon Jones, according to John Clayton of ESPN.

The Seahawks may want a receiver with special teams value, but the top five spots on the Seahawks wideout depth chart seem accounted for.  (Unless Deion Branch or T.J. Houshmandzadeh get cut, which seems unlikely.) Perhaps Jones could make it as a sixth receiver and bump Ben Obomanu or Ruvell Martin off the team.

Jones becomes the second 49ers reject this week to land in Seattle, joining Kentwan Balmer.

7 responses to “Brandon Jones signs with the Seahawks

  1. Seattle fans, I assure you, unbiasedly, you do NOT want this guy on your team. He has no clue how to catch a punt or kickoff, let alone return one. He is about as useful in the passing game Golden Tate is at successful thievery. If I was a ‘Hawks fan, I would hope he is only there to try and maybe get some playbook info, or for a tackle catcher during the remainder of the season. You do not want ANY responsibility on this guys useless shoulders.
    I think they should get rid of Scott McCloughn. Well actually, as a 49er fan, I think they should keep him for a long time, and use him to draft a QB or Defensive linemen.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA good luck with that one Seattle. He got beat out by Ted Ginn and Ziegler who was a practice squad player the past 2 years. Oh and Balmer looks just how he did with the niners. Shitty and always hurt. 1 game and already an injured knee and ankle lol

  3. Yeah, they’re just using him to suck his brains for playbook insight. They’ll cut him within a week.

  4. HAHAH MIKE ….. ohh I can’t wait til WEEK 1 …. Hollowback is gonna get broke ….. Willis proved with that B!TCH FAVRE TONIGHT he is on a head hunting mission … we all know you can’t take a hit like that!!!! Enjoy the preseaon .. cause that looks like all you are gonna have!

  5. My Sources tell me Brandon Jones was in the Seahawks interrogation room for quite some time. Prior to the signing, he was required to submit any and all information on the 49ers playbook.
    He will most likely be cut, that is all.

  6. WTF? Why waist the time, when you can be using it to develop backup DL and OL? What nugget does this guy bring?

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