Conflicting reports emerge regarding possible Jets, Revis deal

A fairly slow Sunday afternoon has been spiced up by a Twitter conflict regarding the question of whether the Jets and cornerback Darrelle Revis are close to getting a deal done.

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, Revis failed to show up for the start of training camp three weeks ago.

It all started with a tweet from Tim Cowlishaw, a sports writer who doesn’t focus on football and who has become best known for his work on ESPN’s Around The Horn.  In a message with the tone that we’re used to seeing from the OCNN, Cowlishaw writes, “Revis and Jets announce new deal, probably Wednesday. You heard it here first.  ‘Inside information!'”

In a follow up, Cowlishaw writes, “I was told they will announce it this week, not [definitely] Wednesday but probably Wednesday.  This person has never been wrong.”

But there’s a first time for everything.  Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News writes that the team and Revis “have no plans” to announce a contract this week.  Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger reports that she has “confirmed” that the Cowlishaw tweet isn’t true.

It remains to be seen how this one plays out.  Rosenthal thinks Cowlishaw’s Twitter account may have been hacked.  I think that Cowlishaw simply wants a little attention, given that everyone has been talking about one of his ATH colleagues.

48 responses to “Conflicting reports emerge regarding possible Jets, Revis deal

  1. lol nice zinger @ marioatte. If true, as a football fan at heart, I would be intrigued to see what that defense can do this year with Revis back in with time before Week 1.

  2. Is there anything better to talk about then the same ol bs come on now who cares if a deal is done then report it if it’s not done then don’t talk about it this site is going down the drain you talk about the same thing over and over and over.

  3. And all the J_E_T_S loser fans were ready to come out from hiding after their teams pathetic showing yesterday, and run their obnoxious mouths. But alas, no Revis, so the guido alley trollers can remain in hiding.
    Jets to the Super Bowl? fuhgettaboutit

  4. Darrell Revis, meet Brandon Marshall. Brandon Marshall, meet the most overrated player in the NFL this side of Albert Haynesworth…

  5. Could be good news for the Newark faithful.
    Jets fans have been very quiet today after that offensive explosion last night from Nacho and the Hard Knocks crew.
    5 completions for 12 yards ??? Thats a Pop Warner stat sheet.

  6. Jets to the SB? Did anyone see the playoff game against the Colts last year? Jets are nowhere near the team that the Colts are. Not now. Not in 5 years…

  7. When Rex Ryan heard about the possibility of Mevis returning, he was heard yelling
    Mike bring the f—ing Elmers glue here.
    I need to get my championship ring on for HBO.

  8. The only Jets/Revis deal that is going to happen is when they announce what team they traded him to!

  9. Jets to the SB? Did anyone see the playoff game against the Colts last year? Jets are nowhere near the team that the Colts are. Not now. Not in 5 years…

  10. trade him, dude’s a corner…
    yeah it helps to have great ones, but you can win with a good Defensive coach and an average secondary…
    he’s under contract, get to camp, Bro!

  11. MEvis ain’t signing no contract unless he makes more than Manning. He doesn’t care about the team. He ain’t even drinking the Super Bowl Kool-Aid like all the idiot fans are.
    Jets fans will be so bummed once the season starts and the collection of ME First players start whining and creating chaos in the clubhouse.
    No team will ever win a title with the likes of L.Me. Tomlinson, Braylon MEdwards, and Darrell MEvis.
    Now STFU all you stupid Jets fans, before I give each and every one of you a dirty Sanchez

  12. I was a little surprised when I heard Mr.Revis was holding out.I know he wants to be one of the highest paid players,but he does have 3 years left on his deal.Im a hugh PITT fan,so I watched him through his colledge career.I was actually hoping the Steelers would have drafted him,but give the Jets credit for seeing his talent and picking him up.Lets hope for both parties involved that they can work out a deal.Even as a Steelers fan,I cant help but root for a guy like Rex Ryan.I just love the way the guy is running the Jets.He gets alot of flack,but then if you dont your not very revelant.Good Luck Jets fans.

  13. Gangreen 2010′ predictions:
    1. 8-8
    2. 3rd place
    3. LT goes on I/R w/soar vagina
    4. Cromartie has a 7th child
    5. Revis’ gets injured (Karma bitches).
    PBA ~

  14. Mevis is no different than BF……..he has the jets over the barrel and bigmouth rex didn’t help matters when he bragged mevis up as the best football player to ever put a uniform on…..the jets will cave in but it won’t save the jets from imploding…..whereas at least BF actually makes the vikings better. mevis is good but the jets have too many other players that they made their “wink wink we’ll pay you later ” promises to and as a result are lighting the fuse when they give in to mevis.

  15. Not only will the Jets not make it to the Super Bowl,they won’t be back in the title game either. Same holds true for Indy, Vikes and the champs. Take it to the bank.

  16. Wow. It was really quiet after that impressive play from the jests last night. But now I hear all the moaning from all the jests fans with this new rumor. Oh well, it’ll be back to sighing and moaning if it’s untrue.

  17. Revis knows they aren’t going to the Super Bowl…especially with that homo Sanchez at QB. Thats why he is trying to take care of himself.

  18. this story is about nothing and twitter is making all sports reporting unbearable to read/watch, twitter can go blow a donkey

  19. If he is back the Jets are predicted to go from paper champs to carved-in-stone champs.
    PFT Charter Member

  20. Rosenthal sounds deranged. Did he once read that somebody’s twitter account was hacked so that now whenever there is some rumor he hasn’t started then that must be the reason again?

  21. yawn….
    are you all kidding me?
    does anyone with half a brain honestly believe Revis isn’t going to sign????????
    wake me up a few days before week #1 please, and…
    doll-fish fans, assume the position….3rd in the AFC east that is…again…week #3 scoring line B. Marshall 2 catches, 18 yds, Jets win 24-6.

  22. How come nobody’s talking about that high powered Jet’s offense ? Oh wait…….

  23. # PatsBackAgain2 says: August 22, 2010 5:42 PM
    Gangreen 2010′ predictions:
    4. Cromartie has a 7th child
    Revis has 8 kids with 6 women in 5 states.
    Typical lowlife Jests.
    Latest game stats:
    Sanchez – 5/10, 12 yds, 0 td, 0 int
    Henne – 11/14, 151 yds, 2 td, 0 int
    Pennington – 3/4, 51 yds, 1 td, 0 int
    Greenasass, Dophins own the jests. Time and Again. Jets 6-10, 3rd place.

  24. # jcjets says: August 22, 2010 5:17 PM
    Weird! But why would u want attention for being totally wrong?
    Do you not pay attention to politics?

  25. Sorry, I was “mis-heard”. Sorry Roger, I didn’t mean to “blown you up”.
    Cromag will have his 8th child…
    wait, do you honestly believe he doesn’t have a few kiddies gone “unclaimed”?
    btw – jets asked for this abuse, so they shall.
    PBA ~

  26. no one cares about dolphin fans opinions, u embarassments.
    and you football fans should know better than to judge a team by a preseason game, give me a f’ing break some of u are so ignorant.
    good thing our defense is incredible, and much better than any of ur teams. burn.

  27. “Revis has 8 kids with 6 women in 5 states.”
    Honestly, are you this stupid? You even have the name “Cromartie” copied and pasted right there in front of you but I guess that is too much for you to understand.

  28. I love how the media made this guy a superstar. He is an above average corner. He’s no Rod Woodson, or Deon Sanders…He’s not even Charles Woodson quality. Let’s see him string together some seasons before crowning him the leagues best corner. I wouldn’t give him a cent more than he’s due this year.

  29. @HellRelle24
    Obviously you care about Dolphin fans opinions or you wouldn’t be crying about it. Or are you just trying to imitate your coach?
    Of course pre-season games don’t mean squat. That is unless their fans come on blogs and post how they are going to kick everyone’s a$$ and then can’t back it up (see jests, Noo Joisey).
    Yeah, that defense was so incredible it couldn’t stop a QB that played in seven games and a rookie. Or last week a walk-on WR. Color me UNIMPRESSED.

  30. ampats says:
    August 22, 2010 5:17 PM
    Could be good news for the Newark faithful.
    Dude, have you ever been to NY or NJ? They play in East Rutherford which is alot closer to NY than Newark. Newark is alot further south than you think…
    Before you talk outta ya a**, take a look at a map you f*ckin moron… It’s ok for a Patrs fan to hate on the Jets, but just get ya facts straight, otherwise you sound like an uneducated ignorant clown!

  31. @KoaMisiFan,
    Did you just start watching football…The preseason means absolutely nothing…In the preseason you run basic, vanilla plays, both offensively and defensively. They aren’t going to use there major defensive schemes that would normally use throughout the season. Right now, they are just running through the motions while preparing to be conditioned to handle a 16 schedule…
    And another thing for all you Dolphin fans that say “Revis is over-rated, he only had 1 major year”. Well you guys keep proclaiming Henne to be a rising star, but based on what? He didn’t even pay 1 full season yet? He may end up being good, but you guys should pipe down, if you are going to use that same excuse about Revis.

  32. @Champ Daily
    Duhhhh Henne is a rising star and Sanchez, excuse me “Sancheese” sucks, which is why Henne brought the Dolphins to the AFC Championship game…. O Yeah that was Sanchez, Henne and Dolphin fans were too busy watching that from their couches!!!

  33. @Champ Daily
    Sorry, but the preseason is also used to determine the quality of depth at most positions. And so far, with the two preseason games I’ve watched, the jests lack depth seriously. Even your coaches were talking about that on Hard Knocks. If you think for one second that means nothing, just look at any team that has had multiple injuries.
    As for Revis, obviously the team thinks he’s overrated since they don’t want to pay him the money he’s asking for after proclaiming him to be the best ever. I do think he’s pretty good (not the best) but it has more to do with Rexy’s scheme than him being “so great”. As for Henne, his record should have been better than 7-6 last year since the defense lost at least four games. But being a first-time starter and having three out of four 300+ games at the end is pretty good to me. Not to mention that he took the team on his back and won a couple by himself.

  34. @Fins suck
    Get real. The jests went to that game IN SPITE of Sancheezy, not because of him.

  35. It’s obvious that Sanchez and the offense have to be better but I’m not ready to panic just yet. Locking up Mangold is a huge obstacle out of the way. By Mangold not holding out and being there from day one speaks volumes about his character and dedication to the organization and the big picture. Now he’s being rewarded. I think Revis should be paid as well, but sometimes these agents perched on the players’ shoulder (like a parrot) is detrimental to both parties. GET #24 SIGNED so this very good defense will be GREAT! SomeFans you’re still G&F. And Koa, well you’re just Koa.

  36. @KoaMisiFan
    Revis is only good because of Ryan’s scheme?!?! What scheme is that 1 on 1 90% of plays (for Revis)? The only reason he remains to be unsigned as of yet is because of Al Davis and his stupid contracts not because he is “overrated.” You are just a blatant Jet hater and can’t see past your own ignorance. You obiously have no clue what you are talking about and are no longer worth any Jet fans time.
    O yeah and obviously Henne > P. Manning

  37. Mumakata says: August 22, 2010 7:07 PM
    Revis has 8 kids with 6 women in 5 states.
    Damn, that was stupid. I guess I need a cheat sheet to keep track of all the Jests that are disappointments as men and as human beings.
    Henne > Sanchez

  38. @Fins suck
    Did you ever hear Revis’ name mentioned BEFORE Rexy got there? ‘Nuff said. I don’t hate the jests, they provide comical relief regularly for most of us.
    “O yeah and obviously Henne > P. Manning”
    No, but he’s a helluva lot closer than Sancheezy is and that’s for sure!!!!!!

  39. We understand “Mumakat. When you’re laughing so hard it’s hard to keep all the jokes straight.

  40. @Koa
    Your an idiot
    Revis in his two years before Rex was a star as well… you probably should have noticed him then too as he made every Fin he faced disappear. Maybe you should watch the games and not just notice players based on who Florio decides to post about.
    And to all Fin fans that make fun of Jet players, how is Ricky Williams, Porter, and Marshall .. they are all angels right?
    Henne > Montana

  41. That show features a bunch idiot talking-heads, with the exception of JA Adande who is pretty good. Cowlishaw and Mariotti are tools.

  42. @Fins
    Are you kidding me? In 2007 he had 87 combined tackles, 0 sacks, 3 INTS, and 17 passes defensed and the team gave up 3154 passing yds, 2156 rushing yds, and 38 total TDs. In 2008 he had 58 combined tackles, 1 sack, 5 INTs, and 16 passes defensed and the team gave up 3752 passing yds, 1518 rushing yds, and 40 total TDs. Star quality? he he he.
    After Rexy got there, he had 54 combined tackles, 0 sacks, 6 INTs, and 31 passes defensed and the team gave up 2459 passing yds, 1578 rushing yds, and 26 TDs.
    Gee, let’s see? 1,300 less passing yds, a few more rushing yds and 14 less TDs AFTER Rexy got there. Oh, and all I have to say to your “should have noticed him then too as he made every Fin he faced disappear” comment is TED GINN!!!!!!

  43. Is there really a Dolphins Jets debate going on right now. As a Boston native and Patriot fan I even this this is laughable.
    Lets take a look at the last decade.
    Jets 13 wins Dolphins 7
    The Jets also have 3 more playoff appearances and 5 more playoff wins in the decade. How is this even debatable?

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