Favre admits he's getting more money

Though nothing has been finalized yet (and if it has been, it hasn’t been announced), Vikings quarterback Brett Favre will be getting more money in 2010.

We know this because NBC’s Al Michaels asked him a question on the subject which presumed that Favre was getting more money, and Favre never said he wasn’t getting more money in response.

In fact, Al didn’t even have to ask an actual question to get it out of him.

“They re-did your contract,” Michaels said.  “Some people would say, ‘You know what he was doing, he was just looking for a better deal.'”

“I knew that would be some peoples’ assumption,” Favre said.  “It was tempting, but I’ve always made a lot of money, and I knew I didn’t need it.”

“Did it move you closer to coming back?” Michaels asked.

“Honestly, no,” Favre said.  “It all came back to feeling obligated to the guys.  That was really the strongest pull. I’m no fool.  It’s a lot of money.  But that in itself was not the biggest factor.”

And there’s the inconsistency — the classic inconsistency that is Brett Favre.  In one breath, he said that the money wasn’t a factor at all in luring him back.  Then, he says that the money “in itself was not the biggest factor.”

So, as anyone with a pulse and a functioning brain already knew, Favre is getting more money, and that money was at least a factor in his decision to return.

UPDATE:  And here’s the video.


43 responses to “Favre admits he's getting more money

  1. ahahahahahahahahahhaha man PFT, I’m starting to think you might have some kind of love interest with Brett…

  2. Occam’s Razor….”Don’t make more assumptions than necessary”.
    Florio’s Insight…”Money is a factor in making a person return to work”.

  3. It’s nothing so sinister. PFT has a love interest with hits, which come at a higher rate when you’re talking about Brent Favre

  4. Florio…..what does it matter….you’re beating a dead horse. You are constantly reminding us that football is a business, for the owners, the coaches, the players and all the way down to the waterboy. Whether BF wanted more money, demanded more money, or Wilf offered more money….it’s a business. You as an attorney should know better than anyone else, “it’s always about the money, the rest is just conversation”.

  5. Hey Florio, why don’t you admit that you got more money from NBC for selling out…let’s discuss that…

  6. Congratulatons! You’ve solved the Brett Favre “got more money” caper.
    We never dreamed such a thing………….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. I think florio has a man crush on favre like madden has on favre. But then I stop and wonder if he has a crush on Rex Ryan and Al Davis too?? I can’t keep up with his emo roller coaster then all of a sudden I have a blackout. And when I come around I look at the headline, he’s guchee gooing over haynesworth!!! WTF…….OVER??

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  9. He only puts out so many Favre stories because he knows there are going to be so many idiots complaining about Favre which will make them read and comment on this article, which give him more hits.

  10. At least Lord Favre is not pulling a Fat Albert by taking the money first, and then decide not play. Give him alittle credit he’s at camp before he gets the extra money, and not making an excuse to skip practice every day.

  11. Can’t wait until this guy is gone. He’ll be remembered as a diva that has the most int’s ever. Killed his teams at the most crucial moments and has as many Super Bowl victories as Trent Dilfer. What a career.

  12. Good post Rhaspody…….i bet florio wouldn’t have “sold out” if it weren’t about “more money”.

  13. Not possible! Favre is like a kid out there and he loves the game so much that he would play for free.
    Maybe now Jethro has decided that he wants to be the richest hillbilly.

  14. ENOUGH with the obsessing Florio. Seriously. You are ridiculous. Nobody cares. You are like a pyschotic ex-girlfriend that puts big sunglasses and a crazy wig on and follows her ex-boyfreind around everywhere…..telling all her friends (that are already sick of her) that “he was doing this…….he was doing that” as they roll their eyes and think about what a miserable @#$% she is…
    ENOUGH already dude. Go get some meds, see a schrink and cut he psychotic obsessing already.

  15. His comments are too vague to pin down. He could simply be talking about his base salary of $13 million when he said it was a lot of money. Why would he say he didn’t need the money if he took it?

  16. What else did Brett Favre say Florio? My dream is that one day the whole front page will be all Favre stories. I’m glad all the crappy other teams get ignored so much though.

  17. # Rhapsody says: August 22, 2010 9:55 PM
    Hey Florio, why don’t you admit that you got more money from NBC for selling out…let’s discuss that…
    …..Best post of the month!!!!!!!

  18. Who cares, hes getting more money because of the season he had last year, duh! He didnt ask for more money, the only reason this is a story is because Leroy Butler was talking sh*t about favre yet again and said some crap about he would come back for more money. You people are too shallow and simple minded to ever understand or care I guess though.

  19. I wonder if the Jenn Sterger hush money is calculated as part of Favre’s salary, or if that is a separate budget item for the Vikings.

  20. “His comments are too vague to pin down. He could simply be talking about his base salary of $13 million when he said it was a lot of money.”
    Bingo. Florio is a rah-tard.

  21. To the “money matters” smart-mouth kids: One of the things that makes Farve stand out above the rest is his basic moral fiber, that consists of complee honesty. What did the Man say? Don’t you losers know how to read? After 20 years, and earning how many millions, do you simple idiots really think money matters? These comments sound like they come from a bunch of stupid little delinquent little girls, who don ‘t know the first thing about the game, and for sure don’t know about what it takes to be a winner. Losers.

  22. If money wasn’t a factor whatsoever, then he would be making league minimum. I mean, are we actually f’ing debating whether or not money is a factor in a man working or not?
    Favre made the comment that “it’s not about money”. If he had known people were going to take that comment and attack it like a bunch of naggy little bitches he probably wouldn’t have made it in the first place. Does it really matter if money was the 3rd or 6th biggest factor in his returning?
    I mean do you guys f’ing need him to make a list of his factors in descending order to keep you from analyzing mute points?

  23. might be alone in thinking this, but I actually don’t believe it was about the money. not once did you ever hear about him now being the highest paid compared to (fill in the blank, starting with Peyton I guess). you never heard specific demand numbers coming from him. he even said he knows he’s got/making a lot of money. probably more than the next 17 generations of Favre’s can spend. I’m not a Favre fan, never was. but this might be the first thing he’s said that I actually believe.

  24. “I knew that would be some peoples’ assumption,” Favre said. “It was tempting, but I’ve always made a lot of money, and I knew I didn’t need it.”
    But of course that didn’t stop him from stringing them out to get more of it did it? Scumbag. Weasel. Joke.

  25. duh. You don’t have to be as smart as PFT to figure out the 16 million is a lot of money. I’ll play football with one leg in a cast for that much money

  26. To be fair, the guy is one of the 20 greatest quarterbacks of all time.
    That being said, this “aww shucks” image he tries to portray is sickening. He’s a money-whore just like the rest of us. For him to try and pretend he did it for “the guys” is ridiculous. One thing he is that most of us are not, however, is a Diva. He does it for the fame and the adulation (in addition to the money). Now don’t get me wrong. We all enjoy hearing that we did a good job, or that we’re the best at what we do, but to take it to this degree….to need to be BEGGED by your coworkers not to leave…..is pathetic.

  27. hazi59 says:
    August 23, 2010 8:33 AM
    Brett Favre got smashed by Patrick Willis last night and it made me smile from ear to ear!
    You said it brother!!!! This is a taste of more to come!!! We’ll see how he can pass on his back.
    Brent (I mean Brett. Sorry I’m forgetting about him already) you’ll reget this season!!!!!!!
    GP PACK………………………………………..

  28. This is soooooooooooo old, and how do you think other guys on the team feel,knowing they have to bust thier asses in camp while Mr. “undecided”plays around on a high school field……Then in a dramatic fashion after a few guys were sent …yes sent!..to go beg him to come to camp…*LOL*…He finaly strools in and sucks up the media attention like a sponge….This is obsurd and totally negative for the SILENT guys on the team….which is most of them I assure you.

  29. Rule of thumb: When they say, “It’s not about the money;” it is absolutely about the money.
    Actually, it is ALWAYS about the money.

  30. EverybodyGotAIDS says: August 23, 2010 9:11 AM
    To be fair, the guy is one of the 20 greatest quarterbacks of all time.
    yeah, and bart starr is one of the 200 greatest quarterbacks of all time.

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