Feeley's injury could launch Bradford's career

On Saturday night against the Browns, Rams starting quarterback A. J. Feeley suffered an injury to his elbow and thumb.  Feeley said after the game that the injuries won’t keep him from playing in the team’s next preseason game, on Thursday night at New England.

Based on coach Steve Spagnuolo’s Sunday comments, it sounds like the Sam Bradford era could begin on Thursday night.  At New England.

The Feeley injury began as an elbow problem, and x-rays were negative.  But Spagnuolo said an MRI will be performed Monday on Feeley’s fifth digit.  And it means that Bradford could start on Thursday night.  At New England.
“Well certainly, obviously this goes without saying, if Feeley can’t work during the week and get us ready for New England, Sam would be the guy who would step in there and start,” Spagnuolo said.  “We’ll have to see where A.J. is.  It’s hard to tell with that kind of injury, it is his throwing arm, and you’re talking about an elbow and a thumb and we’re still not 100 percent sure what the thumb is, so that certainly could happen.”

If Bradford survives — and thrives — in his turn as a starter in the third game of the preseason, which usually is the most intense of the slate, the Rams could decide to go with Bradford from Week 1 of the games that count.  Two years ago, the Ravens had no intention of making then-rookie Joe Flacco the opening-day starter, due to concerns about the quality of the offensive line.  But Troy Smith came down with tonsilitis, and Flacco went the distance in a Week 3 preseason game against, yes, the Rams.
So the door could be open for Bradford to show that he can get it done — if the team’s offensive line can protect him on Thursday night.

At New England.

17 responses to “Feeley's injury could launch Bradford's career

  1. “I know it’s leaking fuel and there will be a lot of sparks during takeoff, but what the hell, let’s launch her anyways!”.

  2. Hard to compare him to Flacco.
    Flacco is a big, beefy boy and can take some hits. Sam is a bit fragile and on the lighter side.
    Flacco also started with a solid o-line and unless the Rams line steps up and gels soon Bradord will be keeping Feeley company on the sidelines in a sling or cast.

  3. What he iS saying is:
    The Patriots really look strong.
    Very strong.
    oh..and the game is in New England 🙂

  4. Sam Bradford is a big boy, this is what he left college early for. this is why he was a number 1 pick. if he is not ready now, when will he be ready? i say let him go, the future is now Rams fans. let him play. Start him

  5. They didn’t let him really even play against the Browns. Nothing but check-downs and hand offs. Looked like old-school Browns with Brady Quinn play calling.

  6. The Rams shouldn’t rush Bradford into action. Their line is average at best and he has no playmakers other than Steven Jackson and Laurent Robinson (when healthy).

  7. Better have a couple extra shoulder/arm slings around…you know…just in case
    (Wow! $50 million up in smoke, just like that…what are we…on Wall Street or something?)

  8. Half the league has more frightening defenses to to start against, especially with Ty Warren gone. Road games are tough, sure, but Gillette is a much more difficult place to play in the colder months.

  9. I’d be embarrassed if I were a Rams fan and they were starting Sam Bradford week 1. Maybe I’m wrong but it just seems like they’d be giving up before the season had even started. They look to have some new starters on defense and some continuity on the offensive line. I don’t think any team should have the mentality of starting a rookie QB before he can give them a chance to win.

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