Raiders-Bears one-liners

In comments distributed by the team, Bears coach Lovie Smith said after the 32-17 loss to the Raiders that LB Brian Urlacher’s calf injury was a “strain,” and that it “shouldn’t be anything major.”

On the performance of LT Chris Williams, who was beaten like a rented drum (or something like that), coach Lovie Smith was blunt:  “Not good enough,” Smith said in comments distributed by the team.  “It’s as simple as that.  Whenever you give up a couple of sacks as an offensive lineman, that is not good.  Chris is a better player than that.”

Bears QB Jay Cutler was more general in his assessment of the offensive line, sounding a lot like another quarterback who played college football in Tennessee:  “We had a few protection issues.”

Cutler is gushing about offensive coordinator Mike Martz:  “You can see that Mike’s system works.  It is very evident to everyone on the field.  Offensively, if we do what we are supposed to do, the ball will be moved down the field very efficiently.  That’s always a positive.”

An injury to LS Patrick Mannelly forced TE Desmond Clark to take over the duties, resulting in some bad snaps and a Garo Yepremian imitation from K Robbie Gould.

Raiders QB Jason Campbell is gaining confidence; “[T]his game I was a lot more comfortable,” he said.  “Last game I had some jitters before the game, given it was the first time with a new team.  This game, I was just out there playing football.”

Raiders CB Nnamdi Asomugha missed Saturday’s game due to illness; “A couple of guys that I thought would play, like Nnamdi, came down with an upset stomach last night and still  wasn’t feeling well this morning so I kept him out,” coach Tom Cable said.

Cable gushed about newcomer Kamerion Wimbley, who notched four sacks, primarily at the expense of Bears LT Chris Williams; “Exceptional night really,” Cable said in comments distributed after the game.  “It started right from the get-go, and up until he came out I think he was a factor on third down. Shoot, I think on every series.”

I got one early and I was
,” Wimbley said of his performance. “I was able to use some successful moves
one-on-one and I came free. I have never had four sacks in a half

Steve Corkran of the Oakland Tribune says that Raiders LT Mario Henderson and LG Robert Gallery “acquitted themselves well” against Bears DE Julius Peppers and DT Tommie Harris.  (It’s always nice to see the word “acquitted” used in reference to NFL players.  And rare.)

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  1. The greatness of the Raiders in the preseason can’t be denied. 2-0. That’s impressive. Brings back 2006, one of the most memorable seasons in Raiders history, when the Raiders went 4-0 in the preseason. Al Davis and John Herrera really know how to build a team that can win in the preseason.

  2. I’m sorry, I should have been clearer. These are both 4 – 12 teams; I was too busy laughing about the Bears to feel sorry for the Raiders.

  3. I’m a Raiders fan, and I think we should’ve destroyed the Bears’ first team. We had a great opening drive, and our defense really throttled the Bears, except for that Forte touchdown run.
    Remember, the Raiders were playing w/o Nnamdi, Seymour, Schilens. Those are 3 of our best 10 players. Not to mention DHB, McFadden, and CORNERBACK Chris Johnson weren’t active either.

  4. As a Raider fan i don’t get excited over the pre-season. They need to put it all together in the regular season. But i think they will improve this year. I have them around 7 possibly 8 wins. And i have the Chargers with still zero Super Bowls.
    Sorry Assbolt 😦

  5. yo humbolt…
    your team should be so lucky to have the success we’ve had..
    we’ve had a rough patch.
    you’ve had a rough franchise..
    gimmie your scary great numbers.
    i understand your hate…you jealous dump.

  6. Baby steps in the rebuilding to greatness. Another great showing and something to keep building on. Some inspiration from the pre game visit from Bo Jackson to the Raiders locker room. Keep it up Cable and Co., makin us Raiders fans proud!

  7. How can you say Raiders “destroyed” Bears first team? Bears starters were ahead 14 to 13 at the half.

  8. humbolt- what did you do cut and pste from the espn blog?.. you dont shit bout football and u stink of hater…. and next time keep your bullshit predictions…true it was a pre-season game but its about development and when you win during that process it shows that the development is going good.. so shut ur piehole up and concentrate on your own team… all up in raider blogs spreading that bs… u just pissd ur bandwagon ass times blog stays empty…RAIDER NATION!!! botch…

  9. # Hang’em High says: August 22, 2010 12:34 PM
    How can you say Raiders “destroyed” Bears first team? Bears starters were ahead 14 to 13 at the half.
    The Bears only scores in the first half came from Raider turnovers. Baring two or three really big plays, the Bears starters pretty much did nothing at all. I wouldn’t say the Raiders “destroyed” them though, but I will say the Bears were outplayed the entire game.

  10. Hang’em High says:
    August 22, 2010 12:34 PM
    How can you say Raiders “destroyed” Bears first team? Bears starters were ahead 14 to 13 at the half
    Some people actually watch the games, not the box scores.
    There was a 89 yard TD run by Forte and a bad snap on our own 25 from the back up center after Satele went down with an ankle. Other than those two plays, the Raiders owned the line of scrimmage. Now go back to your box score.

  11. @PurpleNGold: Don’t worry, the Vikes will suck as well. It’s pretty pathetic how three Vikings players had to slurp on Favre’s load to get him to return this season. Factor in Favre’s ankle injury, Peterson’s recurring fumbling problems, Percy’s migraines, Chilly’s inept coaching, and your season reeks of disappointment with the team home in time to watch the Superbowl on TV. WHO DEY BIATCH

  12. I am not a Raiders fan but being a Lions fan, you start feeling bad for the dwellers (I know you have a WAY better history than the Lions but I’m referring to recent history). I have the Raiders winning that division this year. Your D is looking sick and most of your skilled positions are looking good on offense.

  13. (Very) Recent history for Oakland Raiders:
    SEVEN (7) straight seasons w. AT LEAST ELEVEN (11) losses in a season, an NFL record.
    Raiders have lowest home attendance total in NFL in 2009. Not quite what I’d call a “nation.”

  14. @ Humbolt: Your memory must be failing you, because the Raiders NEVER went undefeated in the preseason, in 2006 or any other year. Kinda like the Chargers have NEVER won a Super Bowl.
    You can’t even make fun of another team without choking. I guess that’s what happens when your team has been a punching bag for the AFC West and most of the NFL for so long. You get a little taste of success and don’t know what to do with it, right?
    Chargers= 0 Super Bowls and the ONLY franchise in the NFL that is below .500 all-time against every team they’ve ever been in a division with.

  15. Really, the Raiders are in a division that’s almost as bad as the NFC West. The Chiefs and Broncos(McDaniels is soooo stupid) are crap, and the Chargers are on their way down from almost prominence.
    The Raiders put together a great offseason that will allow them to field a very competitive team this year.
    If Campbell continues to grow with this team, and the Raiders manage to avoid injury, I could absolutely see them winning the division. At the very least, this offseason set them up for a ton of success in the future.

  16. Pre-season doesn’t count and it doesn’t mean anything BUT you don’t allow your QBs to get sacked … Romo sacked 3 times on the first series last week against the Raiders and Culter sacked 5 times in the first half … to me that sounds like a good defense and defenses WINS games.

  17. The Raiders do look improved. Mainly their defense which could be pretty good if they stay healthy. Their O should be better just from loosing Jamarcus Russell.
    still this is a 7 to 8 win team. nothing to get excited about, but I don’t think they will be cellar dwellers anymore either.

  18. I’m Raider fan born and raised in South FL, so I can’t see the game until NFL Network shows it tonight @ 11:00. Good to hear that they played pretty well. The haters here didn’t have anything specific from this game to trash, they just talked generic crap and predicted a 4-12 season…that must mean they don’t have much from the actual play on the field to criticize. Sounds good to me!

  19. # humbolt says:
    The greatness of the Raiders in the preseason can’t be denied. 2-0. That’s impressive.
    What’s impressive is the San Diego Chargers being 0-44 in the only game that matters. Shut your hole, humpdolt.

  20. @ Niner Nation…… I give you credit for being objective. So many people come in here just to dump on teams and they have no clue what they are talking about (HUMBOLT) I think the Raiders and Niners taking their division is a huge possibility. Again props on leaving out the hate !

  21. Bears QB Jay Cutler was more general in his assessment of the offensive line, sounding a lot like another quarterback who played college football in Tennessee: “We had a few protection issues.”
    That’s right, Cutler went to Tennessee, like Manning, after Tennessee changed its name to Vanderbilt.

  22. Cutler is a “pro bowl” quarterback just like Derek Anderson is a “pro bowl” quarterback.
    When are you losers gonna stop predicting the Raiders to be decent just before the real season starts? every year they prove you wrong because Oakland is the NFL’s butthole

  23. Oh yeah; that says IN Tennessee, as in Vandy. My bad. But PFT still sucks.
    —- Bears QB Jay Cutler was more general in his assessment of the offensive line, sounding a lot like another quarterback who played college football in Tennessee: “We had a few protection issues.”
    That’s right, Cutler went to Tennessee, like Manning, after Tennessee changed its name to Vanderbilt.

  24. @ # 1/2MaN1/2aMaZING says: August 22, 2010 6:52 PM
    Cutler is a “pro bowl” quarterback just like Derek Anderson is a “pro bowl” quarterback.
    When are you losers gonna stop predicting the Raiders to be decent just before the real season starts? every year they prove you wrong because Oakland is the NFL’s butthole
    No ones predicting SB. just saying they should be around .500 or so. They are clearly not at the bottom of the barrel but should be capable of winning a few more games than last year. Thats all.

  25. “Peppers received credit for five tackles, a sack, and a pass defense, in addition to a forced fumble.”
    That’s not even counting the hurries and QB hits (in which one was a huge one). I wouldn’t think that either one of those players mentioned did very well against Pepp.

  26. Raiders fans gettin so hyped off of pre season lol y’all too funny Yall gona find out when the season starts. As for bears they’re starters didn’t look good this game but we are still shufflin around the o line so it’s still expected to be some hiccups till we find a spot for everybody. Alsowe had a couple of dropped passes but I’m not worried I still got confidence in us this year just need to get settled down n comfortable

  27. @ Duceooo: What’s even funnier is your grasp of the English language and reality.
    It wasn’t just the Bears starters that didn’t look good. The Raiders controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball and outmuscled Chicago from start to finish. Your excuse about the o-line is pathetic, because the Raiders are also reshuffling their o-line with far fewer “hiccups.” Both teams are learning a new offense, but the Raiders also used 3 QB’s who weren’t with the team last year.
    Raiders fans should finally be optimistic, because there is a lot of talent on that team. Even in preseason, anyone with eyes could see the Bears were an inferior squad. And that was with the Raiders minus both starting CB’s, both starting WR’s, a starting RB, top DL, top backup QB…
    You should probably worry about your own team instead of the one that just smacked them around. To put it in your words, “Yall gona find out when the season starts. “

  28. It’s funny to watch the people on this site who post this garbage. If anybody really thinks that the raiders are a better team than the bears because of a pre-season game you are delusional.

  29. Raiders look pretty good because Cable as taken over the team and dead Al is apparently staying under the radar. If dead Al decides to interfere the Raiders are toast. If he let’s Cable and staff run this team without interference we should have a good year and probably win the west as it is pretty weak

  30. Tango you idiotic cretin hillbilly: An ignorant pile of crap like you has no business referring to the Raiders in terms like “we should have a good year”. You have nothing in common with the Raiders. The Raiders are a renegade group of men, not premenstrual women like you. You’re a whiny, retarded momma’s boy who isn’t happy unless you’re pissing and moaning about something, and usually it’s about God (AKA Al Davis). Here’s a scoop for you, scumbag: God (AKA Al Davis) is the one who HIRED Cable as well as all of the other coaches. Yes, God has had a bad run of coaches lately but has done something about it, not just cry and whine like you. If you want something to bitch about, bitch to your momma about her preventing you from learning and only feeding you cupcakes and ding dongs you fatass moron.

  31. Tango you idiotic, self hating (with good reason) moron: Get out of the closet already! Tell the world you’re gay and proud of it! I notice that once again you have no response you pathetic son of a retarded, inbred, hillbilly whore. As usual, I’m not surprised that you’ve got nothing and you are nothing. Loser.

  32. “Al Davis is God” LOL, if he was accountable to anyone he would have been fired by now. He blows, and I’m a Raiders fan.

  33. In all honesty Al is still involved. He did not go out and get a GM. If he did you all would be giving the GM credit. But he did not. Being close to the situation on a daily bassis, I can tell you Al is very much in control of the Silver and Black and he will be unitl the sad day comes when he passes.
    Just look at the defence – Al does not like blitzing and neither do I – Your front four should provide enough pressure to cook the QB. Now when you do blitz, it’s almost always going to take the other team by surprise. Our team does not blitz – That’s because of Al.
    This is Al’s team and it always will be –
    About the Raiders in preseason:
    Sure I am excited, but I think it will be a tough task to be 1-0 the after the the first week because the Titans are a good football team and they should win their home opener. I am sure all the haters will be here telling us that we are 0-1 and all that stuff. So be it! When 16 games are finished we will be the division champs for sure. After that is anyone’s guess. But the haters will be all over this site after losing the opener to the Titans – Most teams would be 0-1 if they were at the titans for the first game.
    Not worried about it, because the game will be close and I know we will be competing. Plus we win our next 2 games for sure.

  34. Raidermick. You want to make me barf ! Titans a good team but Raiders shoul win so stop sandbagging even before the game starts and head down the hall and get dead al some tea and prunes !

  35. The stupid assed no blitz, man – 1 defense has been getting us killed for years, thanks Al… you doope

  36. To: aldavisisabitchcreep. Are you listeing to Andy Reid’s 3rd Chin ? He has dead Al dialed in ! What did you call yourself ? Renegade ? LOL and then some

  37. Tango you retarded, fat, idiotic moron: I see a fellow window licker fell off the short bus with you. Are you happy that your stupidity is contagious? You’re probably too stupid to even know what that means. Must be kinda nice living in a world where all you have to do is sit in mommy’s basement eating cupcakes all day.

  38. Any QB worth a crap is going to tear up a defense when you’re giving him his pre snap read weeks in advance by runing the same exact alignment and coverage damn near every down and every game.

  39. Al is lucky to field a solid bowel movement these days, let alone a solid team.
    He’s set new records for futility in a leauge that all but guarantees parity. It’s almost impossible to suck 7 years in a row without trying.

  40. To: aldvisisabowelmovement. How is the renegade doing today ? Double back and check on Andy Reid’s 3rd chin and his/her blog!! Gotta love it. I hear dead al just got up from a nap and wanted to know if Otis Sistrunk has called him back yet and if John Ralston was still availble to coach ?

  41. Tango you fat, retarded, bloated, pile of pig crap: Just keep eating all the Dominoes Pizzas you pig and before you know it you’ll be giving God (AKA Al Davis) money for five seats you POS.

  42. to : aldavisisabadcombover. You spew the same old responses. Getting tired and disapointed in dueling with you. Tell me what dead al has done in the past 20 years? Fired the only coach that took them to a superbowl and got destroyed because of suspect players that your glorious Al thought so much of ? I will give him some credit as this year he shut the f up and let his personel people make some decent draft picks and trades.

  43. Tango you retarded, idiotic, POS, loser: As usual lard ass you don’t know what you’re talking about. Where do you get this misinformation that anyone other than God (AKA Al Davis) has made every personnel and coaching selection? Stop talking out of your ass retard. Of course since that’s all you’ve ever done you don’t know the difference, do you retard?
    Believe me you tub of lard, proving what an idiotic retard you are is no duel. You have zero facts (or brain) and zero chances of ever getting any smarter so just stay in mommy’s basement you pile of crap.

  44. To:aldaviswearsadressandpanties: At 6’2 and 180 lbs not sure I am a tub of lard and the other intelligent remarks you spew but if that is all you have so be it. Fact is dead al ( hopefully sooner than later) has a lot less input than he has in the past. It is a well known fact in Alameda and within the Raider family so live with it ! Most of the coaches have also made it clear over the last year that if dead al interferes with their respective abilities to coach they are gone which is why dead al has been much less vocal. dead al also knows no one and I mean no one in the NFL has any respect for him and have not for many years so there you go smart boy !

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  47. to: advavislosttotheniners: Same old recycled BS. Your getting very boring not to mentioned un-informed.

  48. Tango you pathetic, retarded, idiotic, hillbilly, ignorant hick: You’re so incredibly stupid I have to keep reminding you what a fat, ugly, loser you are. Just like your mom has to keep reminding you that your father was from the sperm bank. By the way, you’re a really big Raiders fan when point out that they lost to the 69ers. You pathetic POS. Was your fat ass in all four of your seats for the game, Shamu? God (AKA Al Davis) will be using that money for good things, you pig.

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