Report: Haynesworth likely has rhabdomyolysis

After Saturday night’s preseason game against the Ravens, Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth accused coach Mike Shanahan of minimizing the health condition that kept Haynesworth out of practice for multiple days last week.

Per Jason La Canfora of NFL Network, Haynesworth likely has rhabdomyolysis, a condition arising from damage to muscle fibers and the release of muscle fiber contents into the bloodstream.

Symptoms reportedly include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and swelling, and the condition is caused by, among other things, severe exertion or heat exposure.  Two of the practices Haynesworth missed resulted from heat-related symptoms.  On Thursday, Shanahan said that Haynesworth had a “headache.”

(Though I’d never heard the term “rhabdomyolysis” before, I once developed it by running five miles on a hot day while not being in very good shape.  I ended up at the urologist due to brown urine — please enjoy your Pepsi — and the urologist said it was due to muscle damage from overexertion in hot conditions.  And, please, feel free to comment on how you don’t care about my own personal experiences in this regard.)   

As to Haynesworth, the episode further poisons the relationship between player and team.  We suspect that, if/when a starting-caliber defensive tackle in a 4-3 defense tears an ACL, Haynesworth would be shipped to that team within hours.  With Haynesworth already vowing not to show up for next year’s offseason program, it’s safe to say that 2010 will be his last year in D.C., barring a miracle.

82 responses to “Report: Haynesworth likely has rhabdomyolysis

  1. Wow, I think this, for once, vindicates Haynesworth, at least somewhat. I wonder if the additional stresses of the conditioning test that he was subjected to contributed to this condition. Yes, it looks like he won’t be back next year, but if you are Albert, you want to have a great year so as to raise your value to other teams. If that happens, at least the Redskins will get some benefit for the millions they’ve paid him.

  2. Hell, I’m just impressed that your rug stays on your head for a five mile run! I would have thought that the sweat would make it slip off or a hawk would confuse it for a wounded rabbit and swoop in for the kill. Or do you run with your head “au naturel”?

  3. He actually suffers from Cranial Rectum Inversion Exclamation Syndrome…He has his head up his ass and he cries about everything

  4. The Shanahan man just wants Señor Alberto to pay for the sins committed against him. In a past life the Rat must’ve been one to whip the Egyptian slaves if they weren’t building the pyramids fast enough. “It’s only sunny 120 degree heat. Your gods want it to be so.”

  5. So Haynesworth was supposed to be in shape, even though he skipped OTAs. He failed the conditioning test, his knee swells and now he misses practice due to a condition partially related to be out of shape. As a Cowboys fan, I hope all the Redskins are in as good of football shape as Haynesworth.

  6. Florio, your Dr.’s visit sounds like an ‘excuse’. Sources say that you were holding out for more money and this was your way of shoving it to your old boss til they came up with more cash. Oh yeah, you forgot to mention Farve!

  7. translation;;;
    Haynesworth has I got fat in the wallet, now I’m fat in the ass, and I’m too damn lazy to work

  8. How can a professional athlete miss as many practices as Haynesworth has, and suffer from over-exertion?
    This is the smoking gun that proves how out of shape Fat Albert is.
    It’s ridiculous. I have no sympathy for him whatsoever.

  9. Let this be the final chapter of this overplayed and aurally painful story.
    In one corner, Captain Queeg, played by Mike Shanahan. In the other, Fat Albert, played by Fat Albert.
    Albert seems to be uusually stupid. In this groping economy, a mutli millionaire that doesn’t want to go to work, doesn’t want to try a different position, can’t pass the basic team tryout, and now has developed a strange sounding ailment….
    well, he is the 800 lb gorilla hanging on the Redskins’s necks.
    Queeg, in the other corner, is maniacal in his approach and in total control of the situation and intends to make Albert suffer as much as possible for his ridiculous indiscretions, and will either snap this fellow in line (doubtful) or will eventually cause an unrepairable rift (most likely) where he can be justified in trading, sitting, suspending, fining, flogging, whatever. The good Captain will ultimately be victorious, because he is the coach and he has brass balls. Fat Albert will get fatter and will be playing for the Rams or Detroit by the trading deadline. End of story.
    You can stop writing about it now.

  10. So in essence, “Lard-a$$” showed up out of shape and is struggling a bit, physically???
    (nice job there, with your personal trainer; you know, the one who’s going to have you in the same condition NEXT year)
    Who cares anymore?

  11. Wow Mike.
    It has been so hot in Ashburn this summer. That explains a lot. Shanahan calling this just a headache. The weasel.

  12. So, Redskins Quick Fix #327 is now officially a bust.
    Just like always.
    We’ll see how #328 (McNabb) works out.

  13. Florio’s brown urine showed up in the drug/alchohol tests the cops made him take after they finally caught him.

  14. Bottom line is, it’s caused by NOT being in football shape, which happens when you don’t workout all off-season while you collecting millions from the team. Scumbag. As a Bucs fan, thank God the Redskins paid this guy instead of us.

  15. Florio, don’t listen to the haterz..
    You run a solid site..I destroy 5 miles with clean urine…

  16. wow thats what it is?? huh?? i just thought he was a (over-paid)lazy fat a–!!! —-P.S. — mike— any excuse to talk about your pee… you should be ashamed of yourself!

  17. This is the Redskins organization in a microcosm under danny”fail” Snyder.
    That, in all honesty, should be your stupid lil’ saying instead of hail, it should definitely be “FAIL” RACIST SKINS. bwaaaaaa

  18. Albert Hayneswroth and severe exertion don’t belong in the same sentence; unless you’re talking about the energy he used to stomp his cleat on someone’s face.

  19. All this means is the dirtbag was not in fooptball shape when he showed up for camp. Whose fault is that? This pig is a headcase who needs help.

  20. “(Though I’d never heard the term “rhabdomyolysis” before, I once developed it by running five miles on a hot day while not being in very good shape. I ended up at the urologist due to brown urine — please enjoy your Pepsi — and the urologist said it was due to muscle damage from overexertion in hot conditions. And, please, feel free to comment on how you don’t care about my own personal experiences in this regard.)”
    On the contrary, Mr. Florio, I’d appreciate a bulletin every time your body does something.

  21. Just 2 years ago this guy was a monster, he was elite, best DT to play since Sapp in his prime….Now he looks like a complete waste of space. Unreal what happens to these players when they go to Washington.

  22. rhabdo is a very, very serious condition that can actually kill you. it’s also caused by being out of shape. next time, go to mini-camp, fatty.

  23. I feel great, I am in spectacular physical shape. That being said I could go to a doctor right now and he could find 30 different things wrong with me and load me up on pills I don’t need.
    What a terrible mistake bringing this guy in. My Redskins need to stop free agency all together for a few years.

  24. it’s acute kidney failure. when a muscle gets crushed it can release extra packed protein fiber that when introduced to the bloodstream will cause kidney failure. this isnt likely whats happening to hansyworth. rhabdomyolysis is something that the victims of hati are dealing with, not this pampered athlete.

  25. Haynesworth likely has rhabdomyolysis!!!! In other words its called a Big Mac attack . Give him 20 Macs and a large fri and a diet coke

  26. “I wonder if the additional stresses of the conditioning test that he was subjected to contributed to this condition. ”
    Yeah, getting his ass in shape got him sick.

  27. flo..your doc said you overexerted your muscles during a run… begs the question…don’t you have to have muscles in the first place?

  28. Holy crap Florio!! I know nobody cares and I’m sure this is totally pointless but, I had the EXACT same thing happened to me. Played a triple-header in softball while drinking 3 TUBS of beer (not the smartest thing in the world … i know) … .as my first physical activity since the year before. Woke up the next day with DARK brown urine and ended up in the hospital for 2 days hooked up to an IV. This rhabdomyolosis ain’t no joke!

  29. Well Mr. Florio, perhaps you shouldn’t push your body so hard while attempting to get into shape. You body was probably telling you there was a problem long before the end of your run.
    “Always with a Jedi there must be patience.”
    Albert Haynesworth should be traded to a team with a 4/3 scheme. It’s the best for all parties concerned.

  30. Haynesworth would look good in orange and blue. We hate shanny too. Sometimes he forgets you need a pass rush.

  31. He doesn’t have rhabdomyolysis.
    If he did he would be in the hospital with IV fluids and serial checks of his kidney function.
    Teams are ultracareful with their assets- i.e. strasburg doesn’t really need that MRI of his forearm. i.e. Percy Harvin didn’t really need to be admitted to the hospital after syncope/migraine.
    Haynesworth is just a baby even with his knee if they thought there was anything wrong with it they would have gotten an MRI the first day. Instead he milked it for about 1 week and they were forced to get an MRI later down the line. And guess what the MRI was normal.

  32. Florio – Is the real reason Albert refused to come to the offseason team training BECAUSE HE WAS HIDING A MEDICAL CONDITION THAT HE AND HIS “TRAINER” KNEW ABOUT?
    Come on Florio! Use your ambulance-chasing skills and investigate this!!!!!

  33. And you both suffer from trichotillomania, now let’s all hug! I can’t wait til we have actual games to talk about!

  34. Something MF and AH have in common, dweezils. As a runner its common to have blood in your urine once in awhile. Look it up on the freaking Internet and don’t worry about and get a doctor who knows what the F they’re talking about. I’ve had it plenty of times, you notice a weird, tired feeling probably due to blood loss in the urine. Rest a little, eat right, you’re able to go the next day. Rhabdomyolysis my ass, didn’t have those symptoms before that big contract signing did he? I thought not.

  35. Your buddy Adam at ESPN wonders why he would continue playing if he does indeed have this. Or why they would actually let him play.

  36. Rhapsody is correct. Just as ALS has a term for us laymen, so should this condition.
    Undertrained Athlete Syndrome

  37. Listen, Mike Shanahan is way behind the times. It’s no longer OK to tell someone “their a pussy, rub some dirt on it,”. Fire him before somebody dies!

  38. I live in NOVA and it has been a hot summer……but I run and work out OUTSIDE 3 days a week……..every week. Sure, sometimes after I run I have a headache but it goes away.
    Oh……I’m 47 years old.
    Fat Albert…….lighten your wallet and you might be able to get in shape. Right now you’re just a cow. Go graze somewhere else.

  39. Please believe me when I say i’m the last person who would defend Albert Haynesworth. However, if he does have “rhabdo”, he could probably thank his head coach & strength coach for it. Great idea guys running a 300+ lb. lineman into the ground with the 300yd. shuttle conditioning test for days on end. You take a big run stuffing d-line type, have him run a test that has NO CORRELATION to his position demands nor football in general. Which as a result, he had to sit with knee issues and now possibly rhabdo.

  40. CHNO – what is your phone number? I will pass it on to the Skins.
    I am sure you can anchor an NFL defensive line with no issues.
    Because you run and work outside 3 entire days a week.
    I own a telescope, so I expect to be piloting the next shuttle to the moon for NASA.

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