Some think Sage Rosenfels was Jason Cole's source

Earlier today, MDS pointed out that, per Ed Werder of ESPN, Brett Favre met with his teammates in an effort to get one or more of them to quit talking to the media about a possible rift (or, dare we say, schism) between Favre and coach Brad Childress.

Curiously, Favre never denied to Werder the content of Jason Cole’s report, which relied in part on an unnamed Vikings player who said, “Brett thinks Childress has no clue about offense.”

Though Cole’s report specifically said that “multiple teams sources” indicated that “Favre’s disdain for Childress is deep,” some think that Cole’s source (or at least one of them) was quarterback Sage Rosenfels.

It’s hardly a stretch.  Applying Occam’s Razor (man, I feel smart whenever I use that phrase, and then I completely blow it by leaving the keys in the ignition all night and killing the battery), Rosenfels is the obvious choice.  He arrived via trade in 2009, with the belief he’d be competing only with Tarvaris Jackson for a shot at finally becoming an NFL starter.  And it was V.P. of player personnel Rick Spielman, not Childress, who championed the move to get Rosenfels.

Then, Favre became available and he eventually unretired, again.  Rosenfels ended up being the odd man out in 2009, making not a single game appearance for the first time since his rookie year in 2001.

This year, Rosenfels was put on ice for large chunks of the offseason program, with Tarvaris Jackson and Joe Webb, a sixth-round rookie drafted to be a receiver, getting all of the work.  Last week, with everyone expecting Favre to return, Jackson took limited snaps and Rosenfels was showcased against the Rams, throwing more than 30 passes and getting into separate sideline tiffs with Childress and offensive coordinator Darell Bevell.

Apart from the fact that Rosenfels would have the greatest natural incentive to tell tales about the teammate who screwed up Rosenfels’ shot at being an every-down quarterback is the fact that a pipeline already exists between Rosenfels and Cole.  It dates back to Cole’s tenure with the Miami Herald, covering Rosenfels when he was a backup quarterback with the Dolphins.  Last year, Cole interviewed Rosenfels after Favre reiterated his Second Annual Retirement, only a couple of weeks before his Second Annual Unretirement.

So if people outside the organization are connecting the fairly large dots, people inside the organization likely are doing it, too.  And maybe that’s what Rosenfels wants.  If the team decides that he can’t be trusted, maybe he won’t have to spend the entire 2010 season all dressed out, with no place to play.

27 responses to “Some think Sage Rosenfels was Jason Cole's source

  1. Or maybe Favre should just shut up and play. If he doesn’t want this stuff reported, he shouldn’t say it.

  2. Hell hath no fury like Bret Fave being crossed by a bench warmer.
    Snitch Rosenfels just bought himself a career ending wrath from King Favre. He will never play for another team in the NFL, and he will never see the field as a Viking. Lord Favre will see to it that the snitch rots away on the end of the bench

  3. King Favre has issued a hit. The snitch’s career is done.
    I can see a wicked broken leg coming Snitch Rosenfels way courtesy of Jared Allen on the orders of The Godfather, Favre.

  4. Nicely done on the Occam’s Razor effort, Florio…always a fan of that one.

  5. you would think though if it was rosenfels,that this kind of thing doesnt fare well in the lockeroom.if thats the case he may have just blackballed himslef from the league.

  6. You Vikettes better warm up to Sage Rosenfels. You’re going to need him quite a bit this season after Aretha Franklin….err Brett Favre has his ego shattered by a D lineman.

  7. The wiz:im sure ur right but i cant help but think that favre has alot of people in that locker room that dont like him either with his “DECISION”every year.THEY WON NOTHING LAST YEAR.

  8. I don’t feel optimistic about Farve having the same year he had. In fact, I think there a real possibility that Tavares Jackson will finish the season as the starter. This will be Farve’s last year.

  9. Look at the Vikes schedule last year…relatively easy with winnable games up-front. Then they struggled against improved opponents at the end of the year before choking away a game to a mediocre Saints defense.
    This year they have a much tougher schedule…Let’s hope Gregg Williams ends Favre on Sept 6th, if not someone else will.

  10. I wouldn’t mind seeing Sage come back home to Miami, bumping out Thigpen, and dropping White entirely. Henne, Pennington, Rosenfels sounds good.
    I guess the point is he’s not satisfied as a 3rd, but with Pennington’s age/susceptibility to injury, it’s like he’d be a de facto #2, and could push the Chads in his own ways at this point in his career. Ah, day dreaming…

  11. Mister Ed, the talking nag, most likely pulled it all out of his horse’s ass. Werd fer werd. But, it’s when “Eyeball” Glazer and Skank Ho get together that the real horse manure starts to fly.

  12. The Viking’s have become the Cubs’ of the NFL. “Wait ’til next year.” Except, at least the Cubs have that championship from the turn of the past century…. and the Viking have that championship from……Oh right, sorry, forgot, NEVER! Sorry Contra, but I would rather have a team with ancient championships, than NONE.

  13. Nice reporting who was the unnamed source. Good argument. I like the Occam’s Razor mention, too! I have a Philosophy minor, so you represent, my brother.

  14. When you listen to Brett talk, it’s as if there’s a lot of entitlement that the Super Bowl trophy is his, he just failed to go get it. There’s a major difference between “its ours, lets go get it” and “lets play better than we ever have.” If you have the former mindset, all you can think of if you lose is how you personally choked it away. I see a timidity in the elder Favre that may well creep back in when the playoffs kick around; and wouldn’t it be curious if the Vikings and Packers met?

  15. Now the media is snitching on other media’s contacts?
    Good luck getting any more interviews from players unless they sound like this.
    “We gave it our all tonight”
    “It’s a team sport and we all have to contribute to win”
    “We just need to execute the game plan… blah blah blah”
    Can I have some vanilla topping on my vanilla ice cream please?
    Classless… trying to out inside sources of other media types.

  16. this is really irresponsible to post without fear of repercussion since you threw the buzz word “some” out there referring to who is reporting it

  17. Next stop UFL, Sage.
    Webb is capable, Sage is expendable: a mid-2000s answer to trivia questions. Maybe he can become a politician– his backstabbing skills are becoming honed.

  18. Keep the comments relevant folks to Sage.
    I figured it was Taivarus since he lost more than Sage, but the connection between Cole and Sage makes sense, because this isn’t the sort of statement you would make to just any reporter.
    Sage didn’t seem that type to me, but I guess he’s just a lot better at hiding his frustration than T-jack. Sorry T-Jack for leaving that flaming bag of poop on your porch.

  19. Interestingly there are no career summary or statistics of Sage Rosenfels on the Vikings website … but they’ve got all of Favre’s and Tavarias Jackson’s …
    As long as Sage agrees to protecting the ball (i.e. not turning the ball over 3 times in the last 6 minutes of the game against Indy), we’d welcome him back to Houston.
    Dan Orlovsky is the Texans #2 QB yet was inactive for all 16 games last year. In his 6 year career he’s played in 12 games with just 6 starts. Let’s just say, he doesn’t exactly piss excellence.
    Maybe if he got cut, he’s leave the stadium by running out thru the endzone …

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