Chaz Schilens may go under the knife again

If health is a skill, Raiders wide receiver Chaz Schilens doesn’t have it.

We’ve heard for a while now that Schilens is a quality starting wide receiver.  We’ve even believed it; he and Louis Murphy would be a better starting group than the Raiders have had for years if Schilens was healthy.   (And the team didn’t stubbornly start Darrius Heyward-Bey.)

Here’s the thing; Schilens is never healthy for long.  Raiders coach Tom Cable said Schilens may need surgery on his knee, according to the Oakland Tribune.  It seems Schilens has been overcompensating for his surgically repaired foot, which bothered him all of last year.

Jason Campbell is a big upgrade at quarterback, but it’s going to be very difficult for him to succeed if Murphy — a second year player that was taken in fourth round — is the only reliable wideout he has to throw to.

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  1. dont be so quick to dismiss DHB. Also, dont sleep on Jacoby Ford. He could be this year’s Desean Jackson

  2. imagine how much better the recievers will be when they have qb this year that isnt trippin off the sizzurp.
    Murphy may end up with a pro bowl season

  3. Chaz is a delicate flower. Dude cant stay healthy. Ugh. Looks like Z Miller will be the leading receiver again.
    Mushin Mohammed to the Raiders?

  4. Don’t forget Zach Miller, hes a TE, but he is still someone to throw to. They had some pretty sweet screens against da Bears saturday night, so look for more of that when the season starts. We’ll be fine.

  5. Well they didn’t have any problem with the Bears with Schilens and DHB out of the lineup. Would rather have them there…but if not we will go on…

  6. Tdk24, um isnt that what happened last year? Your TE got double teamed cause nobody respected your wideouts. Zach is a great TE, but if he is also the most sure handed receiver on your team, your going to have conflicts with Al’s down the field passing scheme. It would be hard pressed for Zach to run from a chasing LB for decent yardage

  7. Dmac and Shilens are battling to see who is softest on the team
    Why now is my ?
    Why not during the offseason?
    Why didnt we hear of this a few weeks ago?
    WTF is going on here….
    I dont trust DHB, and it will be N. Miller, Murphy, Figurs, JLH and ford (yes z miller but we are talking wr’s here)…..
    those are some pretty young kids and not ones to put fear in the d…..
    fortunately they are under the care of Sanjay Lal to get them to probowl form….
    I do believe those kids have talent but this team needs some vet knowledge at wr and consistency….
    The San Clemente Kid

  8. Enough is enough with this guy. I like him and he is a great young man and a good receiver. But the Raiders cannot continue to tie their season to this guy. Let him stay around and have what he needs done but bring in a receiver that can play in real games.
    We had a guy at work once which was great at what he did and was the best. One day when he was fired I told the Boss, why did you fire him he was very good at his job. The Boss told me with his drinking problem and him missing work all the time it matters not to him how good he is because he is never there to do his job.
    If this is true the Raiders need to bring in a receiver that can actually play.

  9. No worries Raiders fans. You still have the fastest man in the 2009 draft, Darrius Heyward-Bey. Al and J. Herrera put out a press release proclaiming DHB to be the next Jerry Rice. And we know Al Davis and John Herrera are never wrong.

  10. I would feel much better if Tim Brown was coaching these kids… or maybe Lal’s assistant.

  11. humbolt says: August 23, 2010 6:27 PM
    No worries Raiders fans. You still have the fastest man in the 2009 draft, Darrius Heyward-Bey. Al and J. Herrera put out a press release proclaiming DHB to be the next Jerry Rice. And we know Al Davis and John Herrera are never wrong.
    Worry about your team, dumbolt.
    Between a GM who screws players over on a daily basis and a HC who can’t control the locker room, the Dischargers are ripe for the picking.
    We’re gonna come down there and lay you pansies out, just like last year. This time though, we’ll walk away with a W.

  12. # humbolt says:
    No worries Raiders fans. You still have the fastest man in the 2009 draft, Darrius Heyward-Bey.
    Isn’t your best downfield receiver on the block, humpdolt? Your Raider obsession is kinda creepy, by the way.

  13. The Raiders should trade for Vincent Jackson right now. I know, intra-division but if they can get him, why not?

  14. I like Chaz Schilens but he’s too much of a liability to keep. time to let him go and get Vincent Jackson. TO would have been better than Chaz. No receivers in Oakland. Bad news for Campbell or great news for Michael Bush.
    10 wins by December! Spread this mantra for the year!

  15. Boy I can’t believe how stupid some Raider fans are.
    There are no WR on this team save Louis Murphy and Z. Miller.
    The others are nowhere near their abilities and that doesn’t say much. Murphy has heart and I love that about him but he doesn’t have that dominate talent needed to be a number one WR. Zack is a TE with mid level talent.
    The others are 4th stringers or special teamers at best. So to the stupid Raider fans who think Watkins or any of the other camp WRs are ready you have to be stupid to believe that!
    No good receivers or receiver coach either. This is the weakness of the Raiders! How’d it get here. Get Jerry Porter back, he’s better that Watkins and company. What a joke!

  16. I love how everyone automatically dismisses DHB from the point he had one pass thrown his way (the first in the game) which was well defended by Newman, and actually, was a ball that never should have been thrown by Campbell… he forced it… Not to mention, the kid is only in his second year… so give him a chance to be called a bust…. people just wanna believe the mediots…

  17. Why would we be worried ? We have DHB and dead Al , Herrera and of course the all knowing Aldavisisaretardidiiotmuslim assuring us all is well !! Cable and staff doing a good job so far and if the aforementioned stay out of it the Raiders could have a decent season. DHB gets 1-2 starts and then Cable sits him, dead Al interferes and then back to another depressing year !

  18. Vincent jackson will be wearing a raider uniform by the season opener. Raiders are trying to work out a deal as we speak. PFT knows this too but they dont like to report positive things about the raiders. They post some negative stuff and all the raider bashers come here like little school girls and talk trash.. bottom line all your sister,wives, and moms dream about us every night. silly little white guys hahahaha
    life must suck with those little tiny things. trust me wives and girlfriends tell me all the time

  19. # RaiderChile says: August 24, 2010 12:53 AM
    Boy I can’t believe how stupid some Raider fans are.
    That’s surprising. No mirrors in your house?

  20. Tango you pathetic POS: If all you’re ever going to do is piss and moan like the retarded infant you are do yourself (and the REAL Raider Nation) a favor and end it all already. Your mommy would probably be happy to get her basement back, too.

  21. Toaldavisisatiredoldandapatheticsenileidiot. Very pleased your blogs get shorter and shorter. Very similer to youir brain cell capacity

  22. Tango you illiterate, retarded, moronic hillbilly: Still haven’t learned how to spell I see. Invest in a dictionary you fat, disgusting, blob of a momma’s boy. You have a lot of balls talking about anyone else’s brain capacity when you make such obvious mistakes you loser.

  23. Dittto ! I hears some rumors about Otis Sistrunck and Larry Brown ! May aldavisisarealidiot has some insight ?

  24. Tango you idiotic, moronic, window licking, drooling retard: I do have insight. I know you’re a total waste of space at the coliseum, a total waste of air in the world, and a useless POS. By the way, I see you still haven’t used spellcheck. Your spelling and grammar again prove what a retard you are.

  25. To:Aldavisisarejectowneridiot. Please advise how many others agree with you ? Last time i checked I had several agreeing with me about dead Al

  26. Tango you retarded, moronic, idiotic, psychotic POS: Who cares? You’re an idiot. Just keep giving God (AKA Al Davis) your money for the four seats you cram your fat ass in at every game. He appreciates your support, even if you are too stupid to appreciate him.

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