Donald Penn knows he needs to get better

When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed left tackle Donald Penn to a six-year, $48 million contract with $20 million guaranteed, it was an investment in the health of quarterback Josh Freeman, whose blind side Penn protects.

But during Saturday night’s preseason game, Penn got beaten to the inside by Chiefs defensive end Tamba Hali, who got close enough to Freeman that Freeman hurt his thumb hitting Hali’s helmet when following through on a throw. Penn knows that means he didn’t do his job.

I didn’t play very well,” Penn said. “I need to go watch film and see my mistakes and fix them.”

Penn said Hali seemed to be getting a jump on him, and he’s concerned that he’s tipping plays.

“It wasn’t a matter of him manhandling me,” Penn said. “But I do need to work on some things. It’s good, I think. This is what the preseason is for. And Tamba Hali, he’s a good defensive end. It’s not like he’s some slouch. But I need to get all this out of me in the preseason so this doesn’t happen again.”

2 responses to “Donald Penn knows he needs to get better

  1. So this is what $8 mil a year buys you now; a lineman who gets his a$$ handed to him and a couple of weeks before the season starts, needs to “go study more film”???
    Great investment, Tampa.

  2. Another Dominik special. Dominik re-signed Michael Hands of Clay Clayton for big bucks, then brought in Derrick Ward for big money, after he cut Derrick Brooks. Dominik, who did nothing to prepare to fill LT without Penn, got bent over the desk by Penn’s agent, and Penn promptly showed his appreciation with a wham bam thank you ma’am’ block, causing Tamba Hali to break Josh Freeman’s thumb.
    Gruden was 9-7 two years in a row. And the idiot owners fired him. For a 32 year old guy who had never even been a coordinator.
    30,000 people showed up Saturday. First blackout since the starting QB was in elementary school. Not one regular season game is sold out.
    This is what is commonly known as Karma.

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