Eli Manning returning to practice, without a helmet

Giants quarterback Eli Manning will return to full participation in practice today, a week after his forehead was turned into a bloody mess in the Giants’ preseason opener against the Jets. But the three-inch cut on his head will keep him from wearing a helmet.

Players aren’t allowed to hit the quarterback in practice anyway, so Giants coach Tom Coughlin doesn’t think it will make much difference that Manning isn’t wearing a helmet.

We’re certainly going to be very, very careful,” Coughlin said. “We do not allow anybody to touch the quarterback. It happens once in a while, but not too often. Most of our guys are really good at, if they do get free, they come up the field past the quarterback. We don’t allow them to put their hands up or put their hands anywhere near where the quarterback’s arm or release point would be.”

Coughlin said he wants to get Manning and the rest of the offensive starters in sync this week leading up to Saturday’s third preseason game, against the Ravens. The starters aren’t expected to play in the fourth and final preseason game.

“What’s important is that these guys practice together, that we get this whole group together so we can talk about overall improvement,” Coughlin said. “When you look at some of the things that are happening — for example, the pass protection breakdowns, the lack of real efficient route running, the cohesiveness of the timing between the quarterback and the receivers — all that stuff needs work and it needs time spent together. That’s why this week will be so important to these guys.”

9 responses to “Eli Manning returning to practice, without a helmet

  1. He’s going to get that cut opened up once the season starts. It doesn’t have enough time to heal properly, and wearing the helmet is gonna irritate it.
    Think if his older brother, the Forehead, had the gash Eli does…

  2. I know Frankenstein Jr isn’t wearing his helmet but is he wearing the two metal bolts in his neck?

  3. Man, would like to see those practices. Accidents happen. I’m imagining two knucklehead linesman getting carried away and rolling up into Eli.
    Maybe they should just spend the money and get him one of THOSE helmets. You know, the one for kids with “soft” heads.

  4. Eli is one of the toughest QB’s in the league. Just take a look at consecutive starts and the division he plays in.

  5. He should borrow his brother’s. It’s at least twice the size, so it should fit comfortable.

  6. He,ll be fine. He still has 20 days before the opener and has had 8 days of the stitches already? If worse comes to worse they can always call Rick Moranis and borrow the helmet he wore in spaceballs!

  7. dabarber: “I know Frankenstein Jr isn’t wearing his helmet but is he wearing the two metal bolts in his neck?”
    Nah, but he is wearing his Super Bowl ring.

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