Nick Mangold won't talk about his contract talks

In the past, Jets center Nick Mangold has been more than willing to talk about his lack of a new contract.  Now that he’s closing in on getting an extension, he has zipped his lips.

“I am not talking contract,” Mangold said Monday in comments distributed by the team.  “I was advised not to.  Anything else football [related], I’d love to talk.  But other than that, I am not talking contract.”

Mangold later explained that his agents advised him not to talk.  And, of course, they wouldn’t be advising him to not talk if there wasn’t something to not talk about.

The amount of his compensation and the all-important guaranteed money aren’t yet known. What is known is that coach Rex Ryan has yet to learn the connection between the things he says about a player and the player’s potential financial expectations. 

Indeed, Ryan recently called Mangold the “best center in the league.”

“That’s kind of him,” Mangold said.  “God bless him.  That’s another thank-you card I have to

And he can buy the card with signing bonus.

9 responses to “Nick Mangold won't talk about his contract talks

  1. Mangold is the best center in the league, just like Revis is the best corner. They don’t need Rex’s praise to know they are.
    Can you ever just once write an article without inserting a dig against a team in the bottom third? Typical Florio boilerplate: Big headline, report something we all already knew, crazy unsubstantiated theory, D-bag remark, Seinfeld reference.

  2. Mangold wants out of that locker room, too many baby’s daddies and burrito eaters. Ship him to the Redskins for 4th rounder, we will pay top dollar for his services. If that retard Tanenbaum plays his cards right we may even throw in Rabach.

  3. “Rex Ryan has yet to learn the connection between the things he says about a player and the player’s potential financial expectations”
    = moron. Not too smart in that family of turds

  4. jets fan. why r u so excited. you were 9-7 last year and if the colts wouldn’t have mailed it in u would have been 8-8. all im saying is to get to high on your team cuz its a long fall when you miss the playoffs. jets and vikings…two most over rated teams going into the 2010 season. AFC’s best. Colts, Patriots, Steelers, Ravens. NFC’s best. Packers, Saints, Cowboys, and since the NFC is so pathetic ill throw in the Vikings.

  5. have humans beings really godden this dumb?? If you needed to be told Nick Mangold was the best center in the league & would obviously be compensated as much then you have no reason to be watching football. go watch cricket!

  6. “Mangold…just like Revis…They don’t need Rex’s praise to know they are.”
    And nobody on the Jets needs fraud-fans to attack their coach. It’s because of frauds like you that I don’t attend Jet-games — The only other people with whom I watch jet-games, are REAL Jet-fans.
    You can’t call yourself a Jet-fan, and also be the Jet-bashing-media’s B.I.-itch, at the same time. So now you attack the Jets’ coach for praising his own players?!? How sick ARE you people?
    The Jets (including REX) went to the AFC Title Game last year. They deserve WAY better fans.

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