Omaha Nighthawks issue statement on Maurice Clarett

Earlier today, MDS pointed out that former NFL (for like three weeks) running back Maurice Clarett hopes to try out for the UFL’s Omaha Nighthawks.  To do so, Clarett needs permission from a judge to leave the Commonwealth of Ohio.

And the Nighthawks have issued a statement indicating that, indeed, the first-year UFL franchise has expressed an interest in giving Clarett a tire-kicking.

“Maurice Clarett has paid his debt to society and through recent conversations with Maurice, his lawyer and his family, we believe he is sincerely working at turning his life around,” Nighthawks G.M. Rick Mueller said.  “Because we believe everyone deserves a second chance, and because Maurice wants to see whether he can still play the game he loves, we’ve agreed to work Maurice out as soon as the Ohio courts allow.  There are no commitments other than we want to help him take positive steps towards being the good citizen and solid family man that he aspires to be.”

It remains to be seen whether Clarett can play.  More than a year after missing two NFL seasons due to incarceration, Mike Vick is still struggling to regain his pre-prison form.  Clarett last played in a game since January 2003.

More than seven years later, it’s unlikely that Clarett will convince anyone other than a group of guys in sweatpants and/or Wranglers to give him a shot.

41 responses to “Omaha Nighthawks issue statement on Maurice Clarett

  1. Was Jim Brown there? After all, he did such a wonderful job of mentoring Clarett the first time around.

  2. You would think a football player going into prison would live, breathe and doing everything possible to be able to return to football as soon as you got out.
    They apparently don’t agree.

  3. The man definitely deserves a second chance. Its a very sad story. I thought he was going to accomplish great things. He was an absolute monster at Ohio State.

  4. Pretty sure Ohio is a state not a Commonwealth. And yes that is the only thing I got out of the article.

  5. Wasn’t Rick Mueller once the G.M. for the Dolphins and Saints? If so, his career took a major $hit….

  6. Clarett had a 2nd chance, this is his 3rd in my book, his 2nd chance came with the Broncos. Anyway, as for Clarett, does he have anything?? when he played for Denver, he didnt look that good and Denver didnt keep him, he better hope Omaha signs him.

  7. Sounds like a legit statement from a team trying to help a kid get his life back on track. Here’s hoping he does it and then get’s signed by the Heat to play alongside Lebron. Ohio and specifically Cleveland sucks until theyVOTE ART MODELL INTO THE HALL OF FAME before he dies!

  8. Florio, you live right next to Ohio in that hilljack of a state West Virginia, so you should know it’s Kentucky and not Ohio that is a “commonwealth.” What? Law school didn’t include some U.S. geography/history lessons?
    Good luck to Clarett. He was a bada$$ RB for that one season at Ohio State when they won the title. Probably a good fit for the UFL. As long as he doesn’t get his Goose on!

  9. @PackAttackBackMan: Yeah, it sounds like Mueller’s career and Clarett’s career have taken on similar paths (minus prison time for Mueller).
    And their QB is Jeff Garcia? Dude, just retire and enjoy your money. (And your boyfriends. What? That’s just out of line.)

  10. “More than a year after missing two NFL seasons due to incarceration, Mike Vick is still struggling to regain his pre-prison form.”

    Hello! McFly!
    Before his stint in the joint, did any of you even watch Michael Vick play? He was never that good. Never. At best, he was a middle of the road QB, on par with a guy, like, say, David Garrard. Vick was an excellent athlete, no doubt about that, but the guy had absolutely zero ball skills as a QB. Do any of the football prognosticators even WATCH football games? Seriously. How could anyone ever possibly think that Michael Vick, even in his Falcons prime, was ever a legitimate Championship-caliber NFL quarterback? I don’t get it. If someone can explain it to me, I’m all ears…

  11. It appears that Clarett is going to have to beat out Lawrence Phillips if he wants a shot at that starting gig.

  12. Kids, this is a perfect example why every Ohio State player should save the cash they are being paid under the table while in school as the NFL dream may not happen.

  13. It’s very sad to see someone through there career and life away. I live in the great STATE of Ohio and I had a front row seat to one of the greatest freshman seasons of all time and a front row seat to the great melt down that followed. I can still remember the dark cloud the news of his suspension brought over all buckeye fans after all the hype in the off season. And as we all know it all went south from there.

  14. Give the kid a 2nd chance. He probably won’t ever play pro bowl, but give him a shot at redemption. If he screws that chance up, then he’s the idiot.

  15. “Maurice Clarett has paid his debt to society …”
    This is a false statement. If he had paid his debt to society, then he wouldn’t need permission to travel. Just because a guy is physically out of our overcrowded prisons doesn’t mean he’s free and clear. When you are paroled, you are still paying your debt to society.
    Just like Mike Vick.

  16. jan 2003, that was college, so we are saying the hot and heavy UFL is nothing more than the college game? Clarrett deserves everything he has gotten, he was nothing more the another ohio version of lebron they were best friends all while clarrett was at osu and still talk. they both are pieces of crap.

  17. good luck to him but a 7 year lay off don’t see him being a factor even if he makes the squad

  18. aligreene – I’m with you on this, 7 year layoff from football?
    That’s a long ass time – the only benefit I can see from a 7 year layoff is, no bumps or bruises – but what kind of conditioning has he been doing?
    It would be cool to see him make something of it and do well, but the question marks are real!
    All I can say is good luck to him and hope he makes the most of the opportunity, if the judge gives him the chance

  19. # tv says: August 24, 2010 11:14 AM
    I’m pretty sure the only Commonwealths are PA, KY, and Mass.
    I’m pretty sure I live in VA and it’s a commonwealth…

  20. Nebraska is about to pass legislation to release non-violent criminals out 2-3 years early. We’re fielding a championship team to compete w/Norfuuk Bad Newz next year!
    Seriously though, Doug Williams kicks ass! I highly doubt he puts up with anyone actin like thugs on his team. I’d rather have him than Mueller.

  21. I have to say that not surprised. I am somewhat upset thought that the NFL, UFL and the likes wont give good upstanding players a FAIR chance. An example DONTRELL MOORE. He was all American out of New Mexico broke all kinds of records at UNM and didnt even get drafted but they scrape the prisons and alleys for ex players to recruit. What up with that!!! Wouldnt it be nice if the good guys won sometimes. Im just saying…..

  22. Maurice played for my husband in high school, and they still keep in touch. Some on here judge him too harhly, lets remember is was 19 yrs. old! Who has done something in their youth that they regret? Probably most. Maurice hurt himself mostly and his family. He is an exceptional running back and I will be watching his progress. Thanks to the Omaha Nighthawks for giving him a chance. I’m sure he wont disappoint.

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