Tom Brady on Hard Knocks: "I hate the Jets. I refuse to watch the show."

HBO’s Hard Knocks is off to one of its most entertaining seasons yet.  But the show doesn’t interest the leader of the Jets’ biggest rival to the East.

“You know, I haven’t turned it on,” Brady said on WEEI this morning, via the Boston Herald. “I
hate the Jets. I refuse to support that show. . . .  I’m sure it’s great TV
and I’m glad people are liking it. But that’s something I have no
interest in watching. I’d love to say a lot of mean things, too, but I’d
rather not do that, either.”

Because the Jets help to provide a lot of fluffy trash talking posts that don’t amount to much, we also wanted to mention Brady’s comments on what’s changed about the Patriots offense. Brady says the team is going back to basics. 

“What we’ve done is tear down a lot of the stuff we’ve done,” Brady said.  “Our
basic offense or whatever, whatever number of core plays, that’s what
we’ve been doing. Trying to become really good at that before we start
branching off. Guys like Randy [Moss], Wes [Welker],
they’ve branched into everything. A lot of the young guys, they don’t
even know the other two playbooks that we have. They know one. And
they’re doing that well.”

The Patriots will add wrinkles to the offense as they go, but Brady’s comments support the notion that they will go back to their traditional two tight end sets a lot more this year.

47 responses to “Tom Brady on Hard Knocks: "I hate the Jets. I refuse to watch the show."

  1. Seriously? What did you expect him to say…”Yeah that’s a great show. Love the organization, they’re doing some great things.”

  2. good to hear. too many guys are buddy, buddy. After three rings and a number of records, it’s good to hear intensity in his voice still

  3. You are not alone, Tom. Now if only everyone would stop supporting ‘American Idol’, ‘Dancing with the Stars’, and the 3,000 or so reality shows on television, I’d be really happy.

  4. Agreed, everyone pretty much dislikes the Jets and even their own fans will be chanting Just End The Season before September is over. They have to play against the Ravens (loss), then host New England on just six days rest and the Patriots will have already played in that new stadium two weeks before in the preseason finale against the Giants (so another loss for the Jets) and then they go up against the Dolphins in Miami (loss), can you say 0-3 to start the season. Miami is a better team that the Jets. I think 6-10 is more realistic for the Jets this year.

  5. Brady prefers to watch stolen game film instead, better for offensive gameplanning
    BOOM.. Roasted

  6. Hahahaha, what a little girl. I hate the Cowboys too, but I still watched. Hard Knocks is always good TV.

  7. Just because you and Belicheat got exposed by the Jets for cheating and your legacy was forever tarnished by that cheating scandal doesn’t mean you should cheat yourself out the entertainment value of watching the most exciting show on TV since “Cheaters”.
    Know what I mean?

  8. i guess if a contract does not happen the jets are not his prime destination? or maybe a ploy to join them next year. he could get namath to bless him with number 12.

  9. I seem to recall people predicting the jets would go 0-4 against the Texans, Pats, Titans and Saints to start the season last year. They went 3-1.
    Last season’s schedule was actually harder.

  10. Love Hardknocks….but I’d rather get an enema than watch the narcissistic (Sorry for using an impossible word, Jets fans) Jets selectively forget that they were a Peyton Manning nap away from landing a Top 10 pick in 2010 draft.

  11. As a Steeler Fan,I never had much love for Tom Brady,but you have to love what he said.I like when players on rival teams just come out and say “Hey,I stand stand this team and the players on it”It really gives fans something to rally around.I remember listening to Shannon Sharpe on NFL radio awhile back and he was talking about if the Ravens players saw some Steeler players even in the off-season they wouldnt even talk to them,because basically they didnt like each other.As a fan, I dont want to see Hines Ward and Raw Lewis hanging out being buddy-buddy.Rivalries is one of the things that makes this sport so fun and entertaning.Im sure Brady’s comments are just gonna fuel the rivalry even more when these 2 teams meet this year.

  12. What he didn’t add was, “Giselle prefers to watch Top Chef that night.”
    Well Tom, then just beat them in Week 2 at New York and you can put a big dent in all that Super Bowl talk.
    Nothing matters until the games count.

  13. SJUHawk says:
    August 23, 2010 10:43 AM
    Tom Brady on his Appearance: “I hate haircuts. I refuse to stop looking like Justin Bieber.”
    Seriously, are you really commenting on some guys hair?
    This is why they shouldn’t let 12 year olds use the internet.

  14. @Hooby:
    Florio had the Bradshaw moment, but Tom did say it. I heard it live. He didn’t even hesitate when he was asked. It was awesome.

  15. whoooo cares, i love the jets, i dont care what anybody says about them, they’re gonna put up a good season this year. the fact that they know everybody is gonna wanna beat them is only going to motivate them. when you’ve got a good team and everybody knows it, there’s gonna be haters. e.g. everybody on

  16. Tom doesn’t need to watch Hard Knocks. Everyone knows the Pats have their own personal tapes of the Jets and their practices.

  17. lebowski says:
    August 23, 2010 10:44 AM
    You are not alone, Tom. Now if only everyone would stop supporting ‘American Idol’, ‘Dancing with the Stars’, and the 3,000 or so reality shows on television, I’d be really happy.

  18. Jets are gonna have a great year this year. The Dolphins and Patriots are tough, but i say the Jets win the division by a game over the Patriots. And 2-3 games over the Dolphins

  19. Bill Belichick New England Patriots record
    Pre SpyGate
    5 11 2000
    14 5 2001
    9 7 2002
    17 2 2003
    17 2 2004
    11 7 2005
    14 5 2006
    87 39 0.69047619 win%
    Post SpyGate
    18 1 2007
    11 5 2008
    10 7 2009
    39 13 0.75 win%
    The Patriots are better SINCE SPYGATE
    Lets see you spin that one Mildred.

  20. Brady is going to hate the Jets even more around 7:30 PM on Sunday, Sept. 19th after he digests some of the newturf at the new Meadowlands…
    With the Jets finally beating the Patriots last year, also game #2, you know Sexy Rexy and the defense will be ultra-psyched for this game.

  21. Jets fans start hating on Brady in 3, 2…
    I think most Jets fans respect Brady… he’s in camp without a contract extension – he’s got a HOT Wife and he lives in the GREATEST CITY ON EARTH!!!!!!!!!
    Once his career is over He’ll probably continue to live in NYC and visit Boston when he’s forced to for some kind of convention or Patsy event.

  22. Way to go Brady… your stock just went up in my book. They are going to Kill the lousy jets along with the Dolphins this season.
    Jets can’t score…. same problem their fans have.
    Looks like another 2-4 jets AFC East division for the not yets.

  23. As much as the NY Giants Superbowl still hurts. I’d prefer watching them win one (even over the Pats) than watching the NY
    Jets win one.

  24. Rosenthal, Your articles are complete trash you should have your hands broken or cut off so you can’t keep writing this stuff. Every one of your posts looks like somebody took a crap or a dumb in the printer. You suck at everything you do loser.
    Oh and august, is also stupid.

  25. What, the J-E-T-S don’t end the season against good teams resting their best players providing a red carpet for a clueless Head Coach and sack-less GM to back into the Playoffs so they’re allowed to do all their baseless bragging at the beginning of the year in a desperate attempt to sell over-priced PSL’s for a losing franchise; why would Brady have any interest in that?

  26. jets are nothing but a wet dream… some things just dont change.
    41 years and counting for this under .500 franchise.

  27. Will state that jets are probably the most hated & least popular team in NFL…All because of their MOUTHS.
    Last 42 years, jets have won ZERO..but talk like they have tradition of Pitts, Dallas, SF, GB, NE…teams that have won SOMETHING.
    jet fans fail to realize that their sad light years behind titles, wins Championships etc. @ least the Bills played in 4 Superbowls.
    But fear not jet fans…you’ve won the offseason SB for trash talk…42 years in a row…Get the depression medication ready.

  28. “I hate the Jets. I refuse to support that show”
    yea, that’s understandable.
    I guess them blowing the whistle on your cheating organization really pissed you off, eh Tommy?

  29. Sanchez and backup Mark Brunell were a combined 8-for-17 for 14 yards in eight series. The Jets managed just three first downs and 45 net yards (including minus-1 passing yards) in the first half.
    ROFL!! Yea, looks like 4-12 to me.

  30. I agree Turd. A blind, deaf third grader with hooks for hands could pound out more meaningless copy.
    That said, the quote swimming in this sea of Rosendrivel is awesome. I hate Tom Brady, but that is the coolest thing he has every said. I hate the Jets too, Tom.

  31. Does Tom Brady know that millions of people HATE him? I know i can not stand his tough-guy act. Underneath all of that gear is a fragile little boy who needs his mommy.

  32. “NYJALLFINGDAY says:
    August 23, 2010 11:20 AM
    I’ll admit it when you admit how much you love Braylon Edwards’ beard.

    That stuff is downright nasty. Reminds me of Kimbo Slice’s beard.
    I wonder how many fleas are in there.

  33. august says:
    August 23, 2010 11:10 AM
    Bill Belichick New England Patriots record
    Pre SpyGate
    5 11 2000
    14 5 2001
    9 7 2002
    17 2 2003
    17 2 2004
    11 7 2005
    14 5 2006
    87 39 0.69047619 win%
    Post SpyGate
    18 1 2007
    11 5 2008
    10 7 2009
    39 13 0.75 win%
    The Patriots are better SINCE SPYGATE
    Lets see you spin that one Mildred
    How many championships did they win when they started to play fair??

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