Tony Sparano plans to keep Pat White on the bench

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said last week that he sees improvement in backup quarterback Pat White. But apparently he doesn’t see enough improvement to put White on the field.

Sparano said today that he doesn’t expect White to take any snaps in Friday’s third preseason game against the Falcons.

White didn’t get on the field in the Dolphins’ second preseason game, either. And in the first game he played just three snaps, long enough to hand off once and kneel down twice at the end of the game.

In the offseason White said he’d rather play baseball than move to receiver, and last month he said he was having personal issues.

White is buried at fourth on the Dolphins’ depth chart behind Chad Henne, Chad Pennington and Tyler Thigpen, and Sparano has said the Dolphins will not keep four quarterbacks. So White, a second-round draft pick in 2009, doesn’t appear to have much of a future in Miami.

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  1. Then get rid of him. Why keep him from possibly getting on another roster if you don’t want him. No need for a “camp arm” at this point.

  2. You know for someone who hasn’t done a thing in the NFL, Pat White gets a hell of a lot posts. I know this is a WVU friendly site, but c’mon…they’d have more relevance on CFT.

  3. Cut to Florio crying…
    At least there’s Ebanks who’s inline to win a title with the L.A. Lakers. Then there’s D. Butler with that fat punk kicker, sorry forward, LeBum James in Miami.

  4. Obviously because they are exploring trade possibilities. Also, maybe they are trying to penalize him for not having his heart in it…?

  5. Down goes another in the long list of “running QB’s who were going to transform the NFL but now play in the UFL, Arena Football, or relieve some memories in pick up football games across the US”.

  6. Just admit that Pat White was a bigger bust than Ginn and move on. He has zero trade value and is not good enough to trade any of the other QBs. Unless he can return punts or feverishly deliver high quality H2O to the rest of the squad, he is just taking up space. Base on his comments it seems he doesn’t want to be there so kick him to the curb

  7. my prediction to consider, only because the Trifecta are always doing the opposite of what you expect, such as solving the nose tackle dilema:
    PW is not going anywhere …. they have too much invested in him and have developed a Wildcat package for him that they are not going to show in the preseason … hence, he works at practice only right now when there are no prying eyes …
    Thigpen is being showcased to the league for a trade in the future (before the deadline) when another team loses their starter or backup to injury …
    They are also keeping Thigpen tuned in to the offense, should either of the Chad’s suffer injury in the last two preseason games prior to a satisfactory trade offer emerge ….
    Personally, PW drives me crazy when he enters the game and disrupts the flow of the offense … I hope they do cut him …

  8. that guy is crazy! White has a great arm and is a good QB….he just needs Reps just like Henne did before he took over.Pennington should be the 3rd guy with White Number 2 and Thigpen gone/traded

  9. LewD says: August 23, 2010 8:37 PM
    Conspiracy theory absurd ideas are just that
    To think Pat White is anything but a failure
    is downright laughable
    Get over the Pat White experiment

  10. ITSMEJC, that’s crazy talk if you are serious. Thigpen will probably end up 2nd on the depth chart. He could start on a few other teams in the league with no problem.

  11. I’ve never seen as many news posts featuring a fourth string QB as much as I’ve seen PFT post about White. I mean, is he paying you guys for this publicity?

  12. Given a choice between Pacman Jones and Pat White articles, Florio chose the person without a rap sheet.

  13. I doubt it has anything to do with the wildcat package…he has been inept at that. The WC works when Ronnie/Ricky and Cobbs are on the field at the same time. Maybe the owner likes the kid…nothing else really makes sense based on what White has shown

  14. Damn! I was looking forward to seeing White play as much as I’ve been looking forward to the next Favre post… Or Vick post last month… Or Tebow post the month before that.

  15. I would wager Miami still has interest in White as a “package.” But if you can have a consistent offense, who needs a package? (They could still trade Thigpen, who is a erratic at best, for a better fit at #3.
    More than there being little value in trying to get White reps or to let him audition for someone else, playing him simply robs you of evaluating anyone else on the field: Pat plays are all about him, his passing is useless in evaluating receivers, his reads are meaningless to the line, at best he could improvise… Trying to play White now, just holds back the entire team. Good luck trying to play baseball, Pat.

  16. RON,
    actually it was Jack Bauer who tipped me off …lol
    and I did say I was way over the experiment … I’m just not convinced the trifecta are feeling the same way … the way they do business definitely ushers thoughts of conspiracy and the X files ….

  17. if the dolphins dont want to play him then cut him, i am sure a team like Washington could take a gamble on him and hope to develop him into a passer, that’s what White is, a project.

  18. White will be the punching bag for the final preseason opponent because the other three QB’s are the valuable assets to be protected.
    There is no conspiracy theory to trade Tyler Thigpen.
    No team in their right mind would trade a more valuable QB in order to keep a scrub.
    Yes people…Pat White is a scrub.
    He will be gone because he is out of his league in the NFL. It’s that simple.

  19. Sloppy reporting, read the transcript this is referring to. Coach was asked if he would play his number 4 QB, not if he would play Pat White.

  20. Hopefully they trade Pat White, I’m sure the Patriots would be a good destination since their fans already think higher of him over any Dolphin player. It’s all about respect and trust. I won’t be the shocked to see Pat White make the Dolphins pay for not giving him a real chance. They expected perfect right off the vine. He was never in there for more than a hand full of snaps, unlike his competition. I would have liked to see what could have been.

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