UFL takes over Virginia franchise

Even before a single game has been played, the UFL has stepped in and assumed control of the unnamed Norfolk franchise, which will begin play in 2011.

The news came in a somewhat cryptic release from the league on Friday.  Basically, the UFL announced that Jim Speros is out, but that Jim Speros may still get back in.

In reality, Speros never was in, in the first place.

Speros explained that he and the UFL simply couldn’t reach an agreement.  “What’s been put forward is just not acceptable for me to sign and move
forward with,” Speros told the Virginian-Pilot.  “It’s no fault of the league or myself.  It
happens in business all the time.  We just did not come to terms.”

(And once again two entities learn the importance of not announcing a deal until the deal is, you know, done.)

Per the Virginian-Pilot, the two sides ultimately couldn’t agree on, possibly among other things, “fees for league-provided services that Speros wanted to handle locally,
as well as Speros’ percentage of the league should the UFL be sold.”

And so the UFL will continue to look for someone to own the Norfolk franchise.  Until that happens, the UFL will continue to own it, with UFL employee Ed Reynolds running the franchise and Doug Williams continuing to serve as the team’s General Manager.

7 responses to “UFL takes over Virginia franchise

  1. If they could sign Michael Vick to play QB, they will be profitable. Jamie Dukes could be head cheerleader.

  2. Mike Vick does have a lot of fans here in Tidewater. Sadly most of them are thugs, so if Vick were to end up on the team, going to a UFL game in Norfolk would be akin to walking through the ghetto counting hundred dollar bills. You might enter, but odds are your not going to get out safe. That may sound racist to some, and honestly, I don’t care. The truth hurts sometimes, and that’s just the way it is in Bad News.

  3. NOOOOOOO! Not Jim Speros! There was no coincidence the Montreal Alouettes flourished after he sold them to Robert Wettenhall in 1998.

  4. Nice to actually see an article on the UFL…just for the record, there’s lots of stuff going on in that league – it’s not NFL-caliber football, but it’s very competitive, and there are 20-plus 2009 UFL players (out of just over 200 total) that are on NFL rosters now.

  5. Is that the Super Bowl MVP Doug Williams?
    He rocks! The original cinderella, before Warner & Brady.
    I respect anything that guy brings to the sport.

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