We've strayed off topic, again

We’ve got bad news and good news. 

The bad news is I’ve strayed off topic, chiming in on the current fate of my once-beloved Pittsburgh Pirates.

The good news is that I didn’t clutter up PFT with a baseball post, dropping it instead at HardballTalk.com.

Then again, I cluttered up PFT with a post about the baseball post.  So feel free to complain.

15 responses to “We've strayed off topic, again

  1. You aren’t going to spout off and brag everytime you write something somewhere else are you?
    I wrote a pretty shitty short story about two months ago about a guy that pulls over on the side of the road to take a dump and the port-a-potty gets struck by an out-of-control police cruiser sending the guy, the port-a-potty, and all the poo contained in the port-a-potty airborne… should I attach a link, a la Florio, just because I wrote it?

  2. consider this my complaint.
    I don’t really care, but I figured I haven’t complained about anything today, and after all, it is Monday.

  3. The Pirates are the worst franchise in sports…… well they maybe better than the Clippers.

  4. It’s not that I am complaining so much about dropping the baseball post link, Florio, but the Pirates? C’mon….

  5. 18 straight years of sub .500 That’s why I love today’s NFL. It would very difficult for this to happen in the NFL, and yet the Bucs don’t even have a light at the end of the tunnel. Sad for MLB, their fans, & Florio.

  6. Hey, your kid likes baseball. Nothing wrong with it. Pirates have a lot of history. Yeah, football is more popular. But i always say in these comment, apples and oranges. Go Eagles, Go Phillies. And nice spot on the game last night. Did you ever envision that two years ago?

  7. Florio,
    The city of pittsburgh is a rectal itch and a pox upon the United States. The entire city is covered in a black film of pollution, the populace is virtually mentally disabled, and everyone speaks like they live under a bridge.
    And the women are drastically overweight and ugly, the men are even more overweight and looking to fight everyone they see. They have an undeserved reputation as good football fans when most of them at a game don’t even have the most basic understanding of what is going on, they just wave those God-forsaken jizz rags.

  8. I’m a one-sport girl–unless you count Little League. But I don’t mind a little cross-marketing as long as it’s brazenly identified as cross-marketing. At least brasho made it entertaining.

  9. Hey, I’d like to complain about your baseball post on PFT.
    There, now I feel better … jeez … maybe even FREE!!!

  10. I was watching golf the other day, when a baseball game broke out, and I thought that golf couldn’t get any worse.

  11. The “Good News” is you caught the little error before you actually made it.
    The “Bad News” is you sought to let us know you made the near error anyway.
    The “Lesson” here is; keep unimportant human error to yourself and you can continue with the I am the perfect sports writer persona!!

  12. Dude, how many times is it 80 degrees at midnight in West Virginia? 2?
    Plus, my bet is you would find more Reds or Braves fans than Pirates fans in WV.

  13. js136202:
    Two things are clear:
    1. You’ve never actually BEEN to Pittsburgh.
    2. You are a jackass.

  14. Florio,
    the question becomes “what will you NOT sell out?” You’ve admitted countless times how boring baseball is; but because there is a fanbase and you have a good business model with rumors & news, you’ll sell yourself to that devil too, eh?
    Can’t blame you though. It’s money, right? At the very least please don’t post here about how something happened there. We hate baseball, if anyone here was a baseball fan they’d be going there already.
    Why don’t you start up a soccer rumors site? MLS-Rumors.net is the only one now and that one is definitely lacking. Finish up that enterprise already!

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