Ankle injury slowing Donovan McNabb down

When we first heard of the walking boot on Donovan McNabb’s ankle on Monday, it was reported that the aircast was “precautionary.”

The cast was gone by Tuesday, but McNabb missed his second straight day of practice while he had his ankle wrapped on the sideline.  Washington’s third preseason game is on Friday and McNabb’s status is uncertain.

Mike Shanahan was hoping to get McNabb to get a lot of work in his new offense; that’s why McNabb attempted 25 passes in the first half against Baltimore last week.

19 responses to “Ankle injury slowing Donovan McNabb down

  1. Bring in Campbell oh wait we traded him for a 4th rd pick that’s kool because we got Brennon, oh wait we released him too, that means….oh god not Grossman

  2. I am an Eagles fan and I have always liked McNabb, but I could have called this.
    McNabb is injury prone and has not played one full season since 2003. He has only played something like five full seasons out of his 11 years.
    I always thought McNabb had horrible receivers (until recently, and T.O. aside), and too much was expected of him, but if you are injury prone nothing else matters. He was marketed as a savior but doesn’t have the talent to be one. Maybe he will pull an Elway, who also couldn’t do it alone, but won two championships when Terrell Davis was in his prime.
    All I know is Mcnabb is not an elite quarterback, is injury prone, and will never be a Superbowl MVP, league MVP, or NFL Hall of Fame quarterback.

  3. *sarcasm*
    PFT has been a Redskins Roller-Coaster all year. I don’t know if I an take it.
    Let’s just “crown” them 0-16 and get it over with in 2010

  4. Hailskinzz says:
    August 24, 2010 2:02 PM
    Bring in Campbell oh wait we traded him for a 4th rd pick that’s kool because we got Brennon, oh wait we released him too, that means….oh god not Grossman
    If you would consider picking Brennan over Grossman, then I think you should consider another hobby instead of being a football fan.
    Knitting? Bird watching? Hop-scotch?

  5. Wait a second…so does the walking boot prevent McNabb from throwing passes into the ground?

  6. You know why Shanahan made him throw 25 passes in the first half against Baltimore, because Donovan is NOT a pass threat qb and Shanahan knows it! Now his ankle hurts, which Donovan will most likely use as an excuse for his lack of speed.

  7. He played nearly 10 minutes after this happened. Best observation of the day goes to GOLFGUY “gonna be another sucky year for the Deadskins” Sucky? Deadskins, very original!

  8. Well, i assume the Skins will have a press conference with the Rat, Snyder and Allen to explain the injury….And they will express full confidence in Donnie boy, as they don’t want to hurt his feelings, or get on the wrong side of one of his mommy’s blogs….

  9. McNabb injured? Same old, same old.
    Also, as usual…
    “was hoping to get McNabb to get a lot of work in his new offense…”
    Typical Rosenthal sentence structure. Awkward, grammatically incorrect and not proofread. What’s your real job? It’s sure not writing….

  10. Stop the press! Breaking news, Mcnabb injured! Wait – what? Nothing new here. Nothing to see. Just another year for Mr.Glass..

  11. Mcnabb will miss 2-3 games per year that is a fact no way around it. That is why the Eagles always kept a backup on the team capable of getting of winning a game or 2 in that spanned.
    The Eagles were always talented enough to with stand the obligatory Mcnabb injury and horrible 2 games a season. I think the Redskins have a pretty good starting team and can push for a wild card spot . But I think those 4 games when Mcnabb is either hurt or playing horribly is what will keep them at a 500 team or worse. I just don’t think they have the talent right now to with stand it.
    The Eagles knew and planned for this reality every year and it will take the Redskins and coach Shanahan at least a year to figure out how to build a team thats capable of winning with Mcnabb as there starting qb. Then they will have to go about building that team.
    After Mcnabb started to get hurt in 2004 it took Reid about 2 years to figure it out and he already had 5 years with Mcnabb before that. I just don’t see Shanahan being able to do it any faster.

  12. WHY. WHY isnt Shanahan and Daniel Synder calling press conferences right now saying Mcnabb isnt being slowen down by his ankle and its only precautionary . I cant believe its already happening in DC. The Redskins arent supporting McNabb in the media. He is so unappreciated by the DC fans. They are horrible people. They have booed Mcnabb 2 times per year for the last 11 years. Its horrible.

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