Broncos bid farewell to Akin Ayodele

The Broncos signed veteran linebacker Akin Ayodele in April.  And he started both of the team’s preseason games.

But now he’s no longer on the team.

Per a league source, the Broncos have released Ayodele, an eight-year pro who previously played for the Jaguars, Cowboys, and Dolphins.  He remains listed as a first-teamer on the Broncos’ official depth chart.  Presumably, Joe May or Wesley Woodyard will be promoted to the starting spot on the inside, next to D.J. Williams.

UPDATE:  Via a stream of tweets, Josina Anderson of FOX 31 in Denver shares Ayodele’s response to the news.  “They released me this morning,” Ayodele said.  “They coaches couldn’t really give me an explanation.  To tell you the truth I was really caught off guard.  They said I did everything right, but that they just wanted to go a different route.  That is the last thing I would expect because I started the last two preseason games.  This is the first time this has happened to me like this, but I have to stay encouraged the same way I have encouraged other guys over the years.  They told me they let go of me early out of respect so other teams can have more time to get at me.  Right now I’m truly just as shocked as you are.”

29 responses to “Broncos bid farewell to Akin Ayodele

  1. Better guess is Haggan slides back inside next to DJ Williams and Jarvis Moss is promoted to first team OLB. Lbs will probably look like this: Ayers, Haggan, Dj Williams, Moss

  2. That’s really strange to go from starter to out. Makes me think that there might be something else going on….

  3. That tells me Josh will move Haggan back inside with DJ Williams and start Jarvis Moss outside opposite Ayers.

  4. He may have started both preseason games, but he absolutely sucked to even the untrained eye. Missed tackles, did not cover the RBs/WRs well, and was frequently out of position or overpursued, allowing RBs to run free to his side. It’s nice of the Broncos to just tell him that he “did everything right” and that they just wanted to “go another direction.” Maybe he should consider a career as an OL given his unmatched ability to “open” running lanes for RBs.

  5. I don’t think the loss of Ayodele will prevent them from holding off the Chiefs and clinching third place in the AFC West…

  6. the Bills might sign him he played for George Edwards in miami and the Bills could use some more veteran depth at linbacker and he knows the D#

  7. This is Denver nothing surprise you. Seems like if you play well they get rid out you. McDaniels will be a position coach again very soon.

  8. they probably started him those two games to get a good look at him. And what they saw confirmed their original thoughts, he wasnt good enough. So they let him go early so he could find another job, and were classy about it.

  9. Perhaps with all that wasted money in the QB spot between one guy who gets the offense but is at best a guy who can get you into the playoffs provided the depleted line holds up, another who may get it but can’t execute it and won’t be able to for about 3 years, and a third guy who doesn’t get it and hopefully invested that endorsement money from Subway, well, the Broncs probably need to go youth movement along all of the other positions.
    As for Ayodele, perhaps a return to the Jaguars may be in order. They need depth at the linebacker position and one more body with NFL experience can’t hurt.

  10. Oh,
    “Monkey Business” McDaniels did something random for the football team???
    I’m shocked!!!! Could all the Philly radio hosts swap places with the ones in Denver, cuz “Coach Monkey Ears” needs a harsh media beating like McNabb & Reid got.
    I see where Philly fans come from & love their passion. But when they’re not satisfied, they get mad. McDaniels now really deserves it until he gets 10-11 wins.

  11. As per expected, the best coaching staff has again tested vets to the limit before they are cut.
    No surprise here, watch the tape of both games and you will see Akin missing tackles and out of position on gap assignments.
    Ayers, Williams, Haggan, Moss
    Alexander, Woodyard, Mays, Kirlew
    Humm, best in the west!!

  12. “birdmancometh says:
    August 24, 2010 12:35 PM
    Joe Mays?! Saw that experiment fail once. Maybe he’ll be a better fit in the 3-4.

    We ran a 3-4 down here in Miami and he sucked. The guy just doesn’t have it.

  13. And just like I said, Mcd announces today Jarvis Moss and Ayers will start at the OLB positions and Haggan will slide back inside with DJ Williams. Also, Clady, Champ, Buckhalter, Demaryius Thomas, Kuper all return to practice today and tomorrow! Finally Denver getting healthy.

  14. Broncos looking more and more dumb for cutting Andra Davis early this year.
    Whoever would think that this statement would ever be said?

  15. They should have kept this guy and released or traded Brady Quinn. When Hall gets cut from Arizona he will do a lot better than Brady.

  16. VegasBronco says: August 24, 2010 2:22 PM
    As per expected, the best coaching staff has again tested vets to the limit before they are cut.
    What planet are you on? This is the same coaching staff that picked him up a few months ago. Did they even look at game film of him before they signed him?
    You can’t really believe the Broncos coaching staff is competent, let alone good. With the word “Broncos” in your screen name which is a dead giveaway, you are most likely blind to reason where the Broncos are concerned.
    Ayodele may have deserved to get cut due to his poor play, the same could be said about Alphonso Smith last year or this preseason, but to suggest the Broncos coaching staff is “the best” is utterly absurd and totally without merit, unless you’re a delusional Broncomaniac, which you appear to be.
    Can you say 4-12 or 5-11?

  17. i dont understand how any of you haters can think this is a bad decision, Ayodele led the league in missed tackles last year, I guess you all just want another chance to eat crow just like last year when all you same tools predicted a 4 and 12 season

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