Dallas Clark says he'll be ready for opener

We don’t know what Dallas Clark’s injury is, just that he says it’s no big deal.

“I don’t think it’s been mentioned,” the Colts tight end told the Indianapolis Star, “so I don’t want to be the guy to let the cat out of the bag.”

Clark pulled up lame with an injury to his left leg during a drill at training camp eleven days ago and hasn’t done anything since.  But he says that he’ll be back for the season opener in a “worst case scenario.”

If not, our boy Brody Eldridge will have to be an even bigger part of the offense than expected.

3 responses to “Dallas Clark says he'll be ready for opener

  1. I was at the practice when it happened and saw him “pull up lame”. He immediately grabbed his hamstring and it was wrapped and iced the rest of practice.
    Good luck getting an official report from the Colts though.

  2. Eldridge would be a great late-round FF pick. He will be on the field a lot this year when the Colts use 2 TEs. If you are on the field and you are an eligible receiver, you WILL get the ball thrown to you in Indy.
    Every pre-draft breakdown on Eldridge that I can find says he is VERY slow and has no receiving skills. I think that no one was really looking at him very hard (except Bill Polian) and he was typecast because of the role he had in Oklahoma.
    Watch this video of his combine workout – does he look slow and unskilled to you?
    He cuts sharply and catches everything with his hands. Shows good acceleration. Look at his waist – he is built like a big WR.
    I think he will be the steal of the draft. Manning was clearly *looking* for him in their pre-season game against the Bills. That does not just *happen*.

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