Harmonizing the various Revis conflicting reports

I’ve been fascinated by the recently conflicting reports regarding whether (or not) the Jets and cornerback Darrelle Revis are closing in on a new deal, which would end a 23-days-and-counting holdout.

Here’s a brief summary of the key events to date.

1.  Tim Cowlishaw of the Dallas Morning News and ESPN reports via Twitter that a deal will be done this week, “probably Wednesday.” 

2.  Reporters mobilize to confirm or debunk Cowlishaw’s report.

3.  Multiple media types, including Jets beat writers and national information folks, report unequivocally that a deal isn’t close.

4.  Some Internet hack with no credibility and no sources somehow pulls off the blind squirrel/acorn trick, reporting that it’s center Nick Mangold, not Revis, who is close to getting a deal.  Other reporters thereafter confirm this development. 

5.  Cowlishaw stands by and reiterates his Revis report.

6.  Time passes.

7.  Mangold signs a new contract with the Jets.

8.  Cowlishaw reports that the two sides will meet on Tuesday night.  Dan Graziano of FanHouse.com confirms it, and he also reports that a deal is close.

9.  The blind squirrel, still feasting on slow-roasted acorn, reports that Cowlishaw and Graziano’s reports are incorrect.  ESPN’s Chris Mortensen and John Clayton and Bob Glauber of Newsday separately concur, along with Adam Schein and Adam Schefter.  (Specifically as to Mort, he has said that the Jets claim the reports are incorrect.)

So how can this be?  How can Cowlishaw and Graziano be reporting that a deal is close when so many others report that nothing is happening?

We see four possible explanations.

First, Cowlishaw and Graziano — or, more accurately, their sources — are wrong or lying.

Second, the various other reporters — or, more accurately, their sources — are wrong or lying.

Though some may be tempted to cram the outcome into one of these two categories, we think that it could be more complicated than that.  Keep in mind that a deal can be done with no further negotiation between the two sides.  Each party has a proposal on the table.

So, third, it’s possible that the Revis camp secretly plans to cave on or about Wednesday, and to accept the last offer from the Jets.  (In this regard, it’s also possible that Revis will hire new agents before caving; however, that would delay the process by at least five days, given the rules of the NFLPA that apply to changing representation.)

Fourth, it’s possible that the Jets secretly plan to cave on our about Wednesday, and to accept the last offer Revis put on the table.  More specifically, it’s possible that owner Woody Johnson has decided that he’ll be paying Revis what he wants, that G.M. Mike Tannenbaum doesn’t know it yet, and that Johnson plans to tell Tannenbaum on or about Wednesday to get the deal done, possibly after first trying to negotiate Revis down a bit.

We’re intrigued by the fourth possibility.  This would mean that Cowlishaw and Graziano have sources with knowledge of Johnson’s plan — and that all of the other reporters are harvesting the contrary reports from folks who have no idea that Johnson is close to resolving the situation once and for all by ordering Tannenbaum to get it done.

That said, the fourth possibility doesn’t fit cleanly with the Cowlishaw and Graziano reports, unless tonight’s meeting isn’t between Tannenbaum and Revis’ agents but between Johnson and Tannenbaum.  Also, Graziano’s report that the deal is “very close” implies that there has been significant negotiation and movement, which is a far cry from one side or the other caving.

Either way, it’s one of the strangest stories we’ve encountered in more than 10 years in an often strange business.  And if it ends up that the situation is resolved before the clock strikes 12 on Wednesday night, we’re confident that the truth will be that either Revis or Johnson abruptly told the people who work for them to let it be written, and to let it be done.

45 responses to “Harmonizing the various Revis conflicting reports

  1. “Either way, it’s one of the strangest stories we’ve encountered in more than 10 years in an often strange business.”
    Really? This is the strangest story you have ever encountered?

  2. Or possibility #5
    They’re all guessing, and hoping to be correct, and that they don’t actually have any sources for this issue, but if they’re correct they will continue on like they actually did.

  3. Revis, Tannenbaum and Johnson are all going to get the four hands massage over at the Asian Palm on 14th and 8th. They will all walk out with big smiles and announce Revis has signed for this season at 12 mil. How’s that for HAPPY ENDING!

  4. This Revis contract BS is just like the annual Favre BS. Until something happens, nothing happens. Except for “journalists” trying to out-scoop each other, that is. Like most people, I am content to wait until something happens, and don’t really give a shit who reported it first.

  5. Wasn’t it just a few days back that you said that if this deal happens, that it wasn’t that Cowlishaw was right, it would just be coincidental? Yep, that was you.
    Look, I don’t think the deal is going to happen. I think you are right. However posting stuff like that is just childish and if you are wrong, then you need to make a post eating a lot of crow.

  6. Strangest story, or one of?
    Stranger than the re-vote on the confirmed substance abusing Brian Cushing, and still giving him the defensive rookie of the year?

  7. O ye’ll tak’ the high road and I’ll tak’ the low road,
    An’ I’ll be in Scotland afore ye;

  8. Damn Florio, give it a rest………..When he signs with the jests or any other team, report on that, not like colishaw is doing anything different then what you do here,……..Who cares, for christ sake, you act as if the world will stop spinning if he is correct….Hint, it won’t….

  9. JETS: 8 and 8.
    Too much drama. Too many Divas. Too many doughnuts……
    Watch this team absolutely shit the bed.

  10. Revis just cured cancer? He just saved several hundred thousand teaching jobs? He just cleaned up the oil spill? F^ck him.

  11. Either way, all of the above could get a job at PFT pretending they know what they are talking about 🙂 It’s the best place to act like you’re braking a story when in fact you’re just regurgitating someone else’s.

  12. Here’s an idea Florio, why don’t you just wait until he signs a contract before you post any news, you print more propaganda than Russia ever did

  13. Options 3 and 4 make 0 sense if they’re to discredit options 1 and 2.
    If Tim is correct, his sources are correct. Maybe his source is Woody Johnson himself. Which would mean everyone included in option 2 are incorrect. If they’re asking the wrong people, they’re still wrong.

  14. We’ll know for sure if NBC got their money’s worth when they bought Florio. Regardless, Mike, we still love you. No homo.

  15. “Reporters mobilize to confirm or debunk Cowlishaw’s report.”
    You act like this is WWII.
    Anyways, maybe the “normal” sources/reporters are not privvy to the information because the talks betwee Revis/JETS went private and Cowlishaw really does have an “inside source”.
    Also, considering this is 2010, negotiations could be done over the phone, so there is no need to have brigades all drive to a central location and announce to the world they are meeting.
    Finally, tonight could be the night chosen b/c Hard Knocks airs tomorrow night and this would provide just enough time.
    There, now Florio I expect 50% of your paycheck.

  16. Cryptkeeper on espn seemed to be wavering saying that if each side caved some a deal could be done by end of week.

  17. Or the fifth possibility…. Throw enough shit at a wall and something is bound to stick.

  18. They should spend that money and get a quarterback that can throw for more than 12 yds a half.

  19. Well, if Revis accepts the Jets offer then more than likely we’ll be going through this again in two years. This is one reason why a lockout is coming.

  20. “Either way, it’s one of the strangest stories we’ve encountered in more than 10 years in an often strange business.”
    Stranger than the death and ressurection of Terry Bradshaw?

  21. It’s been common knowledge for some time that the Jets are working on deals for the ” core four”. D’Brick is done, Harris has stated he will wait til the CBA is done, so Revis and Mangold are where the effort has been made. Progress on Revis and Mangold are independent of each other, but now Revis knows he is the only “core four” open.

  22. I realize all you sportswriters have a job to do but jesus people, can’t anyone actually report what IS the real story? You seem to create news versus report it so as soon as one of you knows WTF they are doing then write the friggin story.. HACKS!! GGRRRRRR

  23. Hurry up and sign this clown. Even I won’t have time to read all the excuses the jests fans will be giving when they go 4-12 without him. At least with him, they stand a good chance of 6-10.

  24. Wow! It seems like everyone at ESPN (except Adam Schefter) is an idiot!!!
    Cowlishaw is a quasi-ESPN employee by working for a show like ‘Around the Horn’: a show that has “columnists” who’ve never reported diddly squat when they were “reporters”.
    The AOL Fanhouse idiot works for a website that kisses ESPN’s butt all the time by supporting the comeback of ‘NFL Matchup’ and employs their folks like Kevin Blackistone and wife-beater Jay Mariotti.
    Mort is playing 2nd fiddle to Schefter and John Clayton still tried to convince us that Daunte Culpepper & Randy Moss called each other during a weekend in early March 2008 and talked about getting together again!!!!!
    Yes, people!!! PFT actually has to post stuff that is being “reported” or “smoked up” by morons!!!

  25. KoaMisiFan says:
    August 24, 2010 10:36 PM
    Hurry up and sign this clown. Even I won’t have time to read all the excuses the jests fans will be giving when they go 4-12 without him. At least with him, they stand a good chance of 6-10.
    I have no problem with people hating a team so much it borders on obsession but posting ignorant crap is just annoying.
    Who besides delusional Fish fans honestly think the Jets are a 6-10 team? Hell, even Pats fans recognize the Jets will be a good team. Not saying they’re gonna get to the SB or even win 11-12 games but 6 games?? That statement ranks up there with the guy who kept saying the Jets should let Revis go because he’s “a typical CB…they’re a dime a dozen”

  26. Damn. You mean I accidentally went to profootballfact.com based on most of these comments. And you all are getting on Mike for reporting what OTHERS are saying. For the Florio is wrong crowd, I didn’t realize snide comments could be wrong. Since that is the case, all posters are WRONG, and again, myopinionisrighterthanyours. Neener, neener, neener!

  27. Let me get this right .. His name is “woody Johnson ” ? I live the speculation flo . I hope the jets fold like Rex ryans office chair

  28. I would let him sit home. A Corner is not worth $25 million or whatever ridiculous amount of money he wants. He will come back once the creditors start calling.

  29. Jets lockup shutdown CB Darrelle Revis to a 10-year deal. 65m guranteed.
    Tim Cowlishaw is king of journalists!

  30. Who cares? At this point I hope he goes down for the year just so I don’t have to hear his name or see him yelling at some old woman in a sports store on the pube tube.

  31. “4. Some Internet hack with no credibility and no sources somehow pulls off the blind squirrel/acorn trick, reporting that it’s center Nick Mangold, not Revis, who is close to getting a deal. Other reporters thereafter confirm this development”
    I didn’t know that you broke the Mangold story, Florio. Good work.

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