Haynesworth debacle didn't trigger P.R. shakeup in D.C.

Several of you have asked whether Sunday’s abrupt departure of Redskins executive director of communication Zack Bolno was motivated by Saturday night’s verbal assault on coach Mike Shanahan by defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth.

Before we go any farther, we need to agree with the many voices who have offered up kind words regarding Bolno.  He is a complete professional; Bolno reached out to a certain Internet hack once hired by the Redskins, simply to open up a line of communication.  And Bolno always has been friendly and courteous and effective despite dealing for most of his time with the team in a blender of blunders he didn’t create.

That said, the timing was coincidental.  Once Tony Wyllie was hired to replace long-time Daniel Snyder confidant and mouthpiece Karl Swanson, Bolno’s status became as tenuous as a head coach once a new G.M. arrives. 

Besides, what could Bolno have done on Saturday night to prevent Haynesworth from coming unhinged?  Though some organizations have protected star players with a propensity to piss and moan by ushering them out of the locker room before the media entered, trying to keep a cork in Haynesworth would serve only to make things worse. 

In the end, the P.R. staff make chicken salad, successfully cutting Haynesworth off after only 86 seconds. 

Either way, we’re confident Bolno would have been out with or without Haynesworth’s rant.  And we’re equally confident he’ll land on his feet with another team soon.

11 responses to “Haynesworth debacle didn't trigger P.R. shakeup in D.C.

  1. Really couldn’t have been in a worse place to be honest. Well, at least he didn’t work for the Vikings. Trouble is brewing there.

  2. Bolno couldn’t pass the conditioning test because he missed off season workouts and is suffering from Rat-is-on-my-@ss-osis. Since they don’t have $42 million invested in him, they cut him free.

  3. blackbeard…LMFAO. this org is number 1 in firing people. Fire that weasel owner and your org might win an nfc east game for once….
    That is the way he manges his org. I know people that worked for him at Synder Comm…Biggest D you would ever want to work for and you 4skin fans c it too with all the lawsuits and issues over the yrs……have fun with weasel boy htrs….

  4. I do not know Bolno, and in no way did you disrespect Tony Wyllie, I just want to pass along that Tony is a great guy and would be a good resource for you-the Texans lost a great employee when he left.

  5. In other words Florio became a willing tool for Bolno and Florio refuses to say anything bad about him. I understand, it’s not too cool but it’s sources like that who give Florio content for this site.

  6. I could disagree more about your take on Bolno.. I work for Redskins radio and he was a complete dick when I went to Camp last week. He thinks he can talk to people how ever he wants. He got what he deserved. Hey Zach..”not a good look bro, not a good look.”.. get in the soup line bud

  7. I couldn’t disagree with you more about Bolno.. I work for Redskins radio and he was a complete @$$hole when we went to Camp last week. You can’t say whatever you want to people Zachy boy. Hey Zach “not a good look bro, not a good look” being out of a job. Get in the soup line boy.

  8. Redskins could overlook Bolno’s handling of the Haynesworth situation, but they could never forgive him opening up a line of communiction with Florio.

  9. boysroll…my team did beat an NFC East game against the Eagles before the entire team went on IR like the Cowboys did to win their first playoff game in 10 years…before being spanked hard by Minnesota…the Cowboys are by far the most overrated team in the NFL this year.

  10. hey blackbeard…you need to check your facts moron. Your team lost all 6 nfc east games last year…My god dopey check the standings…can you read? dope!!!

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