More conflicting reports on Revis as rumors pick up

Dallas Morning News columnist Tim Cowlishaw isn’t backing down from his original report that a deal for Darrelle Revis will happen this week.  He’s now fully invested in the story, reporting that Revis’ people and the Jets will meet Tuesday night.

meeting with Revis’ people tonite will decide if I was a little
overconfident in my initial prediction
. But they’re talking,” Cowlishaw tweeted on Tuesday.

Dan Graziano of has joined Cowlishaw on the “Revis is about to sign” Island.  Graziano has a source that says an extension is “almost there” and could be announced in the coming days.

Meanwhile, some guy named Mike Florio just texted to the PFT satellite office that Cowlishaw and Graziano’s reports are flat out incorrect. 

This is getting fun.  Florio will have more for you on the topic later this evening.

UPDATE: ESPN’s Chris Mortensen and John Clayton both report strong denials about a meeting Tuesday night.  Mort got his information from the Jets; Clayton cites multiples sources.

69 responses to “More conflicting reports on Revis as rumors pick up

  1. poor ampats fan. He’s currently sitting in a corner flicking the lights off and on listening to madam butterfly, tears rolling down his cheeks.
    Bwhahahahahhahahha. Revis Island open for business.

  2. Hmm, two storied journalists vs. Jet Hating Hack. I don’t know which one to choose!

  3. If Revis signs and gets back up to speed quickly (which hopefully he can do), his holdout might have actually benefited the team, as Kyle Wilson has gotten a ton of extra reps which have definately sped up his development.

  4. Oooh…an internet “My sources tell me…” fight! I remember when journalism was about confirming information from three sources. Now, it’s all about ‘whispers’, ‘my people’, and ‘league sources’ (as if it were a single entity.
    Whatever happened to talking to THE PARTIES INVOLVED?

  5. Kind of makes sense if they do strike up a deal. Revis wants to get paid and the Jets want him. The only dispute is the money, but Revis obviously will make nothing if he has this protracted hold out. I wouldn’t be surprised if his figure moves down a little to make the Jets more comfortable.

  6. Revis who? Does he play for the NFL? Does he also have a potty trash mouth like his loud, obnoxious coach? Move along now, nothing more to see here…

  7. Meanwhile some guy named Mike Florio just texted that he has stuck a NY Jets flag up his own ass.

  8. “Meanwhile, some guy named Mike Florio just texted to the PFT satellite office that Cowlishaw and Graziano’s reports are flat out incorrect.”
    Best thing you have ever said Gregg. First who the hell is Florio in the broad scope of things? Next, I am going to take the word of people who are putting their reputations on line as opposed to the one who already has no reputation.

  9. I just received a report that the reports are erroneous and that the factuality of the reports and the reporters is questionable, based on reported facts that are inconclusive, regarding the factuality of the those reporting the integrity of the factuality.
    This should all be cleared up later this week and I stand behind that 100%

  10. I will go with the two columnist who know more about the game of football.
    Florio and the whole PFT are tools.

  11. Man! Now I really hope he signs soon. Get him into camp, and have Florio aka the rex ryan of the nfl media, be hardcore wrong about this.

  12. Mike Florio is jealous he doesnt know or have sources like Cowlishaw so hes taking the other road because if its right he gets to act like he knows somebody.

  13. The Jets and HBO will announce a deal tomorrow night on Hard Knocks, and you all will look like suckers!

  14. Hate to say it but Florio is correct Revis isn’t going to sign and if he does the Jets are screwing a guy like Harris who deserves a contract and has shown up to camp-reward those players first

  15. If you’re against Cowlishaw, I’m with him. Time and time again you’ve proven yourselves nothing but hacks.

  16. Florio texting from down at the slaughterhouse where he was perusing the chicken entrails for a scoop, once again.

  17. I was drinking my coffee this morning and lol and behold the reflection at the top of the cup indicated that Revis was going to be traded to the Browns.
    There you have it folks!!! You are the first to hear it, Responsible journalism at its best.

  18. “Jets’ meeting with Revis’ people tonite will decide if I was a little overconfident in my initial prediction. But they’re talking,” Cowlishaw tweeted on Tuesday.
    I thought this guy was sure, not a prediction?

  19. Update:Chris Mortensen denies report
    Its a done deal, Mevis Island will reopen.
    No Nacho,
    I want the Jets at full strength when we play week#2. No excuses which is the Jets mantra.
    Hopefully, the Jets will find a QB before they play so they will be a full strength.
    Call Miami, see if Chad Pennington is available.

  20. Karnon06 says:
    August 24, 2010 5:57 PM
    I will go with the two columnist who know more about the game of football.
    Florio and the whole PFT are tools.
    Actually Cowlishaw is a Hockey and Nascar guy…. which would probably make it all the more embarrasing for Florio if Cowlishaw is right here.

  21. Funny how both the journalists reporting a deal soon are obviously wrong but everyone is talking about them.
    Who’s the dummies?

  22. I’m going to assume that things will go the way they usually do and Florio will be wrong. God, I wish I ran this website so we could add some neutrality to it. Seriously NBC Sports, you really think that an obviously biased Patriots fan is your best choice?

  23. Btw…I love how every comments section on this site ends up being a Florio bashing section. It is a daily assurance that there is still some good out there.

  24. Actually the text from Florio was:
    “Post another Revis post so the peons will drive up our traffic numbers.”

  25. florio, rex, revis, brady, goodell, world….
    …..fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk you.

  26. @Brick-pride
    You are absolutly correct. Kyle Wilson has gotten some much needed reps in Revis’s place. I expect great things from him as a nickle CB this year, and maybe the number 2 next year if Cromartie is too expensive to keep around.

    The name alone indicates there’s not a shred of inside info coming from a “fan” site.

  28. Mike shut up. As a regular reader on this site I am tired of idiots like youu who seem to think the stories are posted just because of a particular team. It’s either a Steelers, Jaguars, Vikings or some other cry baby complaining about something that isn’t true. This story is about the best CB in football, his team just happens to be the Jets.

  29. am,
    Jets could throw Trent Dilfer out there at qb and beat you has beens.
    REVIS will own the slouch again.

  30. Jets stink and Revis is overhyped. Now what I can’t wait for is after 4 weeks and the Jets are winless and their locker room is destroyed by all the attitudes. Ryan and his sister in Cleveland will be back to coaching their Dad’s old age flag football league.

  31. So does Florio quit if he is wrong? Seems to me he has staked his career on this…don’t you agree?

  32. GRampats loves to come to the jets posts. You’d think it was shuffle board or something.

  33. Oh Florio says those reports are incorrect? Perfect I can’t wait for him to sign tomorrow. Clayton is on Sportscenter saying that Revis and Jets are close to a short term deal.

  34. When did these pissing matches between reporter become newsworthy… What happened to not being part of the story.
    PFT – you guys are rediculous to post this as a newsworthy article.

  35. Revis will not sign this week. He will sign 1 week before regular season, tear his ACL vs Balt in week 1 and Rexy will be crying!

  36. SterilizeTHenry says: August 24, 2010 6:14 PM
    Karnon06 says:
    August 24, 2010 5:57 PM
    I will go with the two columnist who know more about the game of football.
    Florio and the whole PFT are tools.
    ——————– —
    Actually Cowlishaw is a Hockey and Nascar guy…. which would probably make it all the more embarrasing for Florio if Cowlishaw is right here.
    That is why i said that because florio clearly doesn’t know football. In which the two columnist who are reporting he will sign know more about football, even though Cowlishaw covers different sports.

  37. AOLfanhouse is now reporting a deal is almost done. So is florio going to txt pft and say that is false also.

  38. Its graziano’s story but he said his sources have told him a deal is near. I just think florio is upset that he doesn’t have inside sources with teams.

  39. Florio just texted me, he said “OMG SnOoKi Is SuCh A SlUt! She totally threw that drink in that girl’s face because she was wearing the same dress at the nightclub!”

  40. @ Bing253
    Harris’ agent has already stated that both he and DH are content to wait until the new CBA rules come to do the deal then… so a deal will get done.

  41. any chance things were leaked to colishaw too early, and the jets PR people told Mort and Clayton to deny it as a favor for future reporting benefits???

  42. “Call Miami, see if Chad Pennington is available.”
    Like CP-10 would want to go back to the losing ways. Pffft.

  43. Please please please prove Florio wrong so he can stop pretending to be a reporter and go back to just displaying news items.
    Florio, who are your sources?
    Or are you going to just delete my comment again?

  44. Call Miami, see if Chad Pennington is available
    Nope- Send them one of your scrubs instead ampats. CP10 wants no part of that hell hole again. Can you blame him?
    Signed, Miami Dolphins

  45. but i thought the jets weren’t gonna sign their core 4??? (ferguson, mangold, revis, harris)?? I remember this site having two or threee articles a day telling me how bad a GM tannabaum is (the man who drafted all these players).
    How are the Jets doing this??

  46. @ampats
    you’re a blithering idiot..somethin’ tells me your fandom of the pats happened sometime in 2001, right after the rams fell to the pats.

  47. I hope PFT one day realizes that this stupid topic (who’s right, who’s wrong) makes you look whiny and bitchy.

  48. This just in……some guy named Mike Florio just texted the PFT satellite office that Terry Bradshaw has died. Details to follow….
    Florio…..what a tool! LOL

  49. Wrong again Sleepness,
    1974 pre Ben Dreith
    Five years after the Jets last went to a Super Bowl and he we are 36 years later.
    41 YEARS
    How many screen names are you going to hide behind? Your illiteracy is common theme with all your posts.

  50. Wow! It seems like everyone at ESPN (except Adam Schefter) is an idiot!!!
    Cowlishaw is a quasi-ESPN employee by working for a show like ‘Around the Horn’: a show that has “columnists” who’ve never reported diddly squat when they were “reporters”.
    The AOL Fanhouse idiot works for a website that kisses ESPN’s butt all the time by supporting the comeback of ‘NFL Matchup’ and employs their folks like Kevin Blackistone and wife-beater Jay Mariotti.
    Mort is playing 2nd fiddle to Schefter and John Clayton still tried to convince us that Daunte Culpepper & Randy Moss called each other during a weekend in early March 2008 and talked about getting together again!!!!!
    Yes, people!!! PFT actually has to post stuff that is being “reported” or “smoked up” by morons!!!

  51. Who cares? At this point I hope he goes down for the year just so I don’t have to hear his name or see him yelling at some old woman in a sports store on the gooob tube.

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