Some think Bucs could provide next home for Haynesworth

We’ve been saying for the past few days that the Redskins likely are hoping that a 4-3 defensive tackle on another team tears an ACL in the near future, giving someone a need for Albert Haynesworth — and the motivation to give up something more than a low-round pick for him.

Barring a season-ending injury to Kevin Williams or Tommie Harris, the Redskins could ultimately find a face-saving path out of the Haynesworth morass via the Buccaneers.

Appearing on a local radio station, Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune suggested Monday night that the a trade to the Bucs isn’t as crazy as it sounds.

It makes a great deal of sense and here’s why,” Cummings said, via  “Don’t forget, the
Buccaneers were the team that offered Albert Haynesworth more money than
anybody else in the NFL last year.  A lot of people forget that —
conveniently want to ignore that fact. . . . 

‘You know what, I think it makes
all kinds of sense,” Cummings said, seemingly warming up to the idea on the fly.  “It’s a ballsy move.  I don’t know if he’s going to
do it. They do want to be young here more than anything.  But you know
what, if Stylez White can’t wake up in these last two preseason games
and show them what he’s got, why not?  Go give it a shot.  I mean, money
really is not an issue.  People don’t want to believe that here.  Everybody, you know, on your end of things here in Tampa Bay wants to
keep talking about money here and money there and how much the Glazers
are or are not spending. I can tell you right now, if they think can get
Albert Haynesworth, and it ends up becoming a wash in terms of what the
payroll is, they’ll do it.  And they’ll go out and get him.  And you know
what, he’ll make the team a better football team in a hurry.”

The only surprise in Cumming’s comments comes from the disclosure (which was made in the question posed to Cummings) that Haynesworth actually wants to play defensive end in a 4-3 scheme.  Maybe we haven’t been paying attention as closely as we should, but we think he wants to play defensive tackle in a 4-3.  If he’s interested in being a defensive end in a 4-3 alignment, he’d be lobbying for some snaps at the equivalent position in the 3-4 — outside linebacker.

Regardless of whether he’d play outside or bolster the rookie-heaving rotation on the inside in Tampa, Haynesworth makes sense from an Xs and Os standpoint.

And here’s where it gets interesting.  Cummings thinks that Tampa receiver Michael Clayton would be an attractive addition to the trade package.  “[L]et’s not forget, Bruce Allen drafted Michael Clayton,” Cummings said.  “One thing
Bruce Allen will always do as an NFL General Manager is try to prove
that many mistakes he’s made as a General Manager were not mistakes at
all.  He’s not good at what he does.  And he makes a situation worse by
trying to constantly prove that he did not make a mistake in drafting
this guy in the first round, second round, third round. . . .  I wouldn’t be
surprised to see him do it again.”

Right, but this presumes Allen actually has the juice in D.C.  To get the Redskins interested in Clayton, coach Mike Shanahan will have to be interested in Clayton.  That said, given the team’s overall quality at the position, it may not be a hard sell for Allen to make.

That said, it’ll likely take more than Clayton to get Haynesworth.  But if the Redskins truly want to get rid of a guy who has three years (as a practical matter) left on his contract at less than $20 million, the Bucs could provide a semi-face-saving strategy for making it happen.

39 responses to “Some think Bucs could provide next home for Haynesworth

  1. so you are basically saying what everyone said before…good job!!
    wasnt tampa the other team competing for him when the skins signed him? once again, real in depth reporting there!!
    next thing you know you will say that water is wet…

  2. Please no. The Bucs don’t need to waste their time with this POS. Haynesworth just needs to fade away quietly. I can dream can’t I?

  3. And besides the Browns and Jets, they seem like the only other team stupid enough to trade for him.

  4. Heck, the Bucs could even throw in Derrick Ward and provide some “youth” to the ‘skins RB group. As a Bucs fan, I’d be all for it, despite having plenty of years to learn that Haynesworth is a smug a-hole (I live in Nashville). But this is also the first time I’ve heard of Haynesworth wanting to play DE.

  5. come on florio, why even report on cummings ridiculous presumptions?? There are talks that clayton could possibly be cut by the bucs, so why would anyone trade for him until after sept. 4th??

  6. For the love of God, Tampa…PLEASE take this guy off our hands. We’ll take Michael Clayton, a DVD of the movie entitled “Michael Clayton”, and an autographed picture of John Clayton…we don’t care. Just GET HIM OUTTA HERE!

  7. If Tampa Bay would still like to overpay this fat, out-of-shape, complaining whiner ……. then they deserve his fat a$$.
    Who cares?

  8. “Regardless of whether he’d play outside or bolster the rookie-heaving rotation on the inside in Tampa, Haynesworth makes sense from an Xs and Os standpoint.”
    Nope. The only thing that makes sense for this pig is to cut his ass from the Redskins and no other team ever sign him in any capacity. He does not deserve the money or to be in the league.

  9. Lets get this right, the Bucs spend the 3rd overall pick on a DT, then use the 3rd pick of the second round on another DT. This all a year after spending a 3rd round pick on a DT.
    Now some fool thinks the Bucs would trade for a guy that has proven he’s a complete waste of space and the same fool never once mentions the 3 talented young guys the Bucs have picked up since trying to sign Haynesworth. No lets mention a DE as a reason to trade for another DT.
    Yet more proof that Cummings, like almost all those in Tampa sports media, is a complete moron.

  10. Typical Roy Cummings trash. . the Bucs drafted two DT’s (McCoy and Price) this year and a DT and DE last year (R. Miller and K. Moore). . they are not going to trade for Fat Albert. They were desperate last year so they pursued him in free agency (and thankfully lost out ot he Redskins) but that does mean they need him now.
    Why add a cancer to a team with a young DL??
    And Clayton is getting cut in 7 days

  11. If he’s interested in being a defensive end in a 4-3 alignment, he’d be lobbying for some snaps at the equivalent position in the 3-4 — outside linebacker.
    IF you’re a 270 lb DE but no one is going to be trying to put a man of his size at OLB so all the lobbying in the world wouldn’t do him any good.

  12. I wouldnt want Haynesworth next to a rookie with a future. He’s a cancer for a football team Tampa is better off without him and lucky he picked Washington. Haynesworth is an uncoachable player and will fight until he gets his way. If he doesnt get his way he will just keep trying and making up as many excuses as possible to not practice, and keep his money. Hes a dirt bag!

  13. That makes no-sense at all.
    Why would Tampa want a malcontent when they are trying to rebuild. They’re not going anywhere this year with or without Albert Haynesworth, so why would they want to pick up that contract and deal with his whining about them not winning because they are so young.
    I hardly think Tampa would go after him.

  14. Roy Cummings is freaking moron. Haynesworth will never be a Buccaneer, and further more did he forget about our first two draft picks in this years draft?

  15. @ robert ethen says: August 24, 2010 11:45 AM
    A nice retirement community.

  16. Brownwood that was funny stuff. …..
    look this crap sucks, and the worst thing is…. we have no running backs still and no recievers. I tell you last week showed me the same old redskins. You know its bad when your stadium plays your song only when the other team scores. This is still bad, who are we kidding!

  17. “Some” is more like “one”. And that’s the brain-dead reporter named Cummings. Now, the rest of the country gets to see what kind of embiciles write for our newspapers. These guys are an embarassment to the thinking people of Tampa Bay. By far, the worst newspaper reporters and radio guys, in the country. Worst part, is that alot of the garbage these guys spew gets into the minds of some of the weaker-minded fans in this area. Way to go Cummings, maybe this will put some heat on the weak-links that are Tampa Bays newpaper media.

  18. Cummings has always been an idiot. Stylez White is a RDE, Haynesworth would be playing NT in the Bucs 4-3, maybe some UT… one thing has nothing to do with the other.
    Plus, the Bucs have drafted Roy Miller, Gerald McCoy, and Brian Price at DT in the past two years and are very happy with all 3 of them.
    Not only that, it is mentioned that Haynesworth is worth more than Clayton… but he really isn’t. Given his contract that greatly overpays him, any team that takes Haynesworth would only do so like in an NBA trade where a team ships a player and his contract to another team along with a draft pick for nothing… just to get rid of the contract.

  19. How to make a great football team;
    Ask Washington, Cleveland, and Oakland what they think and do total opposite.

  20. This was all before Haynesworth went to Washington and totally crapped on the franchise. It would be beyond lunacy for anyone to give him big money after this latest disaster with him. the Bucs are a young rebuilding team. Bringing in a cancer like this guy is the last thing any young team would do. Do you even think Haynesworth would take a small salary to get out of Washington? Absolutely not. He has pretty much ruined any chance of seeing nice money anywehre else at this point. He will show up and half ass it every week just to collect his astronomical check. And Snyder will continue to be dumb enough to allow it

  21. Shamesworth’s next home should be as far away from the NFL as possible. He had talent but his attitude and ego make him unusable. I hope the Redskins deactivate him and let him rot on his couch and blow all his money (most is gone already) Do not let this turd poison another team. He is garbage and should be treated as such

  22. I could see Snyder paying Michael Clayton $120 mil over 8 years, and giving the Bucs Haynesworth and 3 first round picks…….

  23. Moss, Thomas, Armstrong, Banks and one of the vets (Roydel, Galloway, Wade…) If Malcolm Kelly gets cut does anyone really think Clayton could even make the team, much less would we trade for him? Crazy!
    AH’s contract is not the problem (16mil over the next either 3 or 4 years). He has already been paid alot in guaranteed money which is why he is being lazy. Obviously it’s his attitude that is the problem. I’m predicting that the Skins will either get appropriate value for the most sought after FA from a year ago or they will ruin him if he doesn’t have an attitude adjustment. I don’t really care anymore at this point.
    May the Fat Al contract be a constant reminder to Snyder that he has absolutely no business involving himself in football related decisions. If this is what comes of this, then the Fat Al debacle was completely worth it.

  24. Morris trying to coach Haynesworth would be an absolute train wreck.
    That being said, if we can get even a Joe Knucksall baseball card for Michael Clayton, it’s a steal…

  25. Roy Cummings has an axe to grind with Allen cause he never spoon fed him news like Rich McKay did.
    “Allen is not good at what he does”
    Yea Roy thats why you’re writing for a newspaper no one reads and he’s working in the NFL. How can a Bucs beat writer forget all the salary cap hell that Bruce got us out of. No mention either of all the signings that worked out in the Superbowl year.

  26. @ Cornflorio: Did you really present an angle that he would lobby, let alone play, OLB?!?
    For proof: “Maybe we haven’t been paying attention as closely as we should, but we think he wants to play defensive tackle in a 4-3. If he’s interested in being a defensive end in a 4-3 alignment, he’d be lobbying for some snaps at the equivalent position in the 3-4 — outside linebacker.”
    Just ignorant on your part. I’m not saying the Bucs are brilliant, but I don’t think they would be that interested in bringing him aboard. It just don’t pass the “smell test.”

  27. Anyone who thinks Albert just needs a new location really just doesn’t understand that he is the problem, not the team
    No matter where he is, he will continue being a problem

  28. if i am the Redskins i trade Haynesworth for Clayton…….a draft bust for a good tackle who wants out.

  29. please oh please dont send haynesworth to tampa we have 3 good looking young dt’s here and dont need him polluting them… we’ll give you clayton if you’ll just keep haynesworth

  30. i think Haynesworth would do well in Tampa Bay and make McCoy a better tackle just by Haynesworth being there and while Clayton isnt elite, he is a better idea than an injured Malcolm Kelly, an old Galloway and others.

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