Vikings best option for replacing Rice could be on the roster

So with Vikings receiver Sidney Rice out for up to half of the season, what should the Vikings do?

Maybe the best option is right under their noses.  At a different position.

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42 responses to “Vikings best option for replacing Rice could be on the roster

  1. Not sure how good Webb is with routes. Too bad Jaymar Johnson broke his thumb. Reynaud could go back to WR too.

  2. Wait, so a career QB who, it has been noted, is having difficulty adjusting to an NFL offense, is the best bet to replace a Pro Bowler at WR?
    If that’s so, the Vikings are in trouble this year.

  3. I called this earlier this morning.
    Webb is one hell of an athlete. He has elite speed and escapibility. I wouldn’t be suprised to see him get some looks in the next game at WR.
    He’s smart enough to play both Positions.

  4. Maybe Childo could send his three wise Viqueens to the home of Cris Carter and beg him to come out of retirement to replace Rice…don’t act like its out of the question either. There’s nothing these desperate goons won’t do. Comically however, they’ll go 7-9 at best…no matter what they do. Doom, doom, DOME! September 9th…bloodbath is a coming!

  5. nah leave webb at qb, we’ll be fine with berrian and harvin till week 8 when rice will be back. or whenever, just so we’re at full strength in time for the playoffs.
    the way d’s have to scheme us with ad in the game, either you stack the box and favre finds an open receiver or you play straight up and let ad run wild. we’ve got the #2 scoring offense in the league and a top 3 defense with henderson and winfield healthy. we actually don’t even need that much from our offense as good as our d is but the offense will still be at least top 5 this year.

  6. Maybe the Vikings should jump in the Vincent Jackson sweepstakes, and let him serve his 3 game suspension.

  7. Priceless!!!!
    Honestly, you Viking fans actually believe that it’snot a big deal to lose your best WR, by a long shot, for half the year. He’ll be back in time for the playoffs I think I saw somebody write. Well, brainiacs, you aren’t going to make the playoffs if you don’t find a legitimate way to replace him.
    Without Rice, teams can easily leave 8 in the box to stop Peterson. Then, when he gets stopped, nobody deems a double team. Even Harvin, as quick as he is, doesn’t need to be doubled. Shianco can be covered easily with a LB or CB and a safety over the top. Last year teams couldn’t do that because Rice would be left one on one. Berrian is no threat either as teams, without having to double Rice, can easily move their free safety over to his side more. You people are in such denial over how big a deal this is.
    Remember also. Your defense is good, but if they have to be on the field all day, they’ll slow down and the season will get really long.
    Sorry guys, find a replacement for Rice or it’s going to be a long year. You’ll be fighting the Lions for second if you don’t. Just watch week 3 if you think I’m joking. Last year the Lions sacked Favre more than anybody. This year, with his ankle recovering, they’ll kill him

  8. Hey Gravy, who has the number one scoring offense in the league? Come on, lets here it…loud and proud baby….I’m waiting…..????

  9. Maybe putting Webb at WR would give them an excuse to keep four QBs this year…
    Besides the Queens are already saved this year…they signed Javon Walker!
    Now they’ve got a prima donna pitching as well as catching!

  10. The timing and rhythm between the QB and the WR is what makes it go, not talent alone. Favre will have little of either, considering his absence from camp and the (TBD) new guy(s) being considered. But this is no different than every other team having to make adjustments on-the-fly during camp. For instance, the Packers are still moving LB’s around like musical chairs. This is where coaching can make a difference. Let’s get the damn season started already.

  11. The vikes are all in this year. Need a winning season to even have a chance at taxpayer dollars for a stadium. Enjoy the season vikings fans the future isnt looking good.

  12. Yeah it hurts we lost Rice for 6wks it will be in time for the playoffs. They should try an get V-Jackson once Rice does come back having him an VJ side by side would be unstoppable. The true question is Harvin an how he handles his migraines this season.
    Side note : Rice is an IDIOT for not getting the surgery done in the off season. Well done contract year

  13. “Comically however, they’ll go 7-9 at best…no matter what they do. ”
    There’s always some idiot…..

  14. Vikings will be 8-0 when Rice returns….
    (Meanwhile..the Packers will STILL SUCK…and so will Ted Thompson!!!)
    Packer fans = the biggest turds in the NFL>….

  15. @ SSgtLMJ
    Can’t wait for opening night!
    Its going to be a bloody-liscious, blood soaked, bloody blood bath….
    God Damn ass clown…
    Can another Viking fan PLEASE remind me why we allowed the Saints to go to the Super Bowl?
    We all knew it would turn out this way!
    Off come the brown paper bags and, TA-DAAA!
    Look what they were hiding?
    Huge yapping muppet heads!

  16. Packer fans will jump on ANYTHING that may help alleviate the painful season they are about to have. Unfortunately the best they can hope for is to try and get a win against the Vikings because only then will the season be saved.

  17. simple_simon1 says:
    Honestly, you Viking fans actually believe that it’snot a big deal to lose your best WR, by a long shot, for half the year. He’ll be back in time for the playoffs I think I saw somebody write. Well, brainiacs, you aren’t going to make the playoffs if you don’t find a legitimate way to replace him.
    The saddest part isn’t that you actually have to explain this to the Vikes fanbase, it’s the fact you will be branded with that ridiculous “hater” moniker for doing so. I am assuming the reason why is beacuse the braindead twits who don’t quite get the impact of losing your #1 wideout actually think that Brett Favre will simply lob 60 yard passes to himself all day aka Mr. Perfect style.
    Barring any other disasters, I’d realistically put the Vikes chances at 6-10 this season. Without any solid receivers drawing double coverage, Favre will resort to his classic form and start forcing plays that result in heartbreaking picks in the same manner we were so accustomed to him doing in Green Bay. That being said, should Favre be taken out by Week 6, they could easily drop to 3-13 once Peterson gets pressured to carry the team. That would undoubtedly result in a relapse of the same fumblitus we were so amused with watching last season.
    You had a good season lat year, Vikings fans. However, I have a funny feeling you are going to experience the dark side of Favre this season. Trust me, it’s coming.

  18. You haters seem to forget that Rice wasn’t much of a standout receiver until Favre came along, the TANDEM is what made it so good. To think that Favre can’t have the same tandem with another player is feeble-minded, though I’ve come to expect a lack of thinking things through from the majority of you.

  19. So I have this straight, the hidden gem for the Vikings WR problems is the late round QB draft pick – the same guy they drafted to be a WR, then moved back to QB and now they’re going to move him back to WR?

  20. Ridge_Runner says:
    “I’d realistically put the Vikes chances at 6-10”
    this game looks like fun, lemme try:
    i’d realistically put the pckers chances at 2-14.
    there, i win.

  21. “To think that Favre can’t have the same tandem with another player is feeble-minded”
    This poorly-written sentence is feeble-minded.

  22. It is going to be nice to see the NFC Champions banner drop on September 9th.
    Oh, that Super Bowl banner should be nice also…..
    I heard that at that exact moment there will be a lone spotlight on in The Metrodome shining down on an empty box of Kleenex.

  23. There goes Mrs Teve again. Acting like a baby girl without her milk bottle. Did you watch wrestling last night Mrs Teve. I saw Roger Goodell meeting with Vince McMahon to plan this years champion. Maybe they’ll make it the Vikings so all you sissy’s will shut up.

  24. if pcker fans seriously thought they the pckers were finally gonna finish ahead of the vikes they wouldn’t be on every viking thread sounding so defensive and angry. it’s just that you guys are below us so we’re your target and you keep trying to nip at our heels, and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you realize that’s what you’re doing and that the pckers have no real chance of competing with the vikes.

  25. Some of these posters want you to believe that they know something about football but their posts prove otherwise. Rice is good, no doubt about it but even though this is considered heresey in green bay, think about it you genius’s…..rice did nothing his first couple years in the league, in fact in 2008 he was considered to be “on the bubble” when cutdown time came. When and how did Rice “break out”? Sorry, packer fans, but Brett Favre made Rice what he became……read past quotes from Rice and you will see that even Rice himself has said that. Many a wr. became good/great because they had a good QB and the last time I checked, BF was back with the Vikings. As for Berrian, don’t underestimate, he played the entire year last year with hamstring issues which is the worst injury for a speed wr.

  26. With all that bragging these whiny Vikings fans have done, these fools forgot that they only won the division by 1 game. Big deal!

  27. Tell me the Vikings don’t have any young guys they have been developing that cannot step up?
    Real WRs……. not a crappy QB?
    Did they not draft any WRs in the last 2 years that are ready?
    Just stupid.

  28. well t-jack might aswell do something to earn a paycheck he can’t quarterback…. oh wait it’s the vikings they’ll sign whatever scrubs that don’t make the team this year! vikings = 8-8 at best this

  29. Better throw more dough at the prima donna. With Rice out, his passing attack takes a hit. He might need more money. What a dickhead! GO BEARS

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