Another "Revis gets paid soon" report emerges

The list of media folks who are suggesting that Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis soon will have a record contract continues to grow.

Bob Pompeani of KDKA, a veteran and respected member of the Pittsburgh media, says on his Twitter page that Revis, who grew up in nearby Aliquippia and played college football at Pitt is “getting closer to accepting a record deal from Jets,” and that it could be a 10-year deal worth $150 million, with $65 million guaranteed.

We became aware of Pompeani’s tweet because it was mentioned late last night by Chris Mortensen of ESPN, who has been careful to point out that he hasn’t “shot down” reports regarding the lack of progress between the Jets and Revis.  Mort explains that he has reported only that the Jets deny the reports that a deal is imminent.

It’s a smart move by Mort.  Most of the dissenting reports presumably arise from Jets sources or source close to Revis who deny on an off-the-record basis that progress has been made.  So if a deal gets done by midnight tonight, Mort will be able to say that he was merely passing along the fact that the Jets denied the reports, and thus shame on the Jets for lying about it.

Meanwhile, it’s hard to tell whether Pompeani’s report has been influenced by the chatter that inevitably has arisen in the wake of the reports that a deal is close.  If folks assume a deal is close, there will be speculation as to what the deal could be worth.  With the Jets reportedly offering $120 million over 10 years and Revis supposedly demanding more than $160 million over 10 years, $150 million over 10 represents a plausible middle ground.

Also, there’s a hypothesis making the rounds that Tim Cowlishaw of the Dallas Morning News, the man who first suggested three days ago that a deal is coming this week, may have caught wind of an intention by Jets owner Woody Johnson to cave to Revis’ demands via Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who faced a similar dilemma 17 years ago, when running back Emmitt Smith was holding out.  Under the hypothesis (and we mention it only because NFL insiders are offering it up as a potential theory), Johnson showed the Revis proposal to Jones, Jones told Johnson that the proposal is reasonable in light of Revis’ skill level and the broader market, and Johnson told Jones he’ll be instructing G.M. Mike Tannenbaum to accept the proposal on Wednesday, even if Tannenbaum doesn’t know it yet.

Before 164 of you comment on how ridiculous that hypothesis is, let me say this:  That hypothesis is ridiculous.  Owners rarely if ever help other owners, and Jones (who hopes his team will be playing in the Super Bowl hosted this season in his new stadium) surely would not want to help one of the franchises favored to represent the AFC in the game.

That said, it does make some sense that Johnson would ask, given that Jones once found himself in the same predicament, caving to Emmitt after the Cowboys started 0-2.

But feel free to post a comment conveying your belief that the hypothesis is ridiculous.  Just remember that we’re merely passing along the existence of the hypothesis, not endorsing it.

I learned that trick from Mort.

15 responses to “Another "Revis gets paid soon" report emerges

  1. Translation: I was wrong. This is me now attempting to take credit for Cowlishaw’s story.
    So transparent.

  2. Mort is an agent whore. Don’t follow the same path Mike. Tom Condon only has one penis and Chris Mortenson is tending to it 24/7 waiting for any information to spirt out from it.

  3. you know these contracts and rediculus amounts of money that these players get is way out of hand. That is sick money for someone who plays football. The only people that it reflects on is us the fans, it’s like the housing market up up up crash no more cash!!! If there is a work stopage next year us fans need to protest on how out of hand this is, I can no longer take my family to the games becouse of the outragious prices for tickets and drinks, food etc. but players like Revis and Haynesworth dont care one bit. Us fans have to come together and let them know that without us(the fans)the game is nothing, and remember what goes up must come down!!!!!

  4. Dude, seriously. Nobody gives a flying F#*$ about all this insider crap. Nobody cares who got the story first. Those who are even interested in this overreported and frankly quite boring story only really care about the outcome. So quit boring everybody with all the exploits of the various dumbasses who are scrambling around to get the “scoop” from all their “sources,” be it close to the team, Revis, Revis’s maid, his mistress, his third cousin’s niece’s housekeeper, etc.

  5. Emmitt did not really hold out as his contract was up. A holdout is a player who has signed a contract, but is holding out on honoring the contract until his current contract can be re-done.

  6. comparing these holdouts to emmitt is misguided.
    emmitt’s original rookie contract expired in 1993– he actually had a reason to holdout. these guys are holding out while under contracts that don’t expire for 3, 4, 5 or more years.
    granted, contracts these days are one way, but always bothers me when these types of holdouts are compared to emmitt.

  7. Revis, who grew up in nearby Aliquippia and played college football at Pitt is “getting closer to accepting a record deal from Jets,”
    So he couldn’t be any more vague with the timetable. Guess what each passing day they get closer until one decides that he can sit
    out the season. Just see reporters jumping on the
    publicity train to add their two cents.
    Tomorrow he can report that they are actually getting closer but are stuck on guaranteed money, he wouldn’t be wrong, but doesn’t change what anyone else says.
    I hear the guys at say he will sign by Friday!

  8. Who cares? At this point I hope he goes down for the year just so I don’t have to hear his name or see him yelling at some old woman in a sports store on the booob tube.

  9. If this deal is true and the Jets don’t cut Mangold or Ferguson after this season, the Jets could be hating life after a new CBA. How many players can they have at the top or near the top at their position especially if Revis gets his wish of $15 million a year with $65 million guaranteed? If the league gets its wish and gets a slowed cap, this could come back and bite the Jets.

  10. I don’t think any player deserves $15mil per year for ONE amazing season.
    That’s how teams get loaded down with bad contracts.
    Some guy has the best season of his life gets ridiculous contract, then becomes ordinary. Now you’re stuck with a decent player making mega-bucks

  11. Robj says:
    August 25, 2010 1:02 PM
    I don’t think any player deserves $15mil per year for ONE amazing season
    1 great season, but everyone forgets that only 2 years before that he was a solid rookie CB, and 1 year before that he was a probowler…3 years, 2 probowls, and 1 All-Pro. At best, he is the #1 CB in the NFL, at worst he is the #2….I dont wanna hear about Woodson. Woodson gets so many picks, and tackles because QBs don’t fear him and always throw his way. Revis does not get nearly as many passes throw his way. He was only burnt 1 time last year, and it was by Ginn on a play that there was miscommunication on who was supposed to pick Ginn up.

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