Bill Cowher thinks Ben Roethlisberger has finally matured

Former Steelers coach used to try to give Ben Roethlisberger advice about off-field issues, but it was like talking to a brick wall.

‘But we’re winning games. We’re winning championships,’ ” Cowher recalls Roethlisberger saying. “‘What do you mean? Isn’t that what we’re here to do?’ “

“Yeah,” Cowher said to Associated Press on Tuesday, “but there’s more to it than that.  It’s the whole body of work. It’s you as a person, what kind of
legacy you want to leave
. I really think he understands that

Roethlisberger has said that he’s turned to Cowher this offseason, and the former Steelers coach believes his ex-quarterback listens to him now.

“There’s no question as a player he’s always been a great player,”
Cowher said. “But there’s a lot more to this professionally than that.
It’s how you carry yourself off the field. I think he realizes that now.
I really think you’re going to see a different person.”

Cowher says he appreciates all the support he’s received since the passing of wife Kaye, and that he’s trying to move on with the rest of his family.  That could include coaching in the future.

“I certainly will look into situations with open ears,” Cowher said.

39 responses to “Bill Cowher thinks Ben Roethlisberger has finally matured

  1. Note to the Steeler front officer:
    Broom Tomlin
    Rehire Cowher
    Another Super Bowl ring

  2. If Marvin Lewis tanks I wouldnt mind Mike Brown throwin money at Bill Cowher and keeping Zimmer under contract as the Asst HC and DC…..
    FIRE Predictakowsky and hire a new OC and we will be in the playoffs every season….
    But lets see what the weakest game manager(Marv Lewis) in the NFL does this season with his decision making…..

  3. It’s the whole body of work. It’s you as a person, what kind of legacy you want to leave. I really think he understands that now.”
    So he understands now that raping women is a bad thing? What a mature guy.

  4. Well in that case Ben lets celebrate your new maturity. Bring in the hookers and blow! Let’s celebrate

  5. Repeat sex offenders especially ones that show no remorse for their victims are often the most dangerous. Ben will strike again, it is incredible to me that people actually believe his little good will campaign is actually sincere. This guy is not a good person, Cowher should mind his own business. If boggles my mind that there are parents letting their children wear this guys jersey right now.

  6. Hey Cowher: Has Jerome Bettis finally matured too?
    I mean he was also falsely accused of sexual assault. Yet no suspension?
    Go watch the taped interviews of DTF, then call Ben and apologize for even speaking about this debacle. Then thank Ben for finally getting you that ring that eluded you year after year because of your inability to deviate from your run, run, pass, punt mentality. Only when you knew in your head that you were retiring did you let Ben air it out, and actually win the AFC Championship game, that you had become so accustomed to losing.

  7. If he goes the rest of his life without allegations of rape, I’ll believe he’s “matured”

  8. “TheWizard says: August 25, 2010 9:50 AM
    I don’t think 6 months is enough time to “mature”.”
    Well, Rapenburglar is a dog, so maybe he is mature in dog years.

  9. Only when you knew in your head that you were retiring did you let Ben air it out, and actually win the AFC Championship game, that you had become so accustomed to losing.

    He aired it out in 2004/5 against the Pats…… and Rodney Harrison ran one of those back for a touchdown.

  10. @ BostonISaChraphole
    Absolutely. Including rape in his “body of work” shows no respect for Ben’s victims.

  11. Rufeesberger has matured. He has gone several months without a headline. Bravo.
    Is it too early to go ahead and give him Man of the Year?

  12. Judging by the AFC Championship game losses I thought Bill Cowher was mentoring John Harbaugh?

  13. All of you Ben Haters are so creative with your nicknames and zingers…here is an idea: Grow up! Everybody makes mistakes, and if he said he is willing to change…who are we to question him? Give him a chance.

  14. Responding to: dubs7_2000 says:
    August 25, 2010 9:20 AM
    Note to the Steeler front officer:
    Broom Tomlin
    Rehire Cowher
    Another Super Bowl ring
    — Dude you know you won a ring with Tomlin too; right? — Moron.

  15. Ha ha, love all the comments from the loser haters. Sorry chumps, the fans WILL be wearing Ben’s jersey, and the love WILL pour! Sorry your little wet dream of people turning on Ben, and trading him away didn’t pan out. Now go cry like babies and eventually mommy will come and change your diaper. Wahhhhhh!
    Big Ben rules!
    Eat it chumps.

  16. I can’t wait till Ben is out of the league. Dude is going to weigh 350 pounds when it finally happens.

  17. @ sgaham628
    Yeah I made a mistake this morning, I drove 10mph over the speed limit. Go ahead and forgive me because I wasn’t accused of sexual assault more than once. God you apologists would give Bin Laden a second chance and are decaying our society.

  18. “but there’s more to it than that. It’s the whole body of work. It’s you as a person” …
    Wow, there’s 5 “s” in there … Ben probably had to towel off after that spit-shower.

  19. All of you Ben Haters are so creative with your nicknames and zingers…here is an idea: Grow up! Everybody makes mistakes, and if he said he is willing to change…who are we to question him? Give him a chance.
    sure sure sgraham – ‘cept most people that make the kind of mistakes Bennie made are in jail or at the very least having to register has a sex offender for the rest of his life.

  20. OK,so all the hayers claim Ben is a sexual offender?Funny,I dont even recall ben even being charged with anything.I get it now,Ben plays for the Mighty Steelers,so what anyone else claims about him must be true.I live in the real world,so when someone gets accused of anything,but doesnt get charged.Then guess what. That person is innocent.There is not even enough proof to send the thing to court.I know,I know.All the haters want to label Ben a criminal.Probably because he beat your team,So go ahead knock yourself out.

  21. Let me give you guys a example on how hard it is to be proven innocent in this country.About 6 months ago,I got pulled over and the cop that claimed I didnt have car insurance even though I showed him proof.So,I go to court show the judge I have insurance,and guess what,he finds me guilty even though I had proof otherwise.I guess they was detrimined to fine me.I appeal the charges.The DA takes one look at my insurance papers and detrimines that I do have insurance and i am innocent!!In the meantime Penndot suspends my license for 3 months because some idiot cop claimed i didnt have insurance,and I lose my job that was paying me over 50k a year.My point is,The system wants you to be found guilty even if you are innocent,so for Ben to have not even been charged.How many holes do you think were claimed in these “Victims” case?

  22. PFT Ben Hater Delusion Syndrome (PFTBHDS): The belief that if you scream “rapist” enough, it will actually matter, maybe even enough so fans in the real world will all hate Ben too, and the team may even get rid of him!
    PFTBHDS is a tragic disease — won’t you help the deluded victims of this terrible affliction? Donate to your local PFTBHDS chapter today. Because a hater’s mind is kind of a terrible thing to waste.

  23. Yes meatball, so if one criminal gets away with doing a crime, it must mean that EVERYONE who’s ever walked away is really guilty. (‘Cuz you know, OJ got away with it.) Ben is “guilty” because you think OJ was too. What an ironclad case!
    PFTBHDS — what an awful disease.

  24. @sgraham628:
    Don’t you find it funny? I love hearing all of the haters’ nicknames. They just make themselves sound more stupid. Everyone is just jealous of the Black and Gold’s 6 Titles and Steeler Nation. Every team wishes they had a following like Steeler Nation.
    Cheers! Everyone thinks the Steelers are like their favorite team. If this happened to any other NFL team, management for that team would have tossed that player off to the side and their fans would turn their back on them. Number 7 jerseys will still be worn loud and proud!
    Hail to Steeler Nation!

  25. phuckphilly — Cheers back at ya! It’s like, wow, if I scream “rapist” enough and like, make fun of Steeler fans for supporting a guy who — get this — wasn’t even charged with a traffic violation let alone rape — well that would like, make Steeler fans realize what really, really, really bad people they are and make them feel real guilty ‘n stuff. (‘Cuz like, you know, some guys on the ‘net say Ben IS guilty, forget what the actual investigators found.) Pretty soon they’ll be burnin’ those number 7 shirts, I tells ya! Oh what a wonderful world it will be!
    Here’s to PFTBHDS — can’t wait for the telethon.

  26. I’ve got my #7 and wear it proudly….and anyone that does not like it can f themselves….course you haters would have to find your d*cks 1st… hoo hoo to all you hating cry babies.

  27. @phuckphilly:
    Cheers! If this happened to some anonymous guy and not the QB of the NFL team they hate, the posters here at PFT would still care just as much! Why they’d still show the same concern for the poor poor young lady who made these accusations. No doubt! See, the posters here are caring and compassionate champions of women’s rights whose outrage over this has NOTHING to do with football! Nothing at all.
    Hail to the PFTBHDS brigade!

  28. It’s hilarious to read the children’s comments about whether Ben can mature. Wonder how many years it will take you guys.
    Maturing takes time. But extreme life-altering events can prompt people to take stock and decide make changes. It doesn’t get much more extreme than being falsely accused of rape, going through a criminal investigation, having your name and reputation shredded by the press, being villified by your hometown fans, knowing you’ve brought shame and disappointment to your family, being called out by your employers and coworkers, being suspended from your job, and becoming a public laughingstock.
    @chap …
    You disappoint me. The rest of these bozos are bozos. You hate the Steelers, but you’re not stupid. You’re capable of understanding medical exam findings of no intercourse. You’re capable of understanding the games some sorry women play. As much as you’ve interacted with me, you should know I wouldn’t say he’s innocent–no matter where he plays–if there was a smidgeon of a chance he wasn’t. In addition to all the evidence made public, I’m close to someone who worked the case, chap. Because of the notoriety, they took their time and covered all the bases, but neither the accusation nor the accuser had any credibility. It wasn’t even close.
    @kevind …
    If the story is as you’ve presented it, I hope you have an attorney. If not, get one. If you don’t know any, go to Findlaw dot com or Martindale dot com and search for one in your area. Martindale also rates attorneys based on peer review. Look for someone rated AV or BV.

  29. Amen PhuckPhilly, FrankoBollo and queenie!
    I love that people on sports talk shows were saying trade him…guess what…you do not trade away your franchise quarterback who is on pace for a Hall of Fame career and many more SuperBowls. I can’t wait til week 6 when #7 is back leading our boys to the 7th Lombardi trophy!
    Cant wait for the cure of PFTBHDS!!!

  30. With his jaw and teeth taking up 86% of his head, Cowher has no choice but to “look at things through open ears”.

  31. Franko,you blind follower,if this was some anonymous guy he would be in jail,not admired by a bunch of star struck sheep with a man crush on a guy just cause he plays football!

  32. I have been talking repeatedly about 10/17/10. The day Ben returns and helps the Steelers demolish the Browns. Oh yes, I believe it will happen. Ben looks to be in great shape, reportedly is having a fantastic camp, is sharp with his throws, and is doing more than expected of GODell with his excessive punishment for not even being charged with anything.
    The haters and their now-boring comments about Ben won’t matter and can’t stop Ben’s return to doing what he does best, being one of the elite and most exciting QBs in the league. If he stays out of trouble, he will be just fine.
    I will be at Heinz Field on 10/17/10 with my #7 jersey on, and cheering the Steelers to a big victory that day.

  33. Big Ben is a tool!Did u see that mullet and batman(joker) shirt he was wearing that night in ga.guess 100 million cant buy any class?

  34. FrankoBollo your posts are hysterical. PFTBHDS … wonder if Tony Bennett will sing at the telethon. Doesn’t Jerry Lewis get him every year?
    Can’t remember when I’ve seen a commenter more aptly named than Meatball13 LOL

  35. Deb, there is nothing funny about PFTBHDS, which leaves its sufferers in a blind state of drooling idiocy.
    We must find a cure before it’s too late! Donate to your local PFTBHDS chapter.
    I wish my posts could be as comical as Scalaid’s belief that Ben isn’t an elite QB. And not half as funny as his list of QBs that are.

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