Chris Hanburger, Les Richter named Hall of Fame senior nominees

Redskins linebacker Chris Hanburger and Rams linebacker Les Richter have been named the senior nominees for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2011.

Hanburger and Richter were selected today by five members of the Seniors Committee, and will be voted on by the full Hall of Fame Selection Committee on the day before the Super Bowl. Senior nominees must have been retired for at least 25 years.

I’m thrilled to death and I appreciate it very, very much,” said Hanburger, who played for the Redskins from 1965 to 1978 and was a four-time All-Pro.

Richter was selected second overall by the New York Yanks in 1952. After serving two years in the military, he was traded to the Rams by the Dallas Texans, who had acquired Richter’s rights when the Yanks folded. The Rams gave up 11 players to acquire Richter, and he rewarded the team by playing nine seasons and making eight Pro Bowls.

Richter died on June 12, 2010 at the age of 79.

24 responses to “Chris Hanburger, Les Richter named Hall of Fame senior nominees

  1. They really need to take this power away from the vets. These were very good players, but it’s the hall of fame not hall of very good. They are watering it down more every year.
    This year gave me hope there will be better and hopefully less inductees in the future. That is until I saw Floyd Little, Rickey Jackson and Dick LeBeau made it. LeBeau should be an overall contributer guy as a coach and player. He definately should be in as a coach.

  2. 9 time pro bowl selection:
    Four-time First-team All-Pro in 1972, 1973, 1975 and 1976 and a Second-team All-Pro in 1969 and 1974. Additionally, he was either a Pro Bowler or an All-Conference selection every year from 1966 though 1976
    An all pro player almost his whole career
    Beyond deserving the HOF.

  3. I’m not saying that these guys do not deserve to be in the HoF, but there are more deserving players that should have been nominated. I think the “Seniors Committee” needs to be disbanded and replaced by living HoFers (similar to heismann voting). Give each one a single vote to nominate someone and the guys who get the most votes get the nod and move on to the list of finalists. There is the possibility that teams that have multiple players in the HoF could “homer” out and nominate a guy but I think the HoF players/coaches ought to have a say in who joins their exclusive club…writers can be “homers” too.

  4. “Two bums! Jerry Kramer gets snubbed again. What a crock.”
    I dont know about bums but Chris Hanburger was 9x pro bowler and this is long overdue. He was a heck of a player.
    Personally I wouldnt knock anybody who is selected even if it wasnt a Redskin. Sounds like sour grapes and all I can say is hang in there sometimes it takes a long time to get the nod.
    Art Monk was long overdue as well when he finally got selected.

  5. Anyone who calls Hanburger a bum is a clueless idiot. Hanburger defines what it is to be qualified for the Hall. Switch’s numbers speak for themselves. If Hanburger didn’t deserve it no one does.

  6. Bum? Hanburger?
    He was a great player on middling Redskins teams where the offenses could keep away from him if they wanted – yet he usually ran the play down anyway.
    Don’t know anything about Richter, but Hanburger is deserving of the honor.

  7. Richter was an 8 time pro bowler and a 5 time AP All Pro.
    Hanburger was a 9 time pro bowler and a 5 time AP All Pro.
    Both are very deserving but I also think Gradishar should get in as well.

  8. I’m more inclined to respect the Vet’s opinion than the media’s opinion. Sure, the media can pick the obvious guys like Rice and Taylor, but there are a lot of great players that get missed because their greatness may not reflect in their stats sheet.
    Dick Lebeau is 7th all time in career interceptions and was an amazing cornerback. The 7th all time rushed is in the Hall, why is he more derving than the 7th all time leader in interceptions? HOF should be voted on only by vets. The media does enough damage, take this honor away from them.

  9. The reason that Jerry Kramer is not in the HOF is the rampant homophobia of the senior selection committee.
    After his retirement this aforementioned committee believes the divorced Kramer married television gameshow host Wink Martindale!

  10. OK…who nominates these guys? Yes Hanburger was a good LB and so was Gradishar. What about Jim Marshall??? He wasn’t a slouch and STARTED every game of EVERY year of his career. He was the Lou Gehrig/Cal Ripken of football before Favre passed him last year. Oh and the guy also played a position where he got hit on EVERY play! He made a few pro powls and all pro teams in his day as well so he wasn’t an average ball player.

  11. Both of these men are very deserving but Jerry Kramer is 1 of the poster boys of NFL in the 1960’s. 1st team all-time NFL team & he can’t get into the HOF because that Packers team has too many players in Canton?

  12. Hanburger’s fine, Kramer should be in, as Should Cliff Harris , the only player from the all 70’s team not to be there. Gradishar was the leader of the “Orange Crush” Defense so a case could be made.

  13. Hanburger was the real deal. damn good player on teams that had iffy Ds at best till geo allen showed up.

  14. My comments are not about the men mentioned above but about la rams great offensive guard Dennis Harrah being left out of the hof.He was a nominee in 1992 and that’s the last time he was considered.I think it’s unfair that a player like Dennis Harrah ,All Pro, 6 time pro bowl performer, team captain,13 yrs.dedicated to his team and the NFL has been left out soooo long.There are guys who have done less,and guys with the same accomplishments as Dennis that are already in,mainly skill position players.Dennis Harrah, and the great players before him that play on the offensive line,for the most part,are ignored.Do the right thing and vote Dennis in while he and his family and fans can appreciate it,thank you. Please reply.

  15. If Harry Carson is in, Hanburger belongs. If Elvin Bethea is in, Hanburger belongs.. If Dan Hampton is in, Hanburger belongs.. If Andre Tippett is in, Hanburger belongs. There are plenty of enshrinees who can’t match his high level of performance over a long time in the league..
    Not that I’m a homer or anything, but HAIL yeah he belongs!!!!!!!!!!

  16. There’s an interesting paragraph of stats on his Facebook Hall petition age and it pretty well states without even mentioning his on field numbers why he should have been in long ago:
    “In his 14 years with the Redskins, he made the Pro Bowl nine times.
    Nine times.
    There are 19 players that have made more than nine Pro Bowls. All of them are Hall of Famers. There are 23 others who have nine. All of them are Hall of Famers. There are 26 with eight, and 17 with seven. All that are eligible have been elected to the Hall of Fame.”
    …except Hanburger until now.

  17. It’s about time Chris Hanburger should have been in the HOF a long time ago.For anyone to call him a bum doesn’t know anything about Football.As for why Jerry Kramer isn’t in the HOF well that is a complete mystery to me.

  18. Worthy Senior nominations for a change. Both candidates have excellent postseason profiles — “1st team all pro(byAP)/pro bowls/all decade teams” — for Hanburger 5(4AP)/9/none and Richter 3(1AP)/8/none. Both belong in and am hard pressed to see that either are “bums.”
    Other thoughts:
    -Mike Curtis has a weaker postseason profile than a host of now eligible Senior LBs, including Maxie Baughan, Chuck Howley, Robert Brazile, Larry Grantham, Joe Fortunato, and Randy Gradishar. Let’s get these guys in first and then discuss Curtis.
    -Bob Kuechenberg has been a finalist 8 times and Jerry Kramer 10 times without being elected, and the chances of either making it look slim. Neither Hanburger nor Richter have ever been finalists before, and it’s fair to say they deserve a turn.
    -agree that Cliff Harris belongs in the HoF, and despite his being turned down so many times, agree that Jerry Kramer should be in as well. Do not agree that Jim Marshall or Dennis Harrah belong.
    -and if Dick LeBeau has any business being in the HoF at all, it’s as a contributor for inventing the Zone Defense. As a DB, he was good but not as deserving as at least 10 other DB Senior eligible players not in yet (specifically Bobby Dillon, Abe Woodson, Jack Butler, Jimmy Patton, Dave Grayson, Johnny Robinson, Cornell Green, Bobby Boyd, Lemar Parrish, and Cliff Harris). As an assistant coach, LeBeau did excellently in Pittsburgh but poorly in Cincinnati, and as a head coach in Cincinnati, he was a total dud.
    -and poster “technocrat” is right, lots of lifetime INTs should not automatically mean HoF membership. In LeBeau’s case, he played alongside two HoF deserving cornerbacks, first Dick Lane and then Lem Barney. It would seem QBs preferred to take their chances with LeBeau instead, so why does this make LeBeau a HoF-er?

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