Cowlishaw backtracks on Revis report

Tim Cowlishaw created a stir in the NFL media world on Sunday by tweeting that Darrelle Revis and the Jets would reach a deal “probably Wednesday.” After the business day Wednesday ended with no deal in sight, Cowlishaw backed down. Sort of.

At about 6 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday, Cowlishaw tweeted, “Have I said lately I was originally told “wednesday or saturday” on Revis but I shortened it for twitter? Now seems like good time.”

Actually, it seems like the good time to mention that would have been Sunday, when Cowlishaw got all this started. And it would be nice to know what else the source originally told Cowlishaw that Cowlishaw left out because it was shortened for Twitter.

Cowlishaw did acknowledge in a blog post on Monday that he had been told “Wednesday or Saturday.” But he added that “I felt like ‘probably Wednesday’ was the most accurate information I could provide at the time.” So Cowlishaw seems to have changed his mind since Monday, when he thought the deal would be announced Wednesday.

In any event, Cowlishaw’s tweet today seems to be an acknowledgment that his Sunday tweet was inaccurate.

48 responses to “Cowlishaw backtracks on Revis report

  1. Damn Twitter ruins everything. I say he’s back after the season starts. Anyone, anyone, predictions?

  2. Thanks for the update. I was starting to worry that I was not up-to-date on the latest Revis rumors and that my life was somehow incomplete.

  3. Also omitted from Twitter was the fact that he was an idiot looking to get his name known nationally. Now it is. We know you are a fool Tim. I guess he is of the school that any publicity is good publicity.

  4. Wow this guy is so totally in Florios kitchen.
    Who cares about some noname reporter taking stabs in the dark?
    You’re making the guy very famous, dumbass….

  5. Is he saying that he was too lazy to do two tweets? Nobody can admit when they are just plain wrong. That’s pretty sad.
    What a dork!!!!

  6. What’s your deal with Cowlishaw? You are acting as if you are debunking a 2 month long researched NYT’s article. It was a “tweet”… calm down.

  7. My sources tell me that he’ll be back Friday, next Tuesday around tea-time, two weeks from Monday in the early morning, or sometime in September.
    Florio, look at me, I’m as good a journalist as you are!!!!

  8. If Cowlishaw worked for the New York Times and reported the CIA had kidnapped Revis, there would be no backtracking. Quit whimping out Cowlishaw, take nothing back. This time next week, nobody’ll remember.

  9. Does the NFL allow a player to sign on Saturday? I thought the paperwork needs to be approved by the League Office.

  10. This happened 2 days ago, and even after the clarification, he still has stood by his statement and his source. If there is any truth to the story, we will find out by Saturday. I have known that since Monday, you are uncharacteristically late with your Jets hate.

  11. He actually did say that right after his original tweet. Get your facts straight before you rip the guy.
    I can’t wait til Cowlishaw and Graziano and this pitt guy are right and Florio and these other PFT clowns have to bite the dust.

  12. didnt he orginally say he would sign with in the week? So how is that backing off or being wrong? All he is doing is clarifying what he said because certian internet hacks were telling half truths and making wild assumptions.
    They guy said a week and until Sunday comes and Revis still isnt signed he is not wrong.

  13. Everyone knew this report was BS as soon as Chris Mortensen thought it was a possibility,but regarding Mevis sounds like he wants big guarantee $$ 65M.
    Forgetting I am a Pats fan, thats alot of $$ guarantee for a CB who has had 1 great season. Mevis is debately one the best CB in the NFL but with 3 years left on his contract , maybe restructure with option in 2011. Had a MVP level year LY , come back and do it again.
    Anyone who believes this 1 mill BS doesn’t understand how his contract was structured that he held out for. Still has 21 million to come.
    Because of Rex Ryans mouth ( hate all you want but BB would never stick his foot in his mouth like this) the Jets are in a no win situation.
    Mevis will get paid and the Jets better PRAY the new CBA’s salary cap will not destroy future 2011 team.
    Johnson & Tannenbaum will have no choice but to fold.

  14. mike please please just football again remeber before this nbc stuff? i miss the old pft the one that made your mike

  15. what part of ‘wednesday or saturday’? don’t you get? He said on MONDAY that it could be wednesday or saturday…don’t be mad you jackasses didn’t scoop it up.

  16. Is that a crowd of angry jests fans carrying pitchforks and torches heading to Dallas?

  17. Sources close to me who claim to be close to someone close to the Revis negotiations tell me that Revis will sign on the Thursday after the first full moon that follows the game which contains the third interception of the season made by a left handed defender by a Jet opponent wearing white in a game played on natural grass.
    Why would my prediction not get announced and debated as to its accuracy as much as Cowlishaw’s?
    If I put it on Twitter and not here does it qualify as needing to be studied, evaluated and ridiculed?
    If Cowlishaw is a no nothing hack who you think is making the story up, why pay it any more attention then what my sources told me?

  18. BTW, this site has become rather slow and stale.
    Hey Mike, this is a hot time of the season an we are seeing 3 pots in in three hours. What gives?
    Bigger fish to fry?

  19. I don’t watch Hard Knocks.. I can’t stand the Jets! Win a Super Bowl within 40 years and then maybe I will watch!

  20. I don’t think a Steeler fan can afford HBO. That would cut into his Iron City Beer budget.

  21. If Revis signs within the next week, let’s see if Florio tries to claim he was correct. Florio spends his time railing that other people are wrong, but he himself has no source withthe truth.

  22. Who cares? How many of these stories do I have to read?
    Did he bang your wife again or something?

  23. KoaMisiFan says:
    Is that a crowd of angry jests fans carrying pitchforks and torches heading to Dallas?
    Naah, Koa. Not even close. Maybe heading to Florio’s house, but not Dallas.
    This circle-jerk crap is really getting old.

  24. If you actually read his Dallas daily news article Monday, he explains all of this in his article. You sir are just a hater. NBC made you florio! Just like Tony douchebag and that lousy football night in America show

  25. @Steeler’s Rule
    I hate the Jets too, but Hard Knocks is a good show. The entertainment value has nothing to do with super bowl success.
    If they profiled the Steelers it would have to be on Skinemax. Or Bravo.

  26. what is the difference in him throwing something out there and hoping it sticks to what you do most of the time florio?most of your articles are about things that may or may not happen to cover yourself either’s hoping it happens just to watch and see how you take credit for it.

  27. I had twitter once.
    Luckily PED treatment managed to eradicate it.
    PED = Performance Enhancing Delete.

  28. They are playing hard ball hopeing he does not sign
    This way when the jets do what they do best CHOKE
    They can blame it on two things
    Giant Stadium has to many food vendors and Rex does not know what he wants to eat next and DR did not sign
    And yeah its Giant Staduim

  29. It’s the same source that retired Brett Favre 3 weeks ago! I’d get a new source…..

  30. I thought Cowlishaw clearly stated that it was his “prediction” that Revis would be signed by Wednesday. So he was wrong. So what? Who cares?

  31. love how some of u losers bash florio on nearly every post he does, yet there u are post after post. u guys are pathetic losers…some of you…
    as far as colishaw goes…. keep throwing random days. i love it “have i told u i meant to say saturday too” keep shooting into that barrel u retard……. eventually i will shoot a fish and then u can talk about what a sharpshooter u are

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