DeSean Jackson: Eagles "haven't lost a step" with Kevin Kolb

Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson has been quiet through training camp and the preseason. But he took some time out to talk to the media today, and he said the offense isn’t missing a beat with quarterback Kevin Kolb replacing Donovan McNabb.

We haven’t lost a step since he’s come in and become the man,” Jackson said, per Tim McManus of “The offense is still the same. The only difference is we have a new quarterback. Everything is still the same.”

Jackson also brushed aside questions about his contract, saying that’s not what he’s thinking about heading into the season.

“I’m just here to play football. All that other stuff I could care less about,” Jackson said. “I have a job to do. If that takes me being a leader and being a vocal guy, I’m here to do whatever. But I’m just here to play football and win games.”

So far in the preseason, Jackson is doing a good job of just playing football. Jackson leads the team with six catches for 121 yards through two preseason games.

38 responses to “DeSean Jackson: Eagles "haven't lost a step" with Kevin Kolb

  1. This kid was supposed to be a punk — but so far in two years he has only demonstrated maturity. Refreshing.

  2. he needs to concentrate more on not dropping the ball before crossing the goal line then about if kolb is the man…

  3. So that means more struggles in the red zone and 0-3 against the Division champ Cowboys.
    Akers looks like a good fantasy pick, going to kick a lot of field goals.

  4. So the season is a bust if they dont make it to the NFC championship game right??? We already know they arent going to the superbowl, Cowboy fans already have their team winning it.

  5. DJack is the man. Only player in the history of the NFL to make the Pro Bowl at two positions in the same season.

  6. Now it’s only a matter of time before McNabb stats saying how this is black on black crime because Jackson said they haven’t lost a step with a white QB.

  7. Good. The Cowboys swept The Eaglettes last year 3-0. It’s refreshing to hear things havent changed.

  8. # Hawkeye says: August 25, 2010 3:38 PM
    DJack is the man. Only player in the history of the NFL to make the Pro Bowl at two positions in the same season.
    Remember who helped him make the ProBowl, DMac!

  9. Haha, love that this only has 8 comments so far. I’m sure the idiots checked in looking forward to blasting Jackson and instead saw his contract comments, and clicked off the page disappointed that they couldn’t type something stupid.

  10. So what would D Jack say to the media if they had lost a step. Well guys, we really screwed the pooch. Kolb just out right sucks compared to McNabb.

  11. DJackson is going to have a monster year. For all those Cowgirl fans…Did the Cowboys win the superbowl last year? One playoff win in a decade…Congrats Cowgirls!

  12. Desean is right about the offense, IMO. I think they’ll score a bunch of points against bad/mediocre teams, but still struggle a bit against good defenses.
    The one difference is that Kolb will throw many more interceptions (like 20).
    I think we’ll see that Reid was the problem, not McNabb.

  13. Im happy Desean has came out said this. He is giving Mcnabb a taste of his own medicine. Donovan would make passive agressive comments about team mates in the media when he was unhappy with them. So I think its good that Desean came out and said this after Mcnabb was bashing the Eagles front office in the media.
    Thats what leaders do. When someone challenges your team or teammates you step up to the challenge. Especially when it comes from a division rival. Just like Tom Brady did with the Jets. Its what your suppose to do and anyone who argues against that is just bias and a hypocrite.
    Im proud of the way Desean stepped up after the Mcnabb GQ article.

  14. “The offense is still the same”
    That’s not what we want to hear… we want to hear it’s better. The O was inconsistent under McNabb and lacked redzone efficiency.
    So what DJ is saying is Kolb throws at WRs feet or behind receivers? They’ll still go a quick 3-and-out and put they’re overplayed D on the field instead of sustaining a drive to give them rest?

  15. Everyone tries to make DeSean look like an asshole punk kid.
    He just puts on his cleats and burns people. Then the media mixes his statements to make it look like he’s a jerkoff.. I would boycott the media too.
    Its strange how fast this kid is. He makes NFL players look ssssssssslow

  16. If Jackson can stay healthy and the offensive line gives Kolb time to throw, Jackson’s going to have a monster year.

  17. I guess we will see when the season starts. Its hard to argue with a guy whose been catching the passes. Hes more qualified to make an evaluation than any of us in that regard.
    As far as the Egirls go they tho they can eat shit and die for all I care.

  18. BigMikeSkinsFan says:
    August 25, 2010 3:24 PM
    he needs to concentrate more on not dropping the ball before crossing the goal line then about if kolb is the man…
    And he outscored you’re whole WR core the last 2 years.
    Good luck watching Mcnabb overthrow you’re horrible WR’s this year.

  19. BigMikeSkinsFan says:
    August 25, 2010 3:24 PM
    he needs to concentrate more on not dropping the ball before crossing the goal line then about if kolb is the man…
    Haha…this is coming from a guy who has had his team swept and embarrased by Desean Jackson…….hate.

  20. So far Kolb has looked horrible. I’m willing to give him one more preseason look…

  21. DeSean is a fool.
    They shipped a Cadillac off to DC, and got themselves a Pontiac.
    Hey DeSean…know what P.O.N.T.I.A.C. stands for?

  22. aloud2judge says:
    August 25, 2010 4:31 PM
    “So what DJ is saying is Kolb throws at WRs feet or behind receivers? ”
    No, that’s not what he’s saying, dumb ass. Why do you have to be so stupid?

  23. It does not matter
    The Filthadlephia epukes will still suck no matter who is under center
    Maybe some of fans should go dust out the trophie case the dust bunnys are all alone

  24. BIGMIKESKINSFAN, Desean has had NO trouble holding onto the ball vs the skins. I can think of at least 4 TDs that Desean has scored vs WAS. Im not sure if he has more than that. He’s averaged at least 1 TD per game vs your skins. And that dropped ball you’re referring to resulted in a TD on the very next play. Lesson learned without having to learn the hard way. I look forward to watching Desean raise that 1 TD per game average vs the skins. Lets see. . . . . he’s scored on a deep ball, a punt return and a 70+ yard TD run on a reverse. Shit, he beats your team in MANY different ways. Maybe this season he’ll THROW a 20 yard TD pass. LOL I wouldnt be surprised, judging by the way he lights up your team. Now I see why you have so much hate towards him. Get used to it.

  25. REALITYONETWO, 17-28 for 221 yards and 0 INTs. Celek dropped a pass in the endzone and a TD pass to Avant was called back because an O-linemen wasnt ligned up correctly. Either way, he’s played well. He’s shown good arm strength and can throw very accurately on the run. Im not just being biased, either. I’ve recently heard a few analysts say that they think he’s the real deal. That doesnt mean he’s going to be great, but it shows that some people outside of the organization are starting to see this kid has talent. Im not saying that he’s going to make the All-Pro team but he’ll have good numbers and score a lot of points.

  26. Mangy66…..the Eagles shipped a Cadillac to D.C.?I think it was more like participating in the cash for clunkers program.Philly got the cash andD.C. got the clunker!!

  27. “The offense is still the same.”
    That’s the problem. The offense is the same. Same inability to finish drives in the red zone from what I have seen, same nonexistent running game, you name it. The Eagles were a big play team, but unfortunately that kind of offense doesn’t get you over the hump. I know it’s only the preseason but really, I think the problem is the coaching/offensive philosophy. It was no coincidence that Donovan McNabb’s worst games were when the Eagles passed around 50 times and ran less than 10 even when trailing by one possession for most of the game. I think the players on the Eagles have the potential to be stars, but the pass-happy system is definitely holding back the offense from showing it’s true potential. LeSean McCoy can be a very good back if Andy shows some patience with the running game. I just hope he doesn’t make the same mistakes in the Kolb era that he did in the McNabb era, because this could end badly if he does.
    Again, I realize this is just the preseason, and it’s essentially meaningless. But the fact that the new-look Eagles are having the same old problems says a lot about the coaching.

  28. its a huge drop off from a probowl QB in his prime to a 1st year starting QB. it really doesn’t matter what the ShEagles are bc they won’t ever win a superbowl w/ any QB. if i had a nickle for every superbowl the ShEagles won, i would still be broke…child please!

  29. The haters on this post are funny, It’s preseason for gods sake, I haven’t seen any team that looks unbeatable. I know that cowboy fans have already christened the boys as superbowl champs but lets see what this season holds.
    Go birds !!

  30. “so far in two years he has only demonstrated maturity.”
    Yeah, very mature the way he celebrated BEFORE scoring a TD in his rookie year then stepped on his dick by making a “we gone sting they ass” comment then going out and lying an egg in season 2.

  31. “DJackson is going to have a monster year. For all those Cowgirl fans…Did the Cowboys win the superbowl last year?”
    They won as many Super Bowls last year as the 0-3gles have won since the invention of the Super Bowl.

  32. @meatball13
    I think you missed the point of the joke. Google it. Then say “Haha”. Then move on to the next thick-headed response you’re going to make.

  33. @mangy66 I have known that joke for 30 years(and yes i did say ha-ha)…..thick headed is thinking McNabb is a Cadillac!

  34. @Vox
    The super bowl has not been around since the inception of pro football as we know it. The Eagles won 2 NFL championships before its creation. You can only brag if your team has won a championship or at least come close in the last 5-10 years.
    Therefore the Cowboys championships are just as distant as the Eagles’, so they are both irrelevant. Looking back over the last 10 years, the Cowboys have won 1 playoff game, while the Eagles have been to a superbowl once and the NFC championship 5 times.
    Learn before you speak. And the Eagles have the toughest qb in the nfc east hands down…
    “Kolb is an avid hunter; he hunts wild hogs with a couple of dogs and a 12-inch Bowie knife.”

  35. @ CowboysGiantsRedskinsSuck..
    You advised someone to “learn before you speak”
    Then you said “Kevin Kolb is the toughest QB in the NFC East, hands down”
    “Kolb is an avid hunter; he hunts wild hogs with a couple of dogs and a 12-inch Bowie knife.”
    – First of all, my gay flaming cousin knife hunts as well. He would get his ass kicked on a football field – hunting doesn’t make you tough – retard.
    – Kevin Kolb is worst QB in the NFC East. He’s not even the best QB on his own team.
    – IF he actually is good enough to stay the starter, lets see how many games he can stay healthy and “tough” for.
    – Everyone talks about Eli Manning. Dude has 87 straight starts over the last 6 years in the NFC East. No QB in the NFC East has that stat, nor is THAT tough.
    You little bitch.

  36. Not really sure any one knows how tough, or how not-tough, kevin kolb is… So, therefore, you guys are both tipping the scale to the retard side. Not really sure anyone knows whether or not he’s the best qb in the division either? I’ll have to defer to cowboysredskinsgiantssuck, for obvious reasons though. Still, vehimently arguing an irrelavent unknowable point is retarded.
    McNabb, Eli, Romo, 1 2 3, are the rankings as we know it, based on wins and stats compliled, which is the ONLY measurable point on which we can base this arguement. If you wanna put Eli in front cuz he won a super bowl, fine. Do it. It makes no difference. Kolb’s body of work is too minimal to make the comparison to those guys yet. But if you ask me who is gonna have the best statistical year THIS season, I wouldn’t count Kolb out of the running…
    I learned that before i spoke it.

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