Owners convene in Atlanta to discuss "enhanced" season

It’s August 25.  And that means it’s time for the league’s owners to head to Atlanta for a one-day meeting aimed at addressing various subjects.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said on his Twitter page that the subjects include the sale of the Rams to Stan Kroenke, the plans for Kickoff Week, and the “enhanced” season.

We suppose it’s not a coincidence that the owners will be discussing the “enhanced” season during the second half of the preseason, which would be “unenhanced” if the regular season is “enhanced.”  With the fans eager to have the real games start, it’s the perfect time to cement public support for the “enhanced” season.

So look for Commissioner Roger Goodell to meet the media at some point today, and for someone to ask him about the status of the “enhanced” season, and for Goodell to say some of the things that he previously has said about fans wanting more real football and less non-real football, and for the Associated Press to put it in every newspaper and news site on Thursday morning, and for fans to nod their heads in unison, like a giant, nationwide bobblehead farm.

And here’s hoping that the new revenue from the “enhanced” season (and reduced preseason) will help the league and the union find a middle ground that avoids a work stoppage in 2011.

32 responses to “Owners convene in Atlanta to discuss "enhanced" season

  1. How about some other news? What else are they going to discuss at the meeting? Jeez, why not post another Revis story while you’re at it?
    Why does this site constantly beat dead horses. There are quite a few one liner stories each day from various teams that deserve more attention than this and Bevis.

  2. 18 games is too many. Starters in the NFL don’t go for even the equivalent of two reg. season games in 4 preseason games of play. The Ravens starters will play approximately 6 quarters in the combined 4 preseason games.
    Ravens’ starters playing time in Preseason to date
    Game 1: 1 quarter
    Game 2: 2 quarter(selective starters finished 2nd Q most did not)
    Game 3: Coaching staff announced starters will play for 1st half.
    Game 4: Starters will play less than a quarter.
    The composite playing time for the Ravens’ starters in the preseason is roughly a game and a half. Nowhere near the equivalent of 2 grueling, highly competitive, contests that would be played during the reg season. People talk about the intensity of football changing from the reg. season to the playoffs, well on a scale of 1 to 10 that change is a 5 and from preseason to reg season is a 10.
    Adding two games, plus retaining two preseason games means starters in the NFL will probably not only add two more games to an already exceptionally difficult and wearing season, but also that they will be obliged to participate more fully in each contest of the reduced preseason, meaning instead of playing one quarter of a half at a time, they will play a game’s worth of snaps which contributes more to injury and fatigue over the course of the season more than the 1 and half games of non-meaningful football does.

  3. How much new revenue would there be I wonder, considering they already charge full ticket price for the preseason games, there would be no bump there.
    Therefore, the only difference in revenue would be capacity. Clearly the stadiums sell out more in the regular season (well, some teams) but do we have any idea what the actual difference is?

  4. So what new revenue do you see coming from this?
    Teams currently charge for 10 home games in their season ticket package – not sure the fact the one more of them is “real” will allow them to drive up prices much – particularly in places that r having trouble selling the existing inventory.
    New TV revenues?
    I understand the plan is to move these games into the current season timetable – moving the superbowl back a week and still starting the season after Labor Day…
    But their is also talk of adding another bye week which would move the Superbowl back two weeks if they give up the off week before the SB – three if the don’t.
    The risk of having poor turnout for meaningless week 17 and 18 games in bad weather locations would seem to be a serious possibility – and would affect total revenue…
    I am frankly surprised they are pushing ahead with this when the real problem is how to improve the “in stadium” experience for fans. I prefer to stay home – and warm and watch the games on my HD TV – the beer sure is cheaper….

  5. Being a season ticket holder I am all for the turning 2 preseason games to real games. Those preseason games are a waste of my money.
    But if the owners want more of the revenue from the players it is coming at the worst possible time. This is the reason I see a work stoppage and it may be a long one. No way the players are going to give money back that was negotiated last time while adding 2 more games the starters actually have to play. It would be like going to work and your boss telling you that you have to work 10 more hours a week but he is also cutting your pay by 15%. Not many employees would go for it and I don’t see the players union going for it at all.

  6. I wonder if the owners can just vote to increase the # of games like that or do they require an agreement with the players union? Is this their reason for voiding the CBA? In any case, I hope they discuss increasing the 53 man roster and the 45 players “suiting up” situation. There has to be some kind of relief for the starters.

  7. BOOOOOOO,,,,terrible idea. Nobody wants this besides the rich guys who want to get richer. Thus, it will happen

  8. Well said, Darth. To piggyback on that, I look at the number of season-ending injuries that already have taken place, most of which occurred before the pre-season started. Adding more games increases the risk of injury and waters down the product. Say a team has already clinched before those extra games? They’ll bench their starters and play the second- and third-stringers, making those games glorified pre-season games.

  9. The founding fathers of this great sport are ROLLING in their peaceful graves.
    Using the word “enhanced” is a thought control tactic, not-so-subtly implying that this is a ‘good’ thing. Automatically.

  10. Leave it at 16. Quit trying to tweak the game. It’s far and above the most successful professional sport in the US. Always leave them wanting more.

  11. For those complaining about wear and tear with 2 extra games: It’s almost guaranteed they’d be getting an extra bye week as well.
    I cannot see any way the union agrees without another bye week.
    Right now, they get 1 bye week for 16 games and do just fine. Now they’ll be getting 2 bye weeks for 18 games. I think they’ll be fine.

  12. i really don’t see why you need to decrease the preseason if the season is extended to 18 games. people are foolish for going to preseason games anyways and complaining about the prices of tickets. just don’t go

  13. ray finkle says:
    August 25, 2010 8:52 AM
    i really don’t see why you need to decrease the preseason if the season is extended to 18 games. people are foolish for going to preseason games anyways and complaining about the prices of tickets. just don’t go
    ————————————————— Hey Ry Finkle (Dumb ass), when you buy season tickets the presaeson games come with it. You get 8 reg season games and 2 preseason games for a total of 10 tickets. All 10 tickets cost the same amount each, it can be a reg season ticket or a preseason ticket, no way around not buying preseason tickets if you want a season tickets package. I could buy individual tickets but it would cost more, the waiting list for season tickets is 20,000 people long and tickets always go for more than face when sold by individuals.

  14. I have ZERO interest in seeing the number of games expanded and think its a terrible idea. Just one more way the NFL is fast losing my interest.

  15. Keep it the way it is. Those guys can’t go 16 games let alone 18. How about charginig a reduced rate for the pre-season games? I know there’s no shot at that cause they’re greedy but they’d get more people to show and buy concessions. Look at these pre-season games now? The stands are empty in the 1st quarter.

  16. Should start a countdown timer or make daily countdown posts. Feel like a crack addict and preseason just isn’t quenching the thirst, although it does help. Just a few more days to go…

  17. As a season ticket holder I already pay for 10 home games no matter what. I would rather 9 of those games mean something then only 8 of them. It’s a NO BRAINER folks. I don’t care what Peter King says. All you need to do is get rid of that stupid bye week.

  18. Um, about the only thing that will be finalized is Stan Kronke becoming majority owner of the Rams.

  19. There is nothing wrong with the regular season (OK, other than having different OT rules than post season games). Kill 2 preseason games outright, leave the 16 game schedule, start real football 1 week earlier, and add another bye week for each team. Make all AFC teams have same two bye weeks, and all NFC teams have the same two bye weeks (on different weeks than the AFC) No more adevantage/disadvantage because a division rival gets a “better” bye week slot, and the end of the season dates are unchanged

  20. Agreed with the guy who stated this is being pimped as “Enhanced” in a very unsubtly veiled attempt to “sell” or “persuade.”
    Translation: the “Enhanced” NFL season will be on its way soon to a theatre near you.
    That stated, 18 games is indeed too many. The NBA, MLB, PGA and other sports involving few to zero collisions can play all day long. This is the NFL. Not comparable at all.
    Those sports are cupcake affairs compared to what goes down on an NFL field.
    But as with the desk generals, consultants and hired “military experts” who took the cannon out the F-4 thinking the gun was outdated and easily replaced by air-to-air missles – those in the field knew better. And they were right – the gun had to be restored to fighter aircraft by necessity.
    Same story here. People who don’t fasten a chinstrap or lace up the shoulder pads are going to decide what’s best.
    I certainly like Roger Goodell and what he’s about – but assuredly don’t share his views on this one particular issue.

  21. 18 regular saeson games is a joke!!! Roger Goddell really gets on my nerve’s. There are so many players in the nfl who made it because of the preseason games. Goddell needs to sit down and shut up. The players association needs to demand more of the revenue if this crap happens. Also, please vote Kroenke majority owner immediately and fire Devaney right after. Go Rams!!!

  22. 18 games is great.
    bring it on.
    also prefer the 2 bye week setup, personally.
    means more coaches get fired.

  23. Hey Florio- it is obvious that most readers don’t like more games… (it is going to be UGLY when teams wrap up their playoff chances with five games left)
    Why do you use the spoon-fed “enhanced” term from the owners? Why not use “bloated season”
    Thats what this whole ordeal is- more bloat..

  24. Ok-
    Add one more regular season game (17) which would also help lessen “tie drama”.
    Then add another bye week. Teams would now have a bye week in weeks 1-8 and then another bye week in weeks 9-17. Help with injuries.
    This would give one more “real”game and two more weeks of TV fees.
    What’s not to love?

  25. I think that at the very least the NFL will have to allow for expanded rosters and more players allowed to dress on game day. Its rare enough now for players to last through an entire 16 game season without getting knicked up enough to miss a game or two. Adding 2 games to the schedule will only increase the injury factor.

  26. Everyone complained about these same issues when the league went from 14 to 16 games. I think this is a great idea. I really hate watching 4th stringers who will be selling insurance by October play in games. The only concern I would have is that this will make it more difficult to evaluate “bubble” players…I think they will probably have a lot more situations where two teams work out and practice together, just so that they can get situational stuff against other teams. I agree, though, that they need to expand the total and active rosters to make this work.

  27. Empire Jones says:
    August 25, 2010 11:51 AM
    Add one more regular season game (17) which would also help lessen “tie drama”.
    It would do absolutely nothing to lessen the “tie drama” It would just be an extra game…two teams could just as easily tie at 10-7 as they can now at 10-6

  28. I’m absolutely at my wit’s end with people saying they’re tired of paying for two meaningless preseason games. I’ve got a new way for you to look at it. If your season ticket has a face value of $100, then you pay $1,000 for the season. What you should do is take that total cost of $1,000 and divide by 8 games instead of 10, which results in a per game cost of $125 per seat. And then pretend you’re just getting the two preseason games for free. Guess what? You’d probably still buy your tickets! I simply cannot take one more comment about how the owners should charge a reduced rate for the preseason. Give your effin’ heads a shake before my head EXPLODES. The simplest, most American form of supply and demand. STOP BEING IGNORANT.

  29. These guys make more than mot of us will ever see, yet they only do real work for 16-19 weeks out of the year. I say make them work 18-21. I don’t care if they get hurt (yes that mean players for my team too.) It sucks, but any of us would trade them jobs in a heartbeat. So nut-up and reward the people who pay your ridiculous salary.

  30. There almost certainly has to be extra TV money involved because the stadium revenue wouldn’t be “enhanced” that much. There might be a small bump in ticket revenue but they’d probably see a bigger increase in concessions and parking from actual customers showing up to the game BUT there are a lot of teams that don’t get revenue from concessions or parking.

  31. # Eric Hipple says:
    The simplest, most American form of supply and demand. STOP BEING IGNORANT.
    Says the guy that has posted the most ignorant argument yet. This isn’t about supply and demand because there is NO demand for the preseason at regular season prices and many lawsuits over the years have proven that. Really, when your team is playing the last game of the preseason at home and it’s the first quarter and the starting lineup features guys who will be bagging groceries next week, is it really worth it to go to the game?
    Hell, if you don’t want to buy season tickets and want to go see a preseason game, you’re not going to get a deal for a single game ticket, even if it’s for the last game when everyone on the planet knows that the grocery baggers will be playing most of the game. That’s the reason why the NFL went to charging for 10 games because a lot of their preseason games used to look like ghost towns for the last couple of games because fans were smart enough to know that the grocery baggers were going to be the “stars” of the games.

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