Rams runner up congratulates Stan Kroenke

One of the most exclusive clubs in Amercian sports added a 32nd member on Wednesday in Stan Kroenke, new majority owner of the St. Louis Rams.

The man that Kroenke outflanked for the job, Shalid Khan, was gracious upon learning the news.

“I have nothing but best wishes for Stan Kroenke as the new controlling owner of the St. Louis Rams,” Khan said in a statement.  “I have gotten to know Stan very well this year, I admire his success and I am certain he will be an excellent owner for the Rams, the National Football League and the St. Louis community. 

“I’ll always appreciate the trust Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez put in me, and I thank Commissioner Roger Goodell and team owners for their professional approach in everything related to the sale process.  This adventure didn’t turn out the way I had hoped, but it was otherwise a worthwhile experience in every respect and I’ll always be a fan of the St. Louis Rams.”

Kroenke responded by sending Khan an email detailing all the team’s available luxury boxes.

9 responses to “Rams runner up congratulates Stan Kroenke

  1. Maybe now the Rams will have something in ownership that will help them recover from the dysfunction of the last five-plus years under Rosenbloom/Frontiere.

  2. Too bad the other guy didn’t win. Kroenke’s response then would have been best summarized by one word: “KHAAAAAAANNNNN!” a la Shatner.

  3. “Do not worry, Mr. Kroenke, my people will not invade your people over this incident. Salom.”.

  4. soo.. are they going back to LA where they should be? sucks for the nfc west teams having to travel 4 hours to play this lousy team

  5. Move to LA…. OOPs I forgot that they already did that. AND The Vikings are destined to move to LA

  6. Maybe they can go back to LA. Then the Vikings can move to St Loius and still be in the NFC North. Everybody wins. The Rams will be where they belong, the Vikings can try to get a new stadium (at least new to them), Favre won’t have to fly as far from Mississippi, The Pack and Viking can still have their rivalry. This seems like a good idea, sombody put me in charge.

  7. “Its not a problem for me, I will simply purchase the Jacksonville Jaguars and move them to L.A. now instead of the Rams,” stated Khan.

  8. Can you people please come up with something better than Star Trek referrals?
    Only nerds and trekkies(interchangeable groups) come up with lame crap like that

  9. @YourJustJealous
    You realize that you wouldn’t even be posting here without “nerds and trekkies”, right? Just saying.

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