Shaun Rogers could open year on PUP list

The third preseason week is upon us, which means the veterans that remain chilling on the physically unable to perform list have officially become concerns.

The Saints don’t know when Darren Sharper will return and the Browns are in the same boat with their best defensive player Shaun Rogers.  Browns coach Eric Mangini admits that Rogers could start the year on the PUP list, which would knock him out for the first six games of the year.

Mangini “hopes to see movement” on Rogers in the next week so he can make a better decision about his status.  Rogers’ chances of playing in Week One look slim if he can’t return to the field quickly.

Then again, the league may not allow Rogers to play the opener anyhow.  The NFL has yet to decide whether to suspend Rogers for his gun-related arrest in the offseason.

11 responses to “Shaun Rogers could open year on PUP list

  1. Browns traditionally pathetic DL actually showed some productive life in last four games of 2009 season – when Rogers was out and Athba rUBIN PLAYED nt. tHE JOB IS NOW HIS.

  2. As a loyal Browns fan, I could not be happier about Shaun Rogers being out for 6 weeks. It would be better if he were out for the entire year. Athyba Rubin, his backup, is far better and the D line is much better with Rubin in and Rogers OUT.
    Now if the Browns would just trade Rogers away. They’ll take anything. Even a bag of chips and an old rusty bicycle chain would be fine.

  3. Would a suspension for Rogers run concurrently with his time on the PUP list or consecutively after he’s off it (assuming both occur at all)?

  4. I would much prefer to see Rogers come back and play Defensive end. He is a remarkably fast and agile man for his size and his ability to penetrate is remarkable. With Rogers attacking the passer and Rubin stuffing the run, and a moderately good opposing end, the front defensive line for the Browns could be quite formidable. Robaire Smith has shown his ability and woudl fill that role nice;y, Kenyon Coleman makes for a most acceptable backup.
    Im not in such a rush to trade Rogers. Hes a special talent, and hardly unworthy of his roster spot.

  5. # trickbunny says: August 25, 2010 11:53 AM
    Now if the Browns would just trade Rogers away. They’ll take anything. Even a bag of chips and an old rusty bicycle chain would be fine.
    I think that’s what the Lions got for him, too.

  6. rogers is just too fast for the NT, if you watch video he is usually 5 steps in the back field before the play actually takes shape, so he can not react as he should rubin benefits from only a single team not double, and is not as fast off the line. id still trade rogers too, maybe for a guy like revis, trade the best defensive guys from each team would be fair.

  7. If the Brownies don’t want him, I’m sure the Raiders will take a flyer on him. When Rogers is on, he’s damn near unstoppable.

  8. Lions got Lee Bodden and a high draft pick for him. Bodden didnt seem to pan out for the Lions but the Patriots seem to like him.

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