Travis Ivey will be carrying pads in Cleveland

Rookie defensive lineman Travis Ivey will start carrying the pads for a new group of veteran teammates.

The Cleveland Browns announced today that they have been awarded defensive lineman Travis Ivey off waivers from the Miami Dolphins.

Ivey drew some attention early this month when he wore the shoulder pads of several veteran Dolphins to make light of the common rookie hazing ritual, which generated more attention than usual this offseason when Cowboys rookie Dez Bryant declined to carry Roy Williams’ pads.
Now Ivey can start offering to carry pads in Cleveland.

The 6-foot-4, 325-pound Ivey is an undrafted free agent out of Maryland.

11 responses to “Travis Ivey will be carrying pads in Cleveland

  1. Cubano says:
    August 25, 2010 6:09 PM
    wow! From Miami, FL to Cleveland, OH. Way to screw that gig up genius!
    Funny how some people think that all it takes to make one place better than another is palm trees. I’ve lived in both Miami and Cleveland (and now live in Washington DC)… and guess where I’d rather live? It ain’t Miami.
    You can either deal with a few months of cold and grey weather, OR you can move to Miami and deal with summer humidity that is so bad you feel like you’re swimming under warm water, crackheads and methheads everywhere, rampant crime, stretches for mile and miles where you can’t find *anyone* who speaks English (wouldn’t be a big deal if we weren’t in, uh, the UNITED STATES), and so on. South Florida is a cesspool of plastic, airheaded people, rampant drug use, and octagenarians who slow down to 15 mph on I-95 at the slightest hint of rain…. and when it’s not oppressively hot, it’s raining.
    So now, Ivey can come live in a city with world class music and arts, architecture, and nice weather 8-9 months a year, and use hellholes like South Florida to vacation in, if he’s a masochist 🙂

  2. Biglardawg says:
    August 25, 2010 7:14 PM
    He’ll need a passport to leave Cuba and enter the US.
    Got that right…

  3. I live in Cleveland. Diehard Browns fan. Would totally still be a diehard Browns fan from Miami.

  4. What does it have to do with the city?
    Ivey didn’t “choose” to leave Miami, he was cut. He’s a guy trying to get an opportunity with any team that will give him one.
    I wish him luck in Cleveland, he’s a good guy.

  5. I was born in Cleveland and my mom was born and raised in Miami –
    Miami has Capt’n Crabs and their garlic crabs
    Cleveland has Hot Sauce Williams and their Polish Boys
    Miami has Miami Pizza & Subs
    Cleveland has Mr. Hero
    Miami has the Sand Bunnys
    Cleveland has the Snow Bunnys! lol!!!
    With that said, I can grub, find women, and entertainment in both!
    But from what I have seen and read on this fella, draft analyst said he was “some-timey”, didn’t always show up to play?
    But the Browns have scratched that Sporano waiver wire before and have found gold? So hopefully, we will get lucky on this one too

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