Woody Johnson says Revis situation remains "status quo"

To the extent that sweat has been gathering on the brow of Tim Cowlishaw of the Dallas Morning News, who has reported that the Jets and cornerback Darrelle Revis will reach a new contract “probably Wednesday,” the liquid likely is now snaking down the contours of Cowlishaw’s face.

As Wednesday’s ownership meeting in Atlanta, Jets owner Woody Johnson told NFL Network’s Steve Wyche that, as to Revis, things remain “status quo.”

This implies that no negotiations have occurred, that no progress has been made, and that no agreement to bridge a gap that some believe covers $40 million in total contract value is close to being reached.

As a practical matter, Johnson’s comment (if accepted at face value) means that he won’t be calling G.M. Mike Tannenbaum today and instructing him to accept Revis’ pending proposal.  Whether Revis secretly plans to cave today remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Cowlishaw is becoming downright strident in defending his report.  AOL Fanhouse, Pitt radio, NYC ESPN radio and I all must have different sources,” Cowlishaw said on Twitter.  “If all wrong, that’s beyond strange.

But if everyone who has reported that nothing is going on are all wrong (including the owner of the team), that’s beyond strange, too.

Bottom line?  This entire situation is beyond strange.  And that’s why we find it so damn fascinating.

34 responses to “Woody Johnson says Revis situation remains "status quo"

  1. Unless of course they have been secretly meeting and/or have known for awhile that they are going to cave, in which case Status Quo means that plan is going to continue.
    You know what they say about assumptions ;p

  2. ….and whatever happens, in two weeks no one will remember it because another story, or five, will come along.
    Nothing matters until the games actually count.

  3. Oh sure … Woody Johnson shows up now, but he always disappears after that first morning leak.

  4. Figure it out Woody or I will boycott Johnson & Johnson products forever.

  5. Get this guy his money, this will be an interesting season. And who wants the Jets to be able to say ,”well if we had revis”. There isn’t going to be a season in 2011,pay him now and make arun at the SB. The players need to stand pat on this and force owners to open their books. Do you see what is going on in Miami with Marlins lying about what they are really making? The owners are making so much money it is ridiculous- sure it is a private business,but these owners continually raise ticket prices and want more money from public,claiming the are not profiting. The players are the ones who win championships and bring in the crowds.Stop letting these teams feed fans bs. You can’t hide the truth anymore.
    It’s beter to watch a game from a local establishment and have your money go towards a local business owner.

  6. Ah, the NFL rumor peddler doesn’t approve of others floating their own speculation…now that is strange

  7. this is crazy right now, everyone is saying something different. maybe the jets are trying to cover up something and trying to hold off the press till hard knocks tonight as some sort of suprise?

  8. this is crazy right now, everyone is saying something different. maybe the jets are trying to cover up something and trying to hold off the press till hard knocks tonight as some sort of suprise?

  9. @georgeanderson: the players already get over 60%. Do you want them to get it all? The owners ought to lock out the players until they are more reasonable.

  10. @ Florio-is-a-tool
    “Woody Johnson’s name says all you need to know about the Jets.”
    and what would that be?

  11. Why is it beyond strange? Because it’s the New York Flippin’ Jets – this is how they do things.
    * Harry Wismer founds team on bowling stock that turns out not to exist.
    * Sonny Werblin becomes co-owner with Leon Hess and Phil Iselin; gets booted from ownership entering 1968.
    * Weeb Eubank becomes GM, names his son-in-law Charley Winner as coach; Jets finish surprising 7-7 and then trade draft picks for Billy Newsome; team falls to 3-11 and fights erupt during 52-19 blowout in Baltimore.
    * Lou Holtz becomes coach; quits one game short of his only season.
    * Jets reach 1982 AFC Title Game but get shutout by Dolphins; coach Walt Michaels forced to retire for serial deranged behavior.
    * Under Mike Hickey Jets draft Ken O’Brien and Al Toon in mid-80s; in those same drafts other teams select Dan Marino and Jerry Rice.
    * Dick Steinberg takes over in 1990; among draftees are Blair Thomas and Browning Nagle; Nagle comes after deal with Cardinals that would allow Jets to draft Brett Favre falls through.
    *With Boomer Esiason as quarterback, Jets go through three head coaches.
    *Under Rich Kotite Jets spend $70 million in 1996 on free agent and rookie talent; combined 1995-6 record is 4-28.
    *Bill Parcells for 1998 brings along Curtis Martin, Dave Meggett, and Keith Byars; Jets stun league with 12-4 record but collapse in AFC Title Game on gaffes by all three players.
    *Bill Belichick named Parcells’ successor; famously quits at introductory press conference; Steve Gutman rips Belichick and in process reveals more about his own ineptitude – “In all my years of coaching I’ve never seen anyone talk more and win less than Steve Gutman.”
    *Bad Karma – in 2001 Mo Lewis hammers Drew Bledsoe out of bounds; Bledsoe’s injury turns out to be life-threatening and accelerates the rise of Bledsoe’s backup with the Patriots.
    *Herm Edwards coaches Jets to unexpected division title in 2002, but sees losing record in two of next three seasons; Jets blow playoff matchup @ Pittsburgh on missed FGAs.
    *Eric Mangini takes over; loses lone playoff game with Jets.
    *Brett Favre traded to Jets; Jets bet off to fast start and collapse in final month of 2008.
    *Jets back into 2009 playoffs thanks to pulling of starters by Indy and Cincy; win San Diego playoff game on three missed FGAs by Chargers; surrender 24 unanswered points in club’s first ever playoff loss (in three tries) to Colts.

  12. So if he is totally wrong will he be hired by PFT?
    He guessed a deal would be done with the show, kinda blind guess, but not a bad guess.

  13. @PFTiswhatitis & @georgeanderson
    Don’t forget, 60% PLUS SALARY. An UNBELIEVABLY good deal.
    Can my fellow employees & I have 60% of my company profits, health benefits AND a salary? It’d be great to risk no money, get paid & obtain profitability bonuses. Meanwhile, the company pays all costs & my salary (also a cost of business)?
    Plus, the players upon whose backs current players enjoy such a fruitful lifestyle…….are left out.
    Players are a bunch of selfish a@@holes!

  14. Revis better get in line.
    NOBODY in the NFL is irreplaceable.
    They will just put the product out there without you.
    Nobody is going to stay away, or stop watching The Jets because Revis isn’t there.
    I hope he knows this.
    And if he’s waiting for an Emmit Smith deal he’s crazy.

  15. Who cares about the Jets. When people say New York you think about the Giants not sorry Jets

  16. When these players sign a multi year contract it means that they get paid what they signed for for the length of the contract (or it should). If a person signs for 15 million a year for 6 years it means that you have to settle for 15 million for all 6 years!
    At the end of that time, if you aren’t on welfare for being underpaid, then you can work out a new contract for 20/30 million a year!

  17. If the player’s want more money than we need to lengthen the season and shorten the rosters… Other professional sports are longer in season and don’t have as many people fighting for job’s…

  18. Put Mike Daly on the payroll Florio, that was some list of Jet history he put up. Forgot to include:
    Jets – Giants open new stadium by playing each other and Gint fan prevents the J-E-T-S tool from getting in position to lead the cheer.

  19. @ Mike Daly
    Looks like someone has a little to much time on their hands and needs to find themself a JOB!

  20. I think PFT’s reaction to Colishaw’s report is the only really strange thing about this story.

  21. @Mike Daly
    dude, you have WAY too much time on your hands. May I suggest a hobby, girlfriend, a job, anything.

  22. Wake up Hailskinzz. The Jets may not have won anything on the field yet, but in the NY news, media and TV they have crushed the Giants.

  23. GreenAsGrass says,
    Jets may not have won anything on the field (41 years) yet, but in the NY news,media and TV they have crushed the Giants.
    Once again, the proud PAPER CHAMPIONS fanbase has spoken .

  24. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Woody just broke the code of silence they all agreed to.
    What a dysfunctional owner. No wonder they have a hapless GM and an immature coach.

  25. oh look, ampats reappeared!
    I was starting to think you had found a nice Patriot blog to comment on…silly me. Your life wouldn’t be complete without the Jets would it?????
    Revis will be on board any day now.
    And Jets going 1-1 vs. Pats was okay last year, but going farther in the playoffs than BB and darling Tom was truly great.
    But in the meantime why don’t you commisserate on barstool sports with the other massholes, eh?

  26. Notice that Cowlishaw never mentioned Florio’s name. He probably never heard of Florio, or if he did, could care less.

  27. Why does Status Quo automatically lead people to assume that this means there has been no progress or talks? That’s just ERRONEOUS. If Woody had used the term Status Quo to describe the CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS then he would be in volation of the standing gag order/media blackout. All that Status Quo means is that nothing has changed … AS IN “There is still a gag and I still can’t talk about it.” That’s all he can say.

  28. paulierm: just saw your comment… just wanted to give you credit where credit is due.. wholly agree with you.

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