Antonio Bryant "getting really close"

Bengals wide receiver Antonio Bryant is an early favorite for the most disappointing free agent signing of 2010, having already received $7.85 million from the Bengals despite a knee injury that could mean he never plays for the team.

But Bryant says he’s improving and still hoping to be on the field for the Bengals in the regular-season opener.

“Time is only running out if you’re not making progress and I’ve been able to progress and do things I wasn’t able to do,” Bryant told “It’s been encouraging and made me a little anxious. . . . We’re getting there. We’re getting really close.”

But even if Bryant is healthy enough to play by Week One, it’s possible that the Bengals will decide to cut him because he’ll be guaranteed $3 million if he makes the Week One roster. Even if Bryant says he’s close, the Bengals may look at his $3 million salary as throwing good money after bad.

7 responses to “Antonio Bryant "getting really close"

  1. Antonio Bryant “getting really close”
    Unlike Antonio Cromartie, Antonio Bryant is smart enough to pull out.

  2. Antonio Bryant milking an injury and being lazy after he’s gotten a big payday?
    color me shocked

  3. You’re all morons, including you MDS. He’s not getting cut, and you schlubs haven’t received word one about that possibility, now, or two weeks ago when you so inaccurately opined/”reported” that cutting Bryant was a possibility because of his salary. Worst case scenario is that he hits IR in week 1-2-3 or whenever if he can’t go this year safely. This is a precautionary measure becasue he was rushed back last year to help a sorry ass team. More ill informed opinion passed off as an “article.”
    Everybodygotaids, that’s pretty funny, thank you.

  4. The Bengals should never have signed Bryant. TO should have been signed to begin with. I blame the Bengals poor medical staff and Marvin Lewis who preferred Bryant over TO to begin with. Lewis has essentially wasted millions of dollars of the franchises money. It should come directly out of his contract extension. BTW, how’s that Andre Smith thing working out.

  5. It’s more likely hegets cut late, then gets resigned for a lower figure. Teams do that all the time with guys who arten’t likely to get interest.

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