Donnie Avery suffers possibly serious knee injury in New England

On a night in which the Rams unexpectedly have shown significant promise, with rookie quarterback Sam Bradford leading the starting offense to 20 first-half points against the Patriots, a bucket of ice water has been dumped on the budding optimism via a knee injury suffered by receiver Donnie Avery.

Avery, the top man on a receiving depth chart consisting primarily of no-names, injured his knee after he banged it against the field while diving for a pass. 

Trainers attended to Avery before a cart took him to the locker room.  After Avery was on the vehicle, Patriots receiver Wes Welker, who tore an ACL and MCL in the final regular-season game of the 2009 season, shook Avery’s hand and wished him well.  (Then again, we’re only assuming that Welker wished him well.  We didn’t hear what Welker said.  For all we know, he rubbed it in.)

Though the Rams could still get lucky on this one, it’s hard for a team that hasn’t had much good luck in recent years to hope for the best.

In the first half, Bradford completed 15 of 22 passes for 189 yards and two touchdowns.  Starting in place of the injured A.J. Feeley, Bradford possibly has down enough to nail down the starting job as of Week 1.

28 responses to “Donnie Avery suffers possibly serious knee injury in New England

  1. What’s Bradford going to do, throw it to himself? IF he can get it done with no names then he is the real deal.

  2. Bradford played very well. Avery was a “1” among a cast of 2’s and 3’s. I can’t imagine his loss actually impacts the team in a major way. He is an oft-injured, over-drafted WR.

  3. You could see that he had hurt himself right away because he had a hitch in his step before the ball even got to him.
    Sam showed all his skills and as impressive as his numbers were, they could have been better as he had a couple of drops. He REALLY looked good when Jackson was on the field as the defense had to concentrate on him. Say what you want but this kid IS the real deal. He’s going to have a rough year but if Jackson stays healthy, he’s going to make it easier on him.

  4. I’m looking forward to the 9ers D welcoming Bradford to the NFL. I seriously do wish him well, he seems like a nice chap, but I hope we sack him 6 times when we play…

  5. The Rams can sign whichever wr the eagles cut, and he’ll be their #1. Speaking of former eagles receivers…watch out for WR Brandon Gibson for the rams this year… You heard it here first!

  6. Florio, I am truly starting to agree with lots of other people…… you are an ASS!
    Welker is a class act…….He definately wished the guy well……..

  7. Sam Hurd to The Rams for a 7th round pick…Lock it up…CHAMPIONSHIP! ——–
    OMG! I laughed so hard I wet myself.

  8. Jesus Bradford almost had three touchdowns in this game! There was one corner pass in the endzone that was caught just barely out of bounds by the receiver. Bradford looked like a stud against a good defense…
    And the Patriots left their starters in til the fourth quarter. They obviously did not like what they saw from their team.

  9. It may be time for Devaney to pick up the phone and call his fomer team about VJax. They gotta give Bradford a true #1 WR.

  10. Tough to see guys get hurt like that in meaningless games. With all the stupid rule changes why doesn’t the NFL make it manditory for ALL players to wear knee, thigh and hip pads? I don’t think their is a receiver in the league that wears them and then they want to protect the same receivers by not allowing the defense to hit them when they are “defenseless”.

  11. I think Avery was over-drafted but he is still a very useful WR. I think that more then anything he is just too small for the NFL, but he does have a lot of skill. I guess the bright-side of that statement, if he is indeed seriously injured, is that this wouldn’t be devastating to the Rams.

  12. (Then again, we’re only assuming that Welker wished him well. We didn’t hear what Welker said. For all we know, he rubbed it in.)
    Nice aside Mike. What a douche.

  13. The Pats defense made Sam Bradford look like Dan Marino out there… He played awesome last night… great sign for Rams fans… Terrible sign for us Pats fans.. best of luck to Avery

  14. # MizzouRam says: August 26, 2010 9:43 PM
    Come on Bradford haters. Time to line up and eat your crow…
    Really? The guy has two god awful preseason games followed by one good one, and every “hater” is supposed to eat crow? I don’t really spend a whole lot of time worrying about Bradford one way or the other, but how about we all just wait and see what he actually does during this season, and perhaps a couple more, before we all make up our minds?

  15. “Then again, we’re only assuming that Welker wished him well. We didn’t hear what Welker said. For all we know, he rubbed it in.”
    Guess you didn’t notice that Welker and Moss were both close by and started clapping when the guy was up, before Welker walked over to shake his hand… nothing like implying something out of thin air. You watch too many cable political programs.
    Meanwhile, Bradford made it look like anybody could be a #1 for him, despite the vanilla defense from the Pats.
    However, I’ll agree that the Pats defense played terribly. Maybe the offense can carry them with their quick strikes until the kids on D get their big boy pants on. Here’s hoping.

  16. Marty Gilyard is a big play threat in the same way Avery was.
    And they still had Brandon Gibson along with Danny Amendola who was Mr reliable on 3rd down for Bradford. Robinson will step up along with whoever replaces avery

  17. Although I’m a Niner fan, I hate to see that happen. I hope he recovers. He seems like a good guy who’s had some bad luck. And Florio, you don’t actually have to try and be funny EVERY post. It definitely makes you look like a douche. Well, you probably are one.

  18. Bradford looked sharp, but preseason is seriously meaningless. Let’s see how he handles it for a season playing behind swiss cheese.

  19. Bradford hasn’t been sacked in the last two games, the Rams OL is better then you think Jack Acid.

  20. The problem with jerks is they don’t know that they are jerks, wise up Mike, you act is old. Bill

  21. Steve W. says:
    Really? The guy has two god awful preseason games followed by one good one, and every “hater” is supposed to eat crow?
    In the first place, the worst of that you could say about the first two games is that his team couldn’t protect him and he had to get rid of the ball quickly, which meant a lot of short completions. Part of that was due to the offensive line and part of it was due to the fact that he was playing with the second and third string backs, which has been a problem for them, both as runners and as pass protectors. He was also getting second team reps but with the exception of the running backs, he played with the first team in the game and they weren’t used to him. He also came off cold into the Browns game because of Feeley’s injury.
    Last week, he got first team reps and when he played, he got Steven Jackson to start the game and went 4 for 4 on the opening drive. He was 15 of 22 but a couple of drops were in the receivers hands. He’s going to make mistakes but he’s going to be everything that the Rams hope that he’ll be.

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