Giants' Shaun O'Hara out for two weeks

Giants center Shaun O’Hara, who is suffering from Achilles’ tendinitis, was placed in a hard cast today and will miss the final two games of the preseason.

“It’s just something I’ve been dealing with pretty much all through camp,” O’Hara said. “I’ve had some good days and I’ve had some bad days. It’s been something we’ve been kind of coping with and working through. It’s reached the point where we decided we need to just try to isolate it and give it some complete and total rest.”

With O’Hara out, Rich Seubert moves from guard to center, and he says that’s fine with him.

“Whatever they want me to do,” Seubert said. “I’ve played center in practice ever since rookie year. I’ve always taken snaps. In this business, the more you can do the better off you’ll be. I feel comfortable at center.”

But the Giants would be much more comfortable with O’Hara at center. He’s started every game there each of the last three seasons, and the decision to shelve him now is an attempt to get him ready to start for Week One.