Jeff Feagles: Plaxico Burress "stole my number"

When Plaxico Burress signed with the Giants in 2005, he wanted the No. 17 jersey worn by punter Jeff Feagles. So Burress and Feagles struck a deal: Burress would get No. 17 in exchange for paying to have some work done on Feagles’ house.

But five years later, Feagles says Burress never did pay up.

Feagles told that he tried talking to both Burress and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, about it, and neither one of them would honor the commitment Burress made.

“I never got paid for it,” Feagles said. “I asked [Burress] for it. Every time I went to Drew he said, ‘That’s between you and Plax.’ Bottom line, I never got paid. He basically stole my number.”

This isn’t the first time a dispute has arisen over a jersey number. In 2005, Redskins running back Clinton Portis agreed to pay former teammate Ifeanyi Ohalete $18,000 for his jersey number — a day before they were scheduled to meet in court over the matter.

Feagles doesn’t sound like he cares enough about the issue to go to court. And Burress, who’s currently serving a two-year prison sentence, has bigger things to worry about.

29 responses to “Jeff Feagles: Plaxico Burress "stole my number"

  1. It’s his own fault. Should have gotten a check for the money when he signed the paperwork. Never trust a guy name Plaxico.

  2. Feagles has been doing the ‘sell the number’ routine for years. He’s had a great career. Let’s not end it looking like a moron. Plax is in prison.

  3. Might have a case if the money was going to charity. But Feagles is an idiot for trusting someone named Plaxico who wears his hair in corn rows.
    In the end Karma got Plax.

  4. Burress has always been a low-life, self-absorbed, selfish, one can go on and on. He never paid his litany of traffic tickets, he……….oh forget it. He is just a lame person.

  5. Plaxico was going to pay to have work done on Feagles house??????? Feagles is an idiot, cash in hand stuipd.

  6. from what i know about the guy,plaxico always put the time in with eli in order to get the their timing down.i never heard that he ducked practice.
    but on the other hand,good god,this guy had the worst attitude imaginable.i have a feeling that some of the people around him didn’t want to be in the same room with him.
    i always felt tom coughlin wanted to borrow plex’s gun and shoot plex in the ass.

  7. Feagles was also mad at Ricky, but Ricky only lost his number. He didn’t use it when he got home.

  8. Typical Plax MO – remember the car dealer where Burris never showed up to sign autographs.

  9. plaxico sounds like the name of a tool and die shop but i dont know what that or his hairstyle has to do with anything

  10. That is not the only thing this thug has stolen. He does not pay his debts. He has been sued several times for minor debts. He is scum and is right where he belongs…behind bars.

  11. Cash, check or pay for the work on my house ?? Seriously ?
    Did he want to avoid getting taxed by the IRS or something ? I mean, Feagles has made probably $15 million in his 20 years or punting and occasionally fanning on a tackle. I’d say it’s the 2nd easiest job in football behind being Peyton’s back up.
    Well, Plax may have been the dumbass to shoot himself but you’re the BIGGER dumbass for not getting the money or filing suit against him. I’d do it now, especially since Plax is having to show he’s a changed man in order to get out of the big house.
    Fantastic “XVII” post, mrlaloosh !

  12. Mr. Feagles, how dare you suggest that current convict, Plaxico Burress, has dishonored a handshake agreement! America will not stand for such libelous conjecture! I mean, sure he’s got a history of screwing people over and not paying debts, but you have to separate each instance from one another….convicting Plaxico in the court of public opinion [or possibly, actual court…again], after all that he’s done for others–FOR SHAME, MR. FEAGLES!!!

  13. I don’t blame Feagles for receiving compensation for his number. I’ve seen where this has happened several times over the years in the NFL, with payments ranging from cash, to motorcycles, to charity donations. I also don’t blame Feagles for expecting Burress to pay for his number …… two years ago. His fault is bringing it up now. I can only imagine how little PB cares about JF’s house, while he sits in a cell away from his own home.
    XVII!!!!!!! brilliant idea, hell they should let whole teams do that, anything to sell more jerseys to we the cattle.

  14. Plaxico Burress is a bum. How many stories were there about him not paying bills and people chasing after him in court? I highly doubt this guy has been changed by his prison sentence. He’ll be just like Vick once he’s out, back to feeling like the world owes him something, he’s above the rules and better than everyone else. Peasants like him piss me off. They bring the low class mentality along with them when they achieve any success. In the real world, people keep their word, Plaxico. You can’t duck someone forever or hope they go to jail or get shot so you don’t have to pay your debts. Loser. Karma’s a bitch, Plax.

  15. Feagles isn’t smart. That’s either a “Serbian Jew Double Bluff” or the cost of doing business with a professional black athlete.

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