Lions beat out Texans, Seahawks for Tyler Polumbus

It was a surprise on Tuesday when the Denver Broncos waived offensive tackle Tyler Polumbus. It’s no surprise that multiple NFL teams put in waiver claims on him.

Polumbus has been awarded to the Lions, and Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that the Texans and Seahawks also put in claims for Polumbus. The Lions get him because they had the worst 2009 record of the three teams.

Polumbus has played in every game but one for the Broncos since signing as an undrafted free agent out of Colorado in 2008. Last year he started eight games, and he said he expected to make the team this year as well.

It was a little unexpected,” Polumbus said. “But I’m just blessed to have been able to start my career here in Denver in my hometown.”

Now he gets to take his talents to Detroit.

7 responses to “Lions beat out Texans, Seahawks for Tyler Polumbus

  1. Polumbus is a walking turnstile, and was directly responsible for causing Elvis Dumervil’s injury. The only surprise about the Broncos cutting him is that it took them so long to do it.

  2. detroit discovers polumbus!
    detroit wins the polumbus lottery!
    nope, not inspired. same old lions.

  3. The Lions are not only collecting former Seahawks players but now they’re adding players the ‘Hawks were pursuing as well. Annoying.

  4. @ Stealthhawk -the seahawks are just collecting anyone they can get.. if my poop knew how to play football.. they would try come claim it too .. =)

  5. Who was surprised? Oh, I see. Polumbus, and yes, those that don’t know much about the Broncos… got it. At least 152.80% of the Broncos fanbase was NOT surprised by this move. Gather what you want from that tidbit.

  6. Insecure, impotent wastes of space give the Lions a hard time. Mad we get 2nd pick at the waiver wire? you’re worried about the amassing talent in michigan, and the willingness of our GM to CONSTANTLY improve the roster from the bottom up, or the top down. You’re all getting nervous, its easy to see.

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