Patriots guessed right on Gronkowski

Though it remains to be seen whether the back injury that wiped out the 2009 football season for tight end Rob Gronkowski, and that also pushed him out of the top 40 picks in the 2010 draft, will limit his NFL career in any way, the early returns suggest that the Patriots have gotten a steal in the second round.

Gronkowski played like a beast on Thursday night against the Rams, dragging a defender 10 yards for a score and then stretching out to nab another one.

In three preseason games, Gronkowski has scored three touchdowns.  With opposing defenses keeping close watch on Randy Moss (who hauled in a 65-yard touchdown on Thursday night) and Wes Welker, Gronkowski could find plenty of openings in opposing defenses.

41 responses to “Patriots guessed right on Gronkowski

  1. You realize you’re pumping guys up from their play in not only the preseason, but against the Rams?
    Get a grip.

  2. Don’t know if the kid has dropped a ball thrown his way yet, but one thing I do know… I wouldn’t want to bring him down.

  3. That drag play belongs on the highlight reel. Guy is just too big to be stopped like that.

  4. He dragged Lauriniatis like 3 yards and he’s an absolute monster.
    Forget covering him in the secondary. Just hope Brady can’t see him.

  5. Exaggerating isn’t OK when reporting Florio. I’ve watched all the Patriots preseason games and haven’t seen Gron drag someone ten yards. Didn’t your boy in Dallas teach you anything?

  6. Why is it that every time the Patriots draft a guy, I wish my team had done so instead?
    Probably because they’re THAT good.

  7. He didnt drag him 3 yards…it was at least 5. B.E.A.S.T…cant wait to get Gronk this season

  8. Laurinaitis was on the ground with his face in the dirt, trying to hold on for dear life with his finger tips around his heel… at the five yard line.
    Let’s not pretend he had a 250 lb LB on his shoulders with his arms wrapped around his body and he carried him for 20 yards. 180 lb WRs could have broken out of Laurinaitis’s grasp.
    I think he’s the real deal but I also like reality too.

  9. I should amend myself. I was exaggerating (but only from memory) myself; that isn’t fair either. Lauranaitis had his arms “solidly” around his lower calf. However, I still argue that using the same technique you use on your 2 year old kid, in his pajamas across the linoleum floor for 1.5 yards (from the 5.5 to the 4) was not that impressive — that lateral drag movement was impressive from a strenth standpoint, but probably unnecessary… once he went for the dive and pulled up his leg, he slipped right out of the hold. Many players wouldn’t even have had to dive/stretch for the last 4 yards to get past the Ram lying at their feet, they would have slipped right out.
    Still expect him to be pretty damn good, but one never knows.

  10. As a Pats fan preseason means nothing against the Rams, what I’m impress with is that Gronkowski hasn’t dropped a pass thrown to him yet, got to admit though he looks like a ”6-6′ beast pulling a grown man 3-4 yards for a TD.

  11. rjsjr, are you blind? The guy had arguably the best defensive player on the Rams around his ankle at the 10, and still got a TD.

  12. Hernandez from Florida is the better pass catching tight end. Gronkowski is the better all around TE. If the Patriots defense can stop other teams, they should win the division again.

  13. @stiller43
    Hater alert! This guy is the real deal. He makes Heath Miller look like a bitch and he is only a rookie. By the way, she said no…! G-FORCE!

  14. welcome to the show everyone im a big arizona wildcats fan and id expect nothing less out of gronk. No Hernandez is not the better receiving tight end i can 100 percent promise that gronk has better hands I can say I havent seen many players with stronger hands or pure balance for his size get ready to see more of these pure beast plays of dragging people or purely just bouncing off of them. Hes fun to watch

  15. @tedskro
    You are full of crap fan boy. Hernandez is a better at catching. You just can’t see beyond your own Wildcats world. Get a clue. That being said, I can be objective; and Gronkowski will be the better tight end overall.

  16. My top 3 guys in the draft were Thomas, Gronkowski, and Tebow. Broncos got 2 of them, and I was hoping the Vikings would take Gronkowski. But Cook looks good for them and they did get Gerhart later in the draft. Pats got a first round talent for sure.

  17. @robert ethen
    Have you heard of Sam Bradford? How about Ndamukong Suh? Maybe Brandon Graham or Dez Bryant?
    While I think Gronk will turn into a stud tight end (predicting top 5 production this year), Thomas and Tebow? Come on, dude.

  18. The Pats will be using a shit pile of 2 tight end sets this year…..with Gronk, Hernandez and Crumpler available they will be a handful for opposing defences

  19. whatever florio, he’s no victor cruz. also glad to see that belichick’s 8th tight end in 5 years may actually contribute

  20. You forgot to mention that the rest of the Pats played like absolute crap, both Gronkowski TDs came in garbage time when the No. 1s from the Pats were playing the No 2/3s from the Rams.
    Yes, the friggin Rams, worst team ever.
    And the Pats D made Bradford look like Manning. Couldn’t stop the Rams passing, nor the rushing, nor could the Pats No 1 O get any first down.
    Holy shit, if the Pats play like that, they’ll not going to win more than 8, and have to play for winning shootouts.

  21. I hadn’t seen the play, I watched it after reading this. What a disappointment. It’s a good play but nothing spectacular. Lauriniatis’s tackle was appalling.

    However, Gronkowski looks like a good player. Together with Crumpler, the Patriots look really solid at TE. Tom Brady has got a lot weapons to throw to. If Welker makes it back to full fitness and the o-line stays healthy the offense might be better than they were in 2007. The defense doesn’t look as good as it was though and Randy Moss is always just one hissy fit away from shutting it down for the season, so let’s give it while before we “crown their ass.”

  22. King10,
    Don’t give too much credence to robert ethan’s opinion……he’s the resident court jester, not known for his football knowledge.

  23. Sounds like the Pats not only “guessed” right, but did their homework as usual and left the others looking like idiots, as they usually do.

  24. Truly scary to realize Tom Brady has never had these kinds of weapons at his disposal in the passing game. Ever! This 2010 Patriots passing game won’t set records like they did in 2007 but this team is potentially a much more difficult offense to defend. Gronkowski is quite impressive but what’s really scary is Aaron Hernandez, the other rookie TE is actually a better receiver. Good luck defending this passing game.

  25. Well, the reason he wasn’t taken in the first round was the injury question. So, if he stays on the field the Pats made a great pick. If he doesn’t, they didn’t.

  26. Gronkowski was projected a round 2 pick in every mock imaginable, some 3rd. None of it had to do with injury, most had to do with the fact that TE’s aren’t normally Rd 1 picks, with only a few exceptions. “Steals” are normally a guy that dropped into a position way lower than projected & performed at the level originally expected. Gronkowski looks good at this point in the PRESEASON….. I will reserve judgement for games that matter. But, Gronkowski does look to be a solid selection though, but not a steal by any means.

  27. Unfortunately he plays for the Pats. Its good to see a hometown kid from Buffalo making it and doing well. would of LOVED for the Bills to grab him. He did an interview on a local radio station last year and admits his younger brother is a better athlete than he is. IDK if it was just being nice to his lil bro but that family is full of studs. Go Gron………be nice to the Bills.

  28. I smell a 38-35 Bengals win in Foxboro game 1….Keep in mind Cincy’s D will be much better then Atlanta or St Louis….LOL
    Should be a good game…..We got the top CBS crew for that game so it may be on nationally in all Non sellout cities…

  29. You’re all a bunch of idiots if you think picking up Gronkowski was another example of how much smarter the Patriots are. Gronk was rated in the top three TEs on every single mock draft site and it was nearly unanimous that he would be a 1st rounder if not for the back injury.
    It wasn’t that outlandish to take him with the 42nd pick.

  30. It might have only been the Rams…but the Pats were on to something when they took Gronkowski. This guy reminds me very much of Mark Bavaro. He can block and catch…just needs to stay healthy. I am not a Pats fan at all, but I do find myself admiring the play of Gronkowski. Dude is a beast.

  31. I agree that Gronkowski probably wouldn’t be considered a “steal”, considering he went about where most were projecting him. That being said, IF (huge if) he does become a 10-touchdown guy, or OROY or something (again, massive if), and you grabbed him in the mid-2nd? Great pick. Even if he just catches a handful of TDs, grabs a handful of 1st downs and is a solid blocker, it’s still a good (but not great) pick.

  32. Hasn’t the “Great Bill Bellychunk” blown a couple of high picks on TEs in the past couple of years?
    That’s right, wag your heads up and down, he has.

  33. He had a great game. Wait a few weeks when his back gives out and he goes to IR before you say they guessed right

  34. wow all the pats fans are really happy;) but its just pre-season so all of you calm down!! big deal he made a good play against the rams in pre season to boot, BFD –to all pats fans wait till thanksgiving day you will be all shocked when the new detroit team beats you down! than we will see what little things you all grasp at??

  35. “Truly scary to realize Tom Brady has never had these kinds of weapons at his disposal in the passing game. Ever!”
    Truly scary to realize that the Pats fans have said this about every TE that has blown through town since Coates was at the top of his game.
    Wasn’t Ben Watson equally impressive early on leading Pats fans to annoint him the new “Big Ben” even though a much bigger star had already cemented the nickname, even though one of their own had truly earned the nickname years before… Where’s he just a few years after his debut?

  36. # football24-7 says: August 27, 2010 9:33 AM
    wow all the pats fans are really happy;) but its just pre-season so all of you calm down!! big deal he made a good play against the rams in pre season to boot, BFD –to all pats fans wait till thanksgiving day you will be all shocked when the new detroit team beats you down! than we will see what little things you all grasp at??
    Predicting beatdowns at the hands of the Detroit Lions is the definition of grasping.

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