Raheem Morris not happy with out of shape Derrick Ward

Buccaneers strong safety Sabby Piscitell isn’t the only player in coach Raheem Morris’s doghouse.

Morris says veteran running back Derrick Ward is out of shape, and he says that if Ward is unhappy with his place on the depth chart, that’s his problem.

“In ’09 we weren’t a very good football team. We weren’t a very good organized football team as far as our running game. We all struggled,” Morris said. “He was a guy that was a part of it. He went out there and he probably didn’t get the holes that he wanted. Whatever the reasons were – nobody cares. It is your job to go out there and get it done. That is the same thing I’d tell Sabby. He feels bad about not being a starter. He feels bad because he feels like he was unjustly done, and nobody really cares.”

Last year Ward was the Bucs’ No. 2 running back, but Kareem Huggins has drawn even with Ward on the depth chart. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Ward get cut before the regular season starts.

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  1. I agree with Raheem regarding Sabby Piscitell and Derrick Ward. If you want to be in the starting line up, earn it and stop complaining.

  2. One of Radio’s big problems is that you can’t be a tough guy with some players and kiss the ass of others. The guys see right through that.
    Tough coaches are tough on everyone.
    Players’ coaches are easy on everyone.
    Jack-Wagons play favorites and demote guys via intermediaries and text messages.

  3. Bust.
    It is going to be a long season in Tampa. At least the Rays will keep the Bucs off the front page until late October.

  4. So, Rah thinks calling out his players in the media is the way to coach? He does not have the stroke that Parcells had. This will lead to a revolt. Notice how with Sabby or Derrick Ward, its “his problem.” It’s going to be your problem, Coach, when the season starts.
    Let’s recap: A TE so fragile, he has to be “saved” for the season, says Rah. A second year, inexperienced, interception-throwing starting QB with a broken thumb, caused by a whiff block by the journeyman holdout LT who bent his GM over the desk to get more money. Two high draft rookie DTs who are as visible as glass and as stout as a wet paper towel. A middle LB who is so angry at being lied to about a new contract that he is playing not to get hurt. A cadaver at one CB. The other CB says cussing Rah is how they get along.
    If Ward and Clayton get cut, will Mark Dominik admit he does not know what the hell he is doing? Or doe we have to wait for a 1-6 start?
    Rah and Dominik are against the 18 game season. They want 8 preseason games so that the worst they can do is lose 12 games this year. Then, they can argue that they improved.
    This team’s owners fired Tony Dungy and Jon Gruden. After both had consecutive winning seasons. No wonder the Brits hate them.

  5. ward was never a starting running back. he was a chump even when he was brandon jacob’s shadow. but like the bucs do, they signed fraud big-time allstar impersonators, wrote the checks, and ignored their own players. now they’ve made a mess that’s so multifaceted you can’t tell where the b.s begins and where it ends. that’s not even my team and they frustrate the hell outta me

  6. I think there are a lot of folks on here that also aren’t getting the holes they want.

  7. “Raheem Morris not happy with out of shape Derrick Ward”
    Bucs fans are not happy with their punk ass teenager of a coach. Handle the players like a man and keep it out of the media.

  8. and there is a rumor that Tanard jackson.. of the Bucs has violated the team’s substance abuse policy and will be suspended 8 games..

  9. Lol, I love this guy. Can we get 32 more of this kind of coach who tells it like it is. I selfishly hope the Bucs do well this season just to listen to his press conferences.

  10. There’s obviously no respect for Morris amongst the players.
    His cocky attitude aside, he was done a real disservice by the Glazers to be offered head coach. A few years of tempering at defensive coordinator and he’d know that calling out players in the press is a losing proposition.
    I wonder if he’ll last the year.

  11. Note….. Ward not happy with stupid, out of mind head coach either, but that didn’t make headlines.

  12. “Bucs fans are not happy with their punk ass teenager of a coach. Handle the players like a man and keep it out of the media.”
    You mean like how Piscitelli and Ward kept it out of the media?

  13. DailyRich:
    “You mean like how Piscitelli and Ward kept it out of the media?”
    A head coach is supposed to lead by example. Morris wasn’t even a good CB coach let alone a good head coach.

  14. DailyRich, you don’t get it. Players and Coaches are not equal. “He did it, too” is not a defense.
    As Billy said to Prince in Purple Rain, the “stage is no place for your personal shit!”
    A wise coach named Gruden used to say, “you get what you deserve in this league.” Can anyone name any Head Coach ever hired with less experience than Morris? The Glazers are getting what they deserve.
    I used to go to every game, but when they fired Gruden, I said I’ll not darken a door at Raymond James again until they hire a real coach. Apparently, I am one of about 20,000 who feel that way.

  15. A real coach who thought Charlie Garner was the answer at running back? A real coach who wasn’t able to develop any offensive talent in six years? A real coach who had offensive rookies that had great seasons, only to tail off and fade under his tutelage?
    I’m not saying Morris is the answer, but Gruden was far from the land of milk and honey. He was the kick in the ass the late 90s Bucs needed to get over the top, but look what he did with that team once the old talent left or got old. Constantly patching the holes with 30+ year old vets to go 9-7 every year wasn’t the answer.

  16. Gruden was the most overrated coach in the NFL. I like where Rah is going. If you have watched any of the preseason games with Tampa you would see that the first team offense and defense played really really well. I know its only preseason but they already look alot better than last year

  17. These two wortheless players went out and have openly expressed their discontent with their playing time…if Morris is asked a question in a press conference about the players openly having issues with their playing time via the media….then why should he be able to respond with something along the lines of…if you want to be a starter, you have to earn it. It’s not like he is taking personal shots here…he is sharing something that is pure common sense. Anyone who watched a Bucs game last year..would know that Sabby and Ward should be nothing more than NFL backups and they are both major contributors to the lack of success the team had last year.
    Also, everyone always wants to hate on Gruden. Yes, he inhereted Dungy’s team(really Dungy’s defense)…heard it a million times before. I believe that most of the blame falls on Bruce Allen for Gruden’s lack of success ofter SB 37. He forced Gruden to make it work with Crissy Simms…never would allow Gruden to go out and make the aquisitions needed…and is at least half to blame for the lousy draft picks made over their tenure. Gruden was destined to fail in Tampa eventully anyway. During the las t few years of Dungy’s reign…the Bucs had no 1st rd picks…IE Keyshawn Johnson trade…then they spend 2 more to get Gruden…So he didnt have a first rd pick til 04. Then the team was already over the hill…so instead of fully rebuilding…Gruden tried to do 6 years worth of patchwork..while rebuilding in the background…to be fair to Gruden though…with the bad picks he made..Gaines Adams, Michael Clayton, Dexter Jackson…he also made some pretty good picks ..guys who will be cornerstones for the next 5-10 years for this team…Barrett Ruud, Davin Joseph, Tanard Jackson, Aqib Talib, Quincy Black, Geno Hayes, Donald Penn. Conclusion…is Gruden overrated…yes…was/is he a good football coach…yes..if you have a ring…no matter who is on your team or no matter where the players came from or how they got there…then you are a good coach.

  18. Funny how people are bustin’ on Raheem and don’t know what they are talking about. I’ll give you the fact that the guy is young but to say he’s not a good DB coach or D coordinator is just not accurate.
    The year he was away from the team was one of the worst years for Bucs Defensive Backs. Rhonde Barber has said publicly that he was jumping up and down when he heard that Raheem was back with the team.
    Stop the Hate

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