Billick confirms teams have final say over Hard Knocks content

In conjunction with this season’s Hard Knocks series on HBO, we’ve heard more than a few times that the team that is the subject of the show has the ability to veto anything that is scheduled to be aired.

On Thursday, former Ravens coach Brian Billick, whose team served as the guinea pigs for the first year of the show, confirmed that the team controls the content.  “We had the latitude that anything we weren’t comfortable with, we had
the right to pull that,” Billick said, via SportsBusiness Daily.  “You have to kind of agree that maybe this
doesn’t put you in the best light, but you can’t be pulling something
out simply because, ‘Geez, that doesn’t make me look good.  That’s got to

So, this year, the Jets presumably green-lighted the use of rampant profanity, the characterization of Antonio Cromartie as a guy who’s too dumb to know the names of his own kids, the publication of a depth chart that may or may not have shown the names of players in danger of being cut, the contrived effort to cajole defensive end Vernon Gholston into mixing it up during practice in the hopes that his “nuts would drop,” and anything else that paints players or coaches or employees in less-than-flattering terms.  To the team’s credit, however, the Jets allowed the first episode to include G.M. Mike Tannenbaum’s ungainly attempt at fielding a punt, which included an unintentional reverse somersault.

Moving forward, keep in mind when watching the show that, for better or worse, we’re only seeing what the team wants us to see.

25 responses to “Billick confirms teams have final say over Hard Knocks content

  1. Nobody is forcing you to watch it idiot.
    I honestly don’t see how the Fins can lose a game in the next 3-4 years at least!!!
    Jets 4-12
    Fins 16-0
    … enough from you dumb fin fans

  2. I am biased but my Bengals last year put on a quality program. I have not watched the Jets simply because I can’t stand watching a Ryan sister running a team. I don’t think women should be in football and Ryan is a perfect example of a women messing up football.

  3. jets are a historically a desperate and dumb franchise… ANYTHING for attention at ANY cost!
    Their attempt to be relevant is pathetic.
    I guess that what happens after spending 41 years looking up to the rest of the NFL and their own division.

  4. I like the behind scenes look the Jets give and the all access pass we get.
    People are too uptight with Rex Ryan and the other Jets personal with their language. Its football ladies and gents, if the language offends you watch something else…
    and pisss off Reverend Tony Dungy! I could have coached the colts to a superbowl

  5. I find it hard to believe that Lord Florio felt the need to post such drivel……
    Anyone with half a brain already knew that the teams had veto control over what was or was not shown. Hell, Florio (or one of his minions) did multple posts already saying the Jets would not let footage involving Revis be shown……..

  6. This has been confirmed many times before, most recently when HBO came out and said they would respect the team’s wishes when it comes to content (i.e. Revis).
    The cromartie thing is BS. I saw it when it first aired and didn’t think he took too long to name his kids. As far as I know, he didn’t get any info wrong, people are just using it as a chance to mock him. In hindsite the team probably should have pulled it, but like me, they probably didn’t think it was that bad.

  7. @SomeFans
    “Their attempt to be relevant is pathetic.”
    …. this must be why you can’t stop talking about them huh? Some people are just way to stupid.

  8. SomeFans pisses and moans:
    “Their attempt to be relevant is pathetic.”
    Shouldn’t this be directed at the media? You have them to thank for the constant Jets stories.
    I hope they remove the stick from your arse, SF. You have to have some of the darkest, angst-filled posts of anyone submitting on this site. WTF?? Why the intense, deep, dark hatred? Did your wife call you “Antonio” during sex?

  9. @ SomeFans
    Just so you know, the Dolphins have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in 37 years. So you really shouldn’t be spouting like they have. Because they haven’t.

  10. Green-lighted? How did this not get flagged by spell check or proof reader? How about Green-lit?
    You write these articles that are so biased with your personal opinions, which is annoying enough, but now I read something that appears someone with the grammar of a 12 year old wrote.

  11. Gotta love the jests getting all po’d at Florio for voicing his opinion and that of many other people. Makes for very entertaining blogging. First, I read from jests fans how it’s reality tv and that’s just how they are in camp. Then, I read from people in the know how it’s scripted and cut to make it entertaining.
    I still don’t understand why Cromartie would want to look stupid by stumbling and bumbling with his kid’s names. He said himself that he aced the list to start with and they wanted him to look dumb and he decided to go with that approach.

  12. Seriously?? This is news?? You thought a team would let 30 crew members invade their space every day for a month as they prepare their season without having some say in what can be publicly aired??
    Wow. It’s a reality show, not an investigative expose.

  13. @SomeFans
    Everytime you see the word “Jets” you and Koa give us even more attention. We don’t mind, but you guys definitely have some sort of weird fetish.

  14. i thought this was obvious…the jets def doctored up their depth chart to mess around with those who are peaking..i wouldn’t even doubt they put in dummy calls and signals..hell I would.

  15. “Just so you know, the Dolphins have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in 37 years. So you really shouldn’t be spouting like they have. Because they haven’t.”
    Please jests fans, explain to me how the jests going to, and LOSING, the AFC Championship game last year is something you all hang your hats on, but Miami going to, and winning a couple and losing a couple, the Super Bowl in 1971, 1972, 1973, 1982 and 1984 doing “ABSOLUTELY NOTHING”? Isn’t going to the big dance a bigger accomplishment than going to the AFC Championship game? Or has something changed?

  16. “Everytime you see the word “Jets” you and Koa give us even more attention. We don’t mind, but you guys definitely have some sort of weird fetish.”
    First, thanks for graciously allowing us to post here. Second, what is a “sort of weird fetish” about enjoying some good comedy?

  17. @ Koa
    My point exactly. The NFL is different every year. So getting to the AFC championship game is quite an accomplishment no matter how a team gets there. The fact that you and a few other Dolphins fans on here rip the Jets for an accomplishment stinks of bitterness.

  18. p.s.
    If you come to a football blog for comedy, you’re weird dude.

  19. @Curtis Martin’s HOF Speech
    No one rips on the jests for “an accomplishment”. We rip on the jests fans for thinking that is their ticket to the Super Bowl this year. Hey, if a couple teams laid down for the Fins and they made it to the playoffs to face a kicker that chokes on two chip-shot FGs, I’d like it too. But I would still recognize the team to be a 7-9 or 8-8 team and not talk about Super Bowl because of it.
    p.s. — you must not read some of the jests fans posts. They’re hilarious. They act like the season is just a nuisance they have to endure before the trophy is hoisted over Rexy’s head. That’s funny as crap.

  20. So what your saying is that if your team made the playoffs you would assume the following year the best they can do is 500?
    Akili Smith > Chad Henne

  21. If they made ONLY downgrades to their team, yes, .500 would be an accomplishment. If you think for a second that getting rid of Thomas Jones for LT is an upgrade, you must be believing the pre-season hype here. If you think getting rid of Faneca for that rook, you’re wearing the green kool-aid glasses (how many sacks have they given up so far?). If you think Sancheezy has improved…..well, nuff said.
    Jamarcus > Sancheezy

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