Calvin Pace to miss "a few weeks"; Sanchez's shoulder checks out

The Jets provided plenty of drama for Hard Knocks in their third preseason game.

Their backups lost a late lead again, this time to the Redskins.  While that should be good for a few Rex Ryan expletives, an injury suffered to one of the team’s starters will have a more lasting impact.

Ryan said after the game that underrated linebacker Calvin Pace will miss “a few weeks” with a foot injury.  Jason Taylor could potentially start now in Week One against the Ravens if Pace can’t recover in time. 

Quarterback Mark Sanchez also gave a brief scare after taking a big hit at the end of the third quarter.  He stayed in the game and threw a touchdown.  (The Jets’ second touchdown in 18 possessions for the first team offense.)

“It’s good. I just fell on it, it felt a little funny,” Sanchez said to CBS on the sidelines after he came out, wearing a wrap. “They just wanted to make sure, check me out, they said it was already good.  Checked the strength, range of motion and all that, and it’s good.”

Sanchez’s injury doesn’t seem like a cause for concern, but the Jets’ passing game was unimpressive again.  The starters went eight drives between scores, and drove for their only touchdown after the Redskins took out their starters.

40 responses to “Calvin Pace to miss "a few weeks"; Sanchez's shoulder checks out

  1. They need more than just Revis back that’s for sure. The Redskins looked like the much better team. Shanahan is just flat out a better football coach.

  2. Thats what you get for leaving your 1st string out there till the 4th qtr = stupid. while the other team has there 2nd string out there and you still lose…………

  3. “after the Redskins took out their starters.” TWICE. that was Washington’s 2s and 3s. NY played their 1s into the 4th. pathetic

  4. rex left his starters out there into the 4th qtr cuz he’s really wanted to win and try to get some mo going for the fans and the jets going into the season cuz his jets ain’t been doin’ chit……but that doesn’t surprise the rest of us does it, LMAO

  5. The Jets should have never ran their mouths early. Now they have to live up to it and it ain’t happening. QB still making rookie mistakes.
    Aside from Brady AFC East needs QB’s.

  6. Sanchez and Leinart are busts! The media cannot help pretty boys read a defense and play with fire…so sorry Jets fans…you are going down.

  7. The Jets Offense, except for the O-line and the running game, looked piss poor. Not sure what to make of the Jets Defense though. Rex Grossman had time to throw and found a lot of open receivers. And “Silverback” Williams shut loud mouth, Ray Ray wannabe, Bart Scott up a couple times.
    As a Skins fan I’m pleased with what I saw, accept for the running game. If I was a Jets fan I would be frustrated with Sanchez. Sophomore slump anyone?

  8. The Jets were just practicing how their starters could score against another team’s 2nd and 3rd stringers. They perfected that last season. Except they lost this time, they must be losing their touch.
    McNabb didn’t even play, so the starters were losing to Rex Grossman and John Beck?

  9. Bottom of the AFC East and Rex’s bottom of the toilet. …….. The NY Jests!

  10. Jets fans, I’m a Redskins fan, and all I can say is the preseason has been a blessing for you. Its best to slump now, than to win all the preseason games and lose the first four games of the season. Eat the humble pie now, and hopefully wake up in time for the start of the regular season.
    One thing’s for sure the guy in San Diego who said LT has lost it, needs to pee in a cup tomorrow as he’s obviously on something. Dude has looked good through the preseason.

  11. Chris Wilson deserves a shot to start in place of Andre Carter…he seems really suited for this 3-4 system. Andre seems slow and lethargic. I am also thinking that the 3-4 isn’t well suited for London Fletcher, he looks like he is out of his element.

  12. It’s the preseason. Hell, the Lions offense looks unstoppable right now and nobody’s printing playoff tickets in Detroit. This should tell you all you need to know.

  13. If Sanchez is your QB of the future then you Jets fans have a lot more than Revis to worry about. Sanchez has proven he is not an NFL quarterback, he throws more interceptions than tds he has no accuracy and his knees are bad because he doesn’t wear knee pads when he spends quality time with Rex. So all this talk about Jets going to superbowl is just nonsense and stupidity. At best this team is an 8-8 team and that’s with Revis. Suckas

  14. lol laxer37, the detroit lions will have a strong offense this year…. not just in the preseason. a deep defensive line and they most definitely need to fill some MAJOR holes at linebacker and secondary. Poor joke to take a shot on the lions offense when we all know offense isnt gonna be the problem for them for this year and years to come.

  15. Dont say nobody warned you Jets fans…..0-4 to start the season. Sanchez will have 6 picks by week 4.

  16. @Laxer37
    No one would print playoff tickets in detroit if this were the regular season anyways. In this economy, detroit couldn’t afford to go.

  17. Bison
    I couldn’t agree with you more. How many times have we seen teams cruise thru preseason and then go 1-4 when it counts.
    The key is to stay healthy and losing Calvin Pace for a few weeks hurts.
    As far as Rex leaving starters in, he was so frustrated with the fumble and the pick that he wanted to see a first team TD, so he let them stay in for .08 seconds of 4Q to score. I’d have done the same.

  18. Did everyone hear? There’s a NEW football team in New York, and they’re taking the headlines by storm. They’ve got the public watching their every move. They are the new story of New York football.
    The Jets looking f**king terrible – preseason or not.
    They are the same old Jets. Thank god I live in NJ and get to remind every green wearing fool about all the shit they talked this offseason.
    This is the problem with fan bases that aren’t used to WINNING – you dont know how to conduct yourselves.

  19. hey no hope
    its friggin preseason. for simple minds that means the games don’t count.
    so go watch replay of Giants losing the final regular season game in their stadium 44-7 and remind yourself that the 2009 Giants are losers and will be again in 2010.

  20. Fat ass Rex ran his mouth, and wrote checks his team can’t cash. Simple as that. He shoulda known better after slipping into POs backwards last year, and starting a nobody QB…well, nobody outside the ladies’ world of glamor magazines, that is!
    Bart Scott is an avg to above avg LB w/a big mouth that garners him more attention than he deserves. He is yet another LB who made a buig payday off of playing next to the greatest MLB of all time. David Harris is a very nice player, but no Ray. Kris Jenkins couldn’t hold Haolit Ngata’s jock. Calvin Pace is no Terrell Suggs. Jim Leonhard is anice story of overachievement and a real strong player…but he’s no Ed Reed. Bottom line, very good D with a great D coach…but not going to be the dominating D like in Baltimore in 2000 to carry a pathetic offense, which is what the jets have. Sanchez flat otu blows. Will make some great plays, but will kill you at other times. O-line is strong, but don’t expect that running game to be as strong, expecially with faneca gone.
    Jets won’t even make the POs…will be #3 in their division…maybe #2, because the Pats are nothing beyond Tom Brady…

  21. I would say that the impending collapse will be a beautiful meal for the Jests fans to eat, but that delusional fan base will have no clue they just got served anything! It will just be an exercise in twisting things around to look like it wasn’t their fault (i.e. the refs screwed us, it was that gimmick wildcat, “we controlled 2 phases of the game, but everyone beat us with that 3rd phase that doesn’t count”, or simply “I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you!”)
    Pathetic team, pathetic fans.
    Consider this Miami fan’s popcorn fully popped. LET THE COLLAPSE BEGIN!

  22. Jets fans relax you won the paper and the big mouth world title so your season is done once again
    The Stepchildren 50% off seats what else can I say that the owner has not already said you are the bargin basement of NY and NJ football
    jets fans go back to your momas basement and STFU and let the real team take its rightfull place on the frt page of the paper
    jets = 40+ years of failure

  23. You ain’t seen nothing yet!
    Wait til ‘Flash & Dance’ (AKA Braylon, “Hands of Stone” Edwards) kicks it into gear. This man has the full package, hands of stone, legs of lead and alligator arms!
    By November the Jets fans will be votin for a lockout, starting December!

  24. That is the worst news any jests fans should want to hear!!!!!
    Pace going down and JT starting? I’ve been seeing JT get shoved around like a ragdoll all pre-season. Sancheezy’s injury not bad enough to bench him for the season…..even worse news. Oh wait, I watched Brunnell play too. Either way, the jests are in serious trouble.
    Didn’t the Skins switch to the 3-4 this season? Could be part of the reason they were out of position and giving up big plays. Pretty big switch.

  25. If you actually watched the game, you would have noticed that most of the Skins starters were in during the TD drive.

  26. Im the biggest Jet fan out there , and were going to go nowhere with Sanchez at Qb, they need to sit this kid for yr or 2 before he’s completly shell shocked and ruined for ever ,he’s just not ready to handle the pressure that’s coming with the expectations this season , unless there’s some miracle turn around from him this team wont win 7-8 games,The D is there but ,marks decisions and having that bullseye on our back are going to be to much to overcome !!!!! Hopefully Im wrong, we’ll see

  27. “This is the problem with fan bases that aren’t used to WINNING – you dont know how to conduct yourselves. ”

  28. Nacho Sanchez=Matt Leinart……..two failed USC QB’s. Mark my words, Sanchez will be nothing more than a backup QB in the NFL and I wouldn’t be suprised to see him out of the NFL within 3 years.

  29. Sanchize is the “LEADER” and with his leadership the Jets can’t help but win the superbowl !! LOL

  30. Yeah Sanchize is certainly leaving a lot to be desired so far.
    This could be a problem in regular season. We need the QB from last years playoffs. But Jets will run the ball a ton anyway so they should be okay provided the QB cuts down on the picks.
    PS – speaking of last years playoffs…How did the Dolphins do in the playoffs last year?

  31. smarterthanyou says:
    August 27, 2010 11:33 PM
    Unlike Ravens fans let’s not get too excited about preseason results.
    This is not only unnecessary, but also untrue is many cases. I am a Raven fan and have not been very impressed with our preseason thus far. I think we’ve done ok, but our pass defense is suspect and our passing game has yet to find its rhythem.

  32. # GreenAsGrass says: August 28, 2010 8:46 AM
    hey no hope
    its friggin preseason. for simple minds that means the games don’t count.
    so go watch replay of Giants losing the final regular season game in their stadium 44-7 and remind yourself that the 2009 Giants are losers and will be again in 2010.
    Your a tool. Keep harping on one miserable season…first in 5 years not making the playoffs. Why don’t you remind yourself your an idiot and watch the last 40 years of Jets failures. Moron.

  33. “PS – speaking of last years playoffs…How did the Dolphins do in the playoffs last year?”
    Uh, they weren’t gifted into the playoffs like the jests were. Sorry.

  34. So, Sanchez’s shoulder checks out, but what does the report say from Sanchez’s OB/GYN? Man, that dude is a pu$$y.

  35. BrownsClown says:
    August 28, 2010 9:32 AM
    “By November the Jets fans will be votin for a lockout, starting December!”
    Quote of the year.
    Got Money?

  36. You jet haters crack me up…..its freakin’ preseason and the jet running backs were strong as always. Pats got smoked by the RAMS and Dolphins looked horrible in loss to Atalanta.
    i guess that means Buffalo will win the division……..idiots!

  37. You see the trend?? That’s right… Skins are gonna hurt somebody every game. The Dallas trainers better have a good supply of smelly salts to wake their running backs up. Brian Westbrook is no dummy… the Rams are getting some Burghundy and Gold visitors in 2010 and San Fran ain’t. I know ain’t isn’t a word, I wrote that 500 times on a blackboard before, but I had to get the point across correctly. Homo.. I mean Roma probably should be concerned too. Roy Williams already knows and Dez Bryant oughta sit that one out. If not, he’s gonna hear footsteps in his sleep the rest of the way
    warpath21 out

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