Matt Leinart bristles at his benching

NFL_leinart_250.jpgOn Thursday, the Cardinals unexpectedly (but hardly surprisingly) demoted Matt “Three and Out” Leinart for the team’s third preseason game.  In his place, Derek “High and Outside” Anderson will start against the Bears.

On Friday, Leinart discussed the situation, showing precisely the same maturity level that has landed him in his current predicament.

“I don’t know how you judge performance when you have 13 pass attempts to the other guy’s 40,” Leinart said, per Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic

But, Matt, it’s not about the other guy.  It’s about you. 

Coach Ken Whisenhunt has seen far more than 13 pass attempts from Leinart in training camp practices, offseason practices, in-season practices, preseason games, regular-season games, and even postseason games.

But at least Leinart hasn’t become discouraged.  “I believe that I’m going to be starting that opening game,” he said.  As to a possible trade if he doesn’t win the job that he’s now losing, Leinart said that “we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

Matt?  Look to your left and then to your right.  You’re on that bridge right now.  And if you’re not careful you’re going to burn it down.

UPDATE:  Somers has more comments from Leinart.  And more in this case, from Leinart’s perspective, isn’t better.

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  1. Maybe Leinart would have seen 40 passes too if his drives lasted more than 3 plays. His immature comments actually support the case for Anderson….

  2. Maybe one of those 13 pass attempts shouldn’t have been such a poor throw it almost cost Larry Fitzgerald his season!

  3. At New England.
    Wait, sorry. Wrong obnoxious story line about a terrible QB.

  4. Matt: “I believe that I’m going to be starting that opening game”
    Ken Whisenhunt: I believe that you’re gay.

  5. As others have noted, in the last game Leinart looked like he wanted to be anywhere but playing QB in the NFL. He looked like a bad Arena guy playing, knowing he’s going to get cut soon. He has no “it” and he’s ending up as just another great college QB who couldn’t cut it in the NFL.

  6. Will someone ask him about his noodle arm?
    I just don’t think he gets it. What a sense of entitlement. Someone should ask him “what exactly have you done or shown that would qualify you as a starting quarterback in the NFL?”. I’d love to hear his answer to that question.

  7. Can’t they just beat him with a hose behind the shed until he “gets it”
    Shut up and play or GTFO. This guy has no excuses and has had plenty of opprotunities, looking like he needs a different coach or proffession all together….

  8. Really? What else is Leinart supposed to say? Whisenhunt is apparently unable to develop a franchise QB.
    Kurt Warner carried the cards for the last 3 years, now Whisenhunt will be exposed.

  9. Yeah Leinart – follow Anderson’s maturity and blast the team and city AFTER you leave.

  10. It is really too bad that Max Hall isn’t two inches taller and have a little stronger arm. If Lienart had his balls that wouldn’t hurt either.

  11. Maybe Leinart is a nice guy, but he’s done nothing to prove he isn’t a piece of usc trash. Nacho libre Snachez is next.

  12. Matt Leinart is the king of the “dump off” pass but that’s because there is NO running game. Three & out? They didn’t pass on every down! 13 pass attempts & 10 completions… It’s ok though. Play D Anderson he like to complete passes… To the defense!

  13. Dont forget they built their line for a righty; Leinart is an awkward fit regardless.
    Pete Carrol better not be getting nostalgic.

  14. As stated above, looks like we have another member of the Entitlement Society. What a dope.

  15. Cardinals look brilliant for not trading for McNabb now. Probably the situation that made the MOST sense for them, but who needs a QB anyways? (Trent Dilfer-era Ozzie Newsome can raise his hand)

  16. Leinart was given 6 series and ended up keeping those drives alive long enough to attempt 7 passes.
    Anderson was given 8 series and ended up keeping those drives alive long enough to attempt 40 passes.
    7 attempts/6 series = 1.17 attempts per series
    40 attempts/8 series = 5 attempts per series
    Maybe Matt the problem is that you didn’t make much of the chances you were given . . . and by the way you had the teams #1 personnel on the field with you the entire time.

  17. Matt, too bad the ignorant can’t comprehend that you are right.
    Burn em down… to the ground.

  18. If Leinart would actually WORK at the game, he might actually get better and start games rather hold the clipboard.

  19. Despite all the Leinart bashing – he’ll start game 1 – and i expect he’ll be better than any other QB in that division

  20. Just think…if D. Green picks Cutler instead, Denver stands pat and drafts Maroney, who probably thrives in the ZB scheme in Denver. The Broncos make the playoffs in 2007 behind Plummer, who is just now contemplating retirement, and Shanahan is probably still in Denver, or just getting fired this off-season (more likely for any coach that makes guys like Marquand Manual, John Engleberger and Nate Webster starters). Meanwhile Kurt Warner goes out with a whimper on the has-been heap instead of somehow all the sudden becoming a media darling second only to Favre.
    All the while, Lienart still blows– probably for St. Louis– while Cutler directs traffic in the Cards personnel department avoiding the threat of Derek Anderson; or, better yet, is fresh off a sissy-fit that lands him in Chicago, where the desperate and hapless GM still gives him the role of VP of Football operations, even if not the title…

  21. reminds of when he whined that the better team didnt win after Texas beat the University of Spoiled Children

  22. He’s always been a petulant d-bag, soon to have plenty of free time to hang out with his D-list “celebrity” friends…

  23. Anyone want Troy Smith ? People here in Baltimore STILL think he is the best thing since sliced bread. Maybe he can go to the Cards and prove that he is as bad as Matt….

  24. Holy Crap! I cannot believed he bristled at it. I would have thought he would be overcome with joy, but no! As you pointed out, he bristled! Thanks for digging this one up Florito.

  25. Pete Carroll is many things but he’s shown that he’s not going to bring former USC guuys in just for the sake of it. He shipped out Laurence Jackson that was a former #1. He may have brought LenDale White in but then cut him a month later.

  26. Again, Leinart never got a fair chance. He is in the league since 2004 and played, what, 3/4 of a season?
    And to you guys who say Anderson made more of his series, well, Anderson played against 3rd team defenses.
    Don’t be surprised if Leinart airs out 3 TDs and 200 yds the very next game, against the bad 2nd and 3rd team defenses…

  27. On Thursday, the Cardinals unexpectedly (but hardly surprisingly) demoted Matt “Three and Out” Leinart for the team’s third preseason game. In his place, Derek “High and Outside” Anderson will start against the Bears.
    And another article by Mike “I’m trying to be funny but I’m not” Florio!
    But in all seriousness Leinart is a tool and a crappy quaterback. What a waste of a pick.

  28. Leinart will have a huge game as the back-up and DA will suck as usual against the first squad defenses. KW will be in no better place this time next week. Let the kid prove he doesn’t belong…there is always the possibility of a trade with the redskins; Rex Grossman never saw a wideout down the field that he didnt think was open

  29. The real story isn’t that Leinart has been benched for Anderson, but that the Cardinals didn’t have provisions in place against the day Warner retired. They knew Leinart sucked; when Warner won the starting job for good in preseason 2008 it was because Matt threw three interceptions against the Raiders and looked to be in way over his head. This was after the 2007 debacle when Whisenhunt would remove Leinart for short stretches of games and replace him with Warner to jump start the offense.
    They had to know the day was coming that Warner wouldn’t be there. He even said as much in 2008 when he openly contemplated retiring after nearly getting Boldin killed against the Jets. The Cardinals had roughly two years to implement Plan B and chose to keep their head in the sand. My question is, what happened to Leinart? Dude threw for more than 400 yards against the Vikings as a rookie and looked completely polished and professional.

  30. Scoop,
    Nice hypothetical.
    Or if the Titans take Leinart like Fisher and Chow wanted to, then he’s probably enriched as the starter because he doesn’t play for coaches that play musical chairs with the QB position. Fisher was forced to go to Collins over Wonderlic Young, and then had nothing to lose when he went back to him.
    As a Colts fan, I’m glad this didn’t happen because the Titans would be tougher, but the Tards need to trade Leinart to Seattle, and they both would be better off because Whispiss doesn’t like Leinart and that has been clear because Kurt Warner has played some awful first halves where if it would have been Leinart playing with the same performance, he would have been pulled for the overrated one.

  31. Matt is now free to take up his natural calling to MMA full time. Maybe Jay Glazer will also make him his personal bitch.

  32. @ Danwhitmer
    You may know more about Troy Smith than I do with you in Baltimore but I’d sooner give him a shot at the starting job than a Jake Delhomme, Derek Anderson or Trent Edwards. Edwards looked to have a decent college game and who knows if he can play in the pro’s but he’s better than a re-tread.

  33. Neither player will be an adequate replacement for Kurt Warner. Arizona’s simply a bad organization that got lucky – OBVIOUSLY they put all their eggs in one basket, made a valiant run for a title, failed, and they’re back to where they were. I’m totally unsurprised.

  34. I don’t understand this. Wise Guy is being and idiot so so is Lienart.
    Leaders aren’t born, they’re made – Vince Lombardi.
    Lienart should have been learning about leadership while Warner was around, and if he wasn’t passing the smell test that’s on Wise Guy.
    As far as the check down passes, that’s the crutch of every young Qb. Lienart is still young and he can grow out of it. It’s a growing pain thing.
    Derek Anderson is a joke. Why any team would make him a starter, especially after the Brown incident is beyond me. Only makes me think there’s something wrong with the upper management of this ball club more than the players.

  35. Too bad Goodell can’t suspend for stupidity.
    Actually if he wanted to he probably could… Might do Leinart some good.

  36. My guess is Leinart will start looking pretty good after about 3 weeks of Derek Anderson.
    Ask any Browns fan…….

  37. I love how some of you tools here are making every excuse in the book for why Leinart “deserves” to start. Whisenhunt and his staff are in the business of winning football games, not making one guy feel good about himself. Also, Whisenhunt doesn’t strike me as a coach who jerks players aroundjust to get his rocks off, seems like a straight shooter. It’s not his problem if Leinart can’t take the straight shots. I feel sorry for the guy because he’s choosing between bad and worse, but it’s a no brainer if one guy can make NFL throws, makes significantly less, while the other guy is just as bad if not worse with less physical ability and makes significantly more money. It’s a no brainer to cut the bad player who makes more money so that you don’t owe him anymore and roll with the other cheaper loser.
    Matt Leinart is not an NFL starter. He doesn’t have NFL physical ability. About the only thing about Leinart that he has going for him is his release and accuracy, but his arm is too weak. And for the moron saying that if he were in TN, he’d have a coaching staff who believd in him, you’re pretty dumb. Yeah, because the Cardinals haven’t handed him the job twice in 3 years while he’s fumbled the job both times.
    It’s a refreshing move because Whisenhunt isn’t going to prop this guy up just because he was a first round pick. Also, I love the people who knock Vince Young to prop up Leinart. His team’s personnel went to the Super Bowl the year he got benched….what exactly has he done at all in the NFL better than Vince Young? Oh yeah, he had a higher Wonder lick score…..well, his Wonder Lick was also higher than Dan Marino and Donovan McNabb, so big freaking deal. If you don’t got it, you just don’t got it….Matt Leinart doesn’t have it. Being traded or signing with a team without one of the top 3 receivers in football won’t make it better, that’s kind of absurd logic for you Leinart apologists. And I love his excuses of how much the personnel has changed….you failed when you had the old Personnel too, you know the same personnel that went to the Super Bowl that year, lol. So when’s the excuses going to stop? It’s like the people in Houston who always blamed the line for why DAvid Carr sucked, when after he got cut, the sacks for Houston were significantly reduced from the 40’s to like 15 or something the following year, which points to Carr causing more of those sacks than the much maligned Houston line.
    Whisenhunt only wants to run the ball and play defense this year in his old pittsburgh model now that Warner is gone, and it’s a huge indictment that he doesn’t trust Leinart to do that.

  38. I love how darnell dockett always comments (through twitter) about other NFL teams and their issues, but when something like this happens to his own team, he has nothing to say.

  39. Seems like Leinart checks down a lot and throws the short underneath pass. Playing it safe all the time.
    Anderson seemed to throw it wide and long more often. He connected enough to be somewhat impressive.
    But the Cardinals appear to have a major problem at QB. What a waste of an otherwise talented team.

  40. Leinart ” doesn’t get a chance ” because he flat out sucks !! The nicknames were great

  41. It’s not about being an apologist.
    I have a problem with his grooming. He carries himself poorly to say the least. That stuff can be groomed.
    Also, if he wasn’t carrying himself properly, fine, he’s a wasted draft pick – get rid of him and hit FA or ask Warner to come back till you got a guy… Something!
    The one thing you don’t do is string things along, keep undermining a Qbs confidence, replace him with a HUGE FAIL in Anderson and hope all goes well.
    This is far more on WiseGuy than on Lienart. WiseGuy runs the show – Right now he’s ruining the show. If I was the other 52 guys on the team or a fan, I’d be angry at hWiseGuy and his LACK of leadership.

  42. Wow, what a loser. This clown looked like Chris Simms in Denver last year. No arm strength and no clue. Troy Polamalu should pee on his face.
    To the Troy Smith comment:
    Troy looks like Kurt Warner compared to this limp wristed, b hole. And he’s most likely not going to make the 53 man roster in Baltimore.
    That’s how bad Whineheart looks.
    Don’t blame this on the Whizzer either, he didn’t draft this clown and it’s becoming more clear he doesn’t want him.

  43. What’s funny is if you read this story by our “Man on the town” Mike Florio, Leinart DOES sound like an petulant little brat. But if you read the story by the writer who ACTUALLY talked to Leinart in it’s entirety, Leinart comes off as if he knows he has to do better and is making a commitment to do better.
    And also, the “13 passes compared to 40” comment sounds like Leinart is pointing at critics for jumping to conclusions based on last games performance/reps in the OTHER article. Here, Florio makes it sound like Leinart is blaming everyone else.
    What gives Florio?

  44. I hope he gets cut. then we’ll see if he goes the way of Jamarkhole Russell and no one picks him up. From the limited stuff this year and last year I’ve seen, I’m guessing that he’s not close to NFL calibur.

  45. # Unnamed Source says:
    Maybe one of those 13 pass attempts shouldn’t have been such a poor throw it almost cost Larry Fitzgerald his season!
    Oh, like the one from Kurt Warner that cost Boldin his?

  46. Anderson was NO better than Quinn in Cleveland and now, someone expects him to be better than Leinart – puhleeze. Anderson just throws interceptions further down the field than Leinart, who has been hurt by the fact that his receivers aren’t putting up YAC (Let’s not forget that during his “breakout” season that Anderson threw 19 interceptions).

  47. Matt “Three and Out” Leinart……………….

  48. Interesting stats for those who keep gigging Leinart for his short passing game. Here are the % of passes by Warner and Leinart that started Behind the line or 1-10 yards over their years together:

    2009 :   Warner: Leinart :
    Behind Line:    17.4 :    13.3 :
    1-10 yards :    53.6 |    51.8 |
    2008 :   Warner: Leinart :
    Behind Line:    17.9 :    11.4 :
    1-10 yards :    55.7 |    37.1 |
    2007 :   Warner: Leinart :
    Behind Line:    14.2 :    13.4 :
    1-10 yards :    48.3 |    45.5 |
    2006 :   Warner: Leinart :
    Behind Line:    16.7 :    13.0 :
    1-10 yards :    55.4 |    55.7 |
    2006-2009 :   Warner: Leinart :
    Behind Line:    16.7 :    13.0 :
    1-10 yards :    53.1 |    52.2 |

    Seems to me that Warner threw a greater % of short passes than Leinart and he had hoped that he’d get YAC just like Leinart did and he was more successful because he was more often than not, playing with the first team receivers while Leinart was mopping up.

  49. Leinart sucked so bad this preseason that after watching the last Cardinals game I dropped Steve Breaston from my fantasy team. No way Arizona is moving the ball with him as their starting QB.

  50. Now I’m glad he didn’t come out a year earlier when my Niners had the #1 pick. I never though I’d say this but I’d rather have Alex Smith …….of course every time I see Aaron Rodgers I puke. Niners passed on him

  51. At least Anderson has pro bowl talent to lean on. He needs to get his head right and maybe make a comeback.

  52. Warner had a losing record in Arizona, and was barely better than Leinart’s. So let’s not make Warner out to be some super being. He was just a qb playing with the best set of receivers again.
    If they leave the offense alone and let Leinart run it, then they will be fine, but when they put more of an emphasis on the running game without the OL to do it, then it’s not going to work and they will blame the qb.

  53. I don’t think Leinart is upset because he’s clearly 2nd on the depth chart. He’s used to that and probably knows he’s a career back-up. I think his misery stems from being 2nd on the depth chart *behind Derek Anderson*.
    It’s one thing to not be as good as a veteran, proven, SB-winning QB like Kurt Warner, but a guy’s ego is gonna be flushed right down the toilet knowing he’s 2nd best to a guy who put up the kind of numbers Anderson did over the last couple years. Ouch.

  54. let me get this straight florio,he has no passion for football according to you but when he is benched and shows some passion by being upset he is wrong?face it wisenhunt has never given him a fair shot since he took over.what other reason than he wasn’t his guy can he have for treating him like he does?in the off season he praises him for his work ethic and dedication then as soon as camp rolls around signs somebody else to try and take his job.if the competition with warner was fair what coach wouldn’t go with a young qb to devlop him?the giants made the choice and went with manning to develop him but wisenhunt didn’t want to take a chance even though before he was hurt he showed he had potential under green before getting hurt.

  55. edgy1957 ,
    You keep crunching numbers about behind the line throws and stuff, it stilld doesn’t matter.
    He’s not an NFL caliber QB while Warner is a Hall of Famer. Leinart simply sucks, if you can’t see the stark difference in the same offense when he has played as opposed to Warner, you’re off your rocker.
    He played last year, and he only led the team to one TD drive against TN, which had a terrible defensive backfield that got lit up like a Christmas tree several times over.
    What’s amazing to me is that the same people who wouldn’t hesitate to kill guys like jamarcus Russell or Vince Young (who actually wins, alot) are here defending this clown.
    He has no more of a right to be in the NFL than you or I if he can’t play, which is very evident at this point.
    If you don’t got it, you don’t gotit….that’s a terrible revelation for a guy who was once “the man” to face the prospect of actually doing something different with his life, but that’s where he’s at.
    Maybe there’s another system that’ll fit him better, but I don’t think it gets more simple than game manager in the mold of a young Ben Roethlisberger while you have a better receiver at your disposal than Roethlisberger ever had. Whisenhunt changed the offense around to hide his deficiencies, since he obviously can’t do what Warner did.
    Meat Tuperello,
    Why would they employ that same offensive philosophy when Leinart demonstrates that he can’t do that? he doesn’t have the physical ability to throw the ball like that.
    His arm is not NFL caliber, but I guess that doesn’t matter anymore. Do you guys even watch this team play when he’s in as opposed to Warner last year or even when Anderson is in. He can’t fling the ball around, he’s not capable of carrying a team like that, which is why Whisenhunt wants to change the team’s style….I think he’d be more comfortable going with the same style that got them to the Super Bowl and 2nd round of the playoffs instead of changing the whole philosophy over night, especially when you have one of the elite receivers in football.
    However, he did so to play to Leinart’s inadequacies, and he still is missing the mark. What’s most apalling is that he just expects to “get his chance” although these coaches watch him everyday and know he can’t do it in either system. What’s probably more shocking is that there are more pinheads here defending his “right” to the job, lol.

  56. This just goes to show how overrated a QB can be if he’s surrounded by unbelievable talent in college. Look at the last 20 years of Heisman Trophy QB winners. Except for Carson Palmer, all have sucked big time. Insert any Florida, Florida St, Miami, Chokelahoma, Nebraska QB and they will suck in the pros. They were so overrated coming out of college it’s just unbelievable how voters were duped into voting for these fools.

  57. Real Football Fan says:
    edgy1957 ,
    You keep crunching numbers about behind the line throws and stuff, it stilld doesn’t matter.
    Buckwheat, if he doesn’t belong in the NFL, neither do several other QBs that start and are successful, despite the fact that they essentially have arms that are no better than his and their WRs are breaking tackles to get extra YAC. He may not have Anderson’s arm but he also doesn’t have Anderson’s head, which means that he doesn’t kiss his arm before he throws another interception. Whisenhunt got lucky because went to Warner, who wasn’t some idiot who didn’t have one year of success in his career and that’s NOT going to happen with Anderson.
    Leinart’s best year came as a rookie and if you think that he can’t improve on that with Fitzgerald in the lineup then you don’t know what you’re talking about. What will hurt him is the CHEAP (Yes, I said it) organization that deprived him of TWO outstanding WRs like they had with Warner.
    BTW, I think you might want to stop walking on your knuckles and join the rest of us in the 21st century (Hell, just move into the 20th century and I’ll be happy). I’m sure that you’re afraid of numbers and I’m sorry but maybe if you throw down a few chicken bones, you might not be so afraid. I’m NOT afraid of what I’ve seen and don’t distrust my eyes but then again, I didn’t overlook the fact that one of his passes was incomplete because a rookie turned the wrong way and he had an EASY reception for long yardage and that hurt Matt’s stats or are you going to dispute that fact, as well? That same rookie would catch the only really good pass from Anderson on his first drive but he screwed up on his pass from Matt.
    Now, FYI, I wasn’t comparing him TO Warner but saying that Warner threw short passes MORE OFTEN than Leinart and you’d be a complete fool to believe otherwise. Now, if you want to talk about him vs Anderson – seriously, where in the hell does Anderson hold up better than Leinart than the deluded ramblings of people like you. Hell, he’s played against the 2nd and 3rd teams while Leinart has played against the first team. 9 points in 10 possessions against the second and third team is less than impressive, it’s a joke.

  58. meat, do some research.
    as the starter, or dominant qb in a game, or in some cases, game-changer, warner was 31-22 in AZ.
    leinart was much less.
    real, TN’s d backfield was crap and hurt for weeks 1-6 of 2009. collins of course got the blame. their d backfield was back well in time to face leinart.

  59. edgy1957 ,
    No, you’re wrong. TN’s defensive backfeild still sucks. It’s not very good outside of Michael Griffin, but stat boys like you ingnore the fact that this guy can’t play.
    I’ve seen him play several times over, it’s called the league getting a book on you after so many starts. You’re talking about his rookie season like that matters. Jamarcus Russel had a 78 QB rating during his first season starting, but he isn’t any good.
    Stats don’t mean anything when you see how very differently an offense looks under one guy to the next, and it comes to a screeching halt under Matt Leinart, every time he plays, save that pre-season game last year against Green Bay.
    Also, I don’t think I was advocating Anderson, I think that’s plainly stated in my post. It’s picking between bad and worse, but that’s the CArdinals fault cause there were better options like McNabb and Bulger available.
    But you’re right, the Eagles would rather have traded McNabb within their division instead of Arizona, where he specifically named as a desired destination and there were people trying to beat them to Derrick Anderson before Bulger was to be cut, which was common knowledge well before free agency started.
    You’re right, you’re way ahead of all of us because you have those stats of who caught passes behind the line between the two quarterbacks.

  60. Real Football Fan says: August 27, 2010 11:22 PM
    edgy1957 ,
    No, you’re wrong. TN’s defensive backfeild still sucks. It’s not very good outside of Michael Griffin, but stat boys like you ingnore the fact that this guy can’t play.
    First of all, you’re so hate filled that you don’t understand 99.999% of what I say. First you try to think that I’m implying that he’s better than Warner when I was showing that his reputation for going short overlooks the fact that so did Warner AND he did it even more but that since Warner was working with starters, they were going to get more YAC than the guys that Leinart was working with (and if you argue against that then it’s real easy to see how you don’t know as much as you think you do).
    When Leinart first got to Arizona, his problem was HIM because he was still a party boy and he didn’t always study as hard as he should have but NOW, his problem is his coach, who didn’t draft him and won’t give him the chance. It’s the height of stupidity to throw Anderson out there as a starter just because he did better against 2nd and 3rd string grocery baggers. The coach wants to recreate the success he had with Warner except that Kurt was a much better QB than Anderson and they’re better off with Leinart, who just needs to play more with the first team including Fitzgerald.
    So, your solution for the Cardinals is to sign a 35 year QB every two years and hope that one of them will lead the team to another Super Bowl appearance (BTW, I agree on McNabb but NOT on Bulger)? Let’s not forget that it wasn’t Warner but the defense that got that team into the Super Bowl and while he did a good job in the playoffs, if they had played like they did in the regular season, they wouldn’t have made it to the conference finals, let alone the Super Bowl.
    There’s a reason why Warner was in Arizona and why Leinart was drafted and that’s because he gave the ball up a lot (and still did in the end). He had a winning record with the Giants but they decided that it was easier just to turn over the reins to a young kid and let him turn over the ball and learn rather than keep the guy in when he wasn’t going to have a future with the team.
    He wasn’t exactly a success with Arizona, either when he got their as he went 3-12 in his first two years while Leinart was 7-9. Let’s not forget that this year, a whole city of idiots in SD got to watch their favorite punching bag, Drew Brees, hoist the Lombardi Trophy after he had to endure their ridicule for the first 3 years of his career and then watch management draft their next hope. It takes time for some guys to mature and as the Chargers fans found out, things aren’t always as bleak as you thought they were.

  61. edgy1957,
    You called me out of my name, and I’m the hate filled one?
    No, I don’t think I know more than anyone. I just know that Matt Leinart can’t play from what I’ve seen. I don’t spot watch them, I live in Scottsdale during the football season, so I’ve seen plenty.
    Nobody cares about what he did as a rookie, that was 4 years ago. Like I said earlier, it’s called the league getting a book on you. It happens all the time, and usually the physically limited guys can’t overcome when defenses have their entire bag of tricks down on DVD to study over and over again.
    What are you this guy’s agent? Lol, I don’t think Whisenhunt is trying to do anything but win and he has too pretty bad options. Why you continue to think I’m endorsing Anderson because Leinart stinks is beyond me, so maybe you need to use some reading comprehension.
    What you fail to see is that the coaches see him everyday, when you don’t see him. He looks bad enough in games and they see him struggle much more behind closed doors, but I guess they should just ignore that gnawing feeling that they have in their stomach of this guy just not having what it takes because he “deserves” his shot. Give me a break….leave it to this whiny entitled generation of losers to defend one of their own.
    Even a former Cardinal scout stated a couple of months ago how they blundered on Leinart, and everybody there knows it. He stated how he just doesn’t move the offense in practices like you’d want. Why’s he going to lie, he doesn’t work there anymore?
    But you’re right, all those practices and classroom sessions don’t matter. They just need to give him his chance to play with the starters, by golly he deserves it because he’s Matt Freaking Leinart, former Heisman trophy winner and first round pick.
    Bulger sure has looked much better than either of those QBs this pre-season. Also, he’s only 33, so don’t exaggerate to make your point. In the end, “a” QB is better than none, which the cardinals are facing right now because they didn’t get either of those 35 year old guys as you call it. It’s called a stop gap, which they should have used Warner as to get rid of Leinart so they could groom a QB who can actually play.
    Now, you’re comparing Brees to Leinart, lol. That’s rich. Brees performed as soon as Rivers was brought in. He didn’t need to get his chance later, or need constant coddling for him to seize a job that’s been handed to him twice in 3 years. He played lights out in Rivers rookie year and has continued doing so since. When he sucked his first 3 years, he deserved to get ridiculed, that you think NFL starting QBs need to be babied is funny. If you can’t handle the pressure, you’re not cut out to handle the job.
    Things are as bleak as they seem with Leinart because the Cardinals will go from a playoff team to a top 5 drafter this year due to this organization’s poor foresight. The fact that you’re actually in denial about that fate as long as Leinart is QB cements you as either his agent, close personal friend, boyfriend, or relative.
    Again you’re not comparing Leinart and Warner, but you’re just repeatedly comparing Leinart and Warner, lol. What does a 5-11 season have to do with the last 2 years? The team was bad that year, so what’s the point of bringing up their respective records on a bad team?
    If you believe that team would have went to the Super Bowl in ’08 with Leinart, you’re out of your skull, so there’s no helping you. The defense carried them to the Super Bowl? No, they just played like a playoff level defense in the playoffs as opposed to the awful mess they were over the last month of the season when they limped into the playoffs,
    How the defense carried them to the Super Bowl is beyond me when Warner had one of the greatest QB post-seasons ever, and the defense was the one giving up 47 and 48 point efforts to the Patriots and Eagles respectively while also Making Tarvaris Jackson look like Warren Moon late in the season.

  62. Real Football Fan says:
    I called you out of your name – what in the hell does that mean?
    How impressive – against the 2nd and 3rd strings of Carolina and Washington. I bet Flacco is REALLY worried about his job, right? I think it’s the height of hilarity to mention Bulger because they ran Warner out of town because of him and now, he’s been run out of town for Bradford.
    Look, you’re trying to play KW and not give the guy a chance. It’s more than just about what he see behind closed doors because he’s basically been saying the same shit about him from the first day that he showed up to coach the team. I agree that Leinart didn’t have his head in it then but he’s matured and if they give him the chance, they’ll find out that he will be better than they think (Certainly better than Anderson).
    I brought up their records to point out that Warner wasn’t any better than Leinart and THAT was why they drafted Leinart or can you simply NOT READ? Under the same conditions, Leinart’s record (7-9) was about the same as his (6-10).
    Again, I didn’t say any of what you said I did. I didn’t say that they would have went to the Super Bowl with Leinart, I said that they were LUCKY to be in it in the first place NOT because of Warner but because of their defense. They weren’t an awful mess just the last month, they were an awful mess all year (or do you think that 56 points is acceptable in the first month of the season, genius).
    The fact that you can’t see that they played their asses off in the playoffs and keep trying to come back to Warner instead of the defense shows that you’re FOS.. Warner did his best work AFTER they got to the NFC championship because the defense didn’t give up points like they did down the stretch while his performances last year weren’t enough to stave off back to back 45 point efforts by the opposing team. The defense gave up 426 points in 2008 but didn’t give up more than 27 points in the playoffs while their 2009 defense gave up 325 and had back to back 45 point games by the other team. What was a “statistically” better defense in 2009 was made to bend over and service the other QB time and time again in the playoffs.
    BTW, while it may not seem that way, I do like Warner but I’m not going to sugar coat the facts. He was 27-30 in Arizona and that was 8-18 for the first 3 years and 19-12 in the last 2 when they had better personnel than they did in his first 3 years.
    You can continue your rant without me. I have to say that when the guys in SD kept saying the same shit about Brees, they ended up eating a lot of crow as he turned out to be a late bloomer and now, he’s got one thing that his replacement doesn’t have (He may still get it but I wouldn’t hold my breath).

  63. edgy1957,
    Buckwheat, if he doesn’t belong in the NFL, neither do several other QBs that start and are successful, despite the fact that they essentially have arms that are no better than his and their WRs are breaking tackles to get extra YAC.
    I guess I should have taken that affectionately, huh?
    You brought up their respective records on bad teams, which is irrelevant to what happened the year they went to the Super Bowl and last year. According to your logic, Leinart “deserved” his shot that year over Warner, too because he looked just as bad as he does now.
    i don’t care what a guy does with his leisure time. He wanted to hang out in hot tubs with chicks in his down time, more power to him. I’m not that jealous guy who even cares what these guys do in their free time as long as it’s legal. Don’t believe the hype, football isn’t rocket science, and it’s not a 24 hour job….either you get it and can perform, or you can’t.
    However, he’s looked like a disaster much of his careeer because he can’t threaten the opposing defense due to his physical limitations, btw the entire reason he was there for the Cardinals to pick him. I said in my first post that his positives are that he has a great release and his accuracy, but the lack of arm strength just can’t be overcome by him. He doesn’t have an adequate enough arm to make it okay that he doesn’t have a gun, that’s not my fault and it’s not Whisenhunt’s fault.
    You’re still with that “give him a chance” nonsense. What’s naming him the unquestioned starter in the off-season both times that he’s been benched before the season called, buddy?
    In addition, you continue to rag on Warner, Bulger, and Anderson to prop up Leinart, a pretty wek position to take since they all, even the sorry Derrick Anderson, have actual game accomplishments that far outweigh anything Matt Leinart has ever shown in a game. And yes, Bulger looks better than either of them have looked, period.
    Also, In ’08, losing an early game 56-0 doesn’t define your season when you win more games than not consistently early on, or maybe you want to indict that ’95 49er Super Bowl winner since they lost like 40-6 to the Eagles early in the year. The fact is that the defense was the weak link during those late season blowouts.
    You’re still talking about “promise” that he showed as a rookie in 2006, lol. That’s absolutely hilarious. It’s 2010, you might want to check your calendar.
    Finally, as to your original insult that I re-posted up top, we’re not talking about other starters, we’re talking about him. but for good measure, name me one starter with comparable physical limitations, who’s successful in the NFL today?
    The only guy who rivals his physical limitations is Trent Edwards, company I don’t think anybody wants to be in, lol.

  64. who would have thought we’d have a black president before we have a successful gay starting qb in the nfl.
    ….thanks Joey Harrington and Matt Leinart

  65. The guy is good-lookiong, has about $10mill in the bank, & lives in a state where every female is tan,built, & willing to get in his hot-tub.
    Just enjoy whatever time you have left in the NFL & shut up!!

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