New alignment of umpires could cause problems for Colts

An illegal snap penalty called on the Colts during Thursday night’s game in Green Bay demonstrated a potentially significant problem with the NFL’s decision to move the umpires across the line of scrimmage to the offense’s side of the field.

The league moved the umpires out of concern for their safety — in the past, umpires lined up near the inside linebackers, right in the middle of the action, and sometimes that meant the umpires got trampled. Starting this season, the umpire lines up behind the running back.

Unfortunately for the Colts, the umpire is the official who spots the ball, and the offense can’t snap the ball until after the umpire has had time to put the ball in place and move back into position. For a no-huddle offense, that can present a serious problem — as it did when Peyton Manning called for the snap Thursday night before umpire Garth DeFelice was in place.

The referee ruled that the Colts were at fault for snapping the ball too soon, but Manning complained about the call, and ESPN announcers Jon Gruden and Ron Jaworski both said DeFelice — and the new rule — were to blame.

“Being an umpire is not for
everybody,” Gruden said, suggesting that the pudgy DeFelice wasn’t moving into position quickly enough. “They’ve got to go back to where it was.”

Jaworski said that if the NFL wants to protect umpires they have to “get more athletic guys, and quite honestly, put a helmet on them.”

It’s probably safe to say that Colts President Bill Polian is calling the league office this morning and doing his best Rex Ryan impression. If the illegal snap rule continues to be applied that way all season, the Colts and their fans will drop plenty of “F” bombs this year.

But the NFL says the rule isn’t going away.

“The movement of the umpire to the offensive backfield will happen in the regular-season,” NFL spokesman Michael Signora told “We continue to analyze and review the impact of the change in the preseason, and we may announce some tweaks to the mechanics of the position prior to the regular season, but the move is a definite.”

And anger about the move from Colts fans is a definite as well.

108 responses to “New alignment of umpires could cause problems for Colts

  1. I didn’t watch the enitre game but I’m pretty sure I seen the official lining up at his old spot just before halftime. Is this something they’re going to do in a two minute situation or is this more rule bending for Manning and the colts?

  2. The announcers went on and on and on and on about this like it was some kind of super unsolvable problem that there was absolutely no possible solution to.
    Hire an extra ref to work the game who ONLY SPOTS THE BALL. Problem solved.
    In a game with salaries in the millions and TV contracts in the BILLIONS hiring one more ref to work the game is moneywise like worrying about throwing another suitcase on the Queen Mary.

  3. It’s not an issue inside the two minute warning as the umpire moves into the old spot then …
    I was quite amused when I saw the “illegal snap” called on Peyton. Ridiculous.

  4. I think it’s great that the NFL is slowing down the game. Goodbye exciting, fast-paced drives, hello more advertising, flag throwing, announcers descibing the flag, stupidity

  5. It just looks so awkward. I’m not a fan either, Gruden and Jaws are right. Move his ass back to the defensive side of the ball and give him a hockey-style helmet. How many unpires have really been hurt anyway?

  6. I’m a huge football fan but admittedly have never paid a ton of attention to the positioning and roles of different officials on the field — so forgive me if this question is just stupid. But does the Umpire in the backfield have to be the official to place the ball?

  7. Maybe the Refs should wear some sort of head protection like they do in the NHL. Doesn’t seem to be a problem for them. The action is plenty fast and furious and I haven’t heard any complaints from the officials about wearing head-gear. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

  8. Ridiculous! Put the fatass on a treadmill and strap a helmet on him. They didn’t move the umpire in baseball away from home plate when he started getting beaned with foul balls, they put some pads on him.

  9. Why don’t you just replay the broadcast from last night. They covered it pretty well. Are you just repeating what they say or are they other teams it could be a problem for? Proactive reporting vs. reactive.

  10. The guy who places the ball should be on the LOS, running in and out of the neutral zone like a ball boy in tennis.

  11. The referees are there to judge the plays. Mistakes will be made and refs will have an impact on the game, like it or not. This rule is dumb and impacts the game in a negative way. The players and the game should not be impacted because a referee needs to get into position. This rule detracts from the strategy of a no-huddle offense and that is not right. Put a helmet/pads on these guys to make them more safe but don’t impact the flow or strategy of the game.

  12. The call was made at a time just after a first down was made. The yardmarkers and down box need to be in place before the referee can signal the ready for play. On the play the Colts got the penalty it was the rather slim and athletic referee who was placing the ball and awaiting the relocation of the down marker. Peyton tried to take advantage of a rookie referee and see if he could snap it before he was in place. On that particular play the umpire was in position and ready to go. The penalty was properly called by the referee. Get the facts straight Florio…none of this cutting and pasting comments from announcers at different times of the game. Watch the game

  13. Why just Colts fans? ANY team trying to run a no huddle or fast paced O will face this problem.
    As to the Colts, most of the time Manning is running around waving his arms and screaming out dummy calls until the clock strikes 1 sec anyway. So I’d think they would be the team LEAST affected by this change.

  14. I’m not a fan of Indy – the city or team. But since when is the hurry up offense run exclusively by the Colts? All the teams use at some point in their season outside of the two minute warning. If the new rule makes using the hurry up all but impossible except for the last two minutes, that’s a League wide problem, not just an Indy one.

  15. Good point Bird. give him a Hockey helmet and some of those Nike padded undergear and get his ass back to the where it belongs. Then add a fitness test for the umpire and problem solved.

  16. The Colts happen to think the whole football world goes around them. If this rule change for the safety of the umpire does not suit the Colts style of play, then TOO BAD.

  17. It’s not a big deal. When Peyton wants to do the Attack quick snap, all he has to do is line up under center and have Addai line up in a WR spot. Then once the ball is snapped, the ump will be clear of the furthest back (which would be Manning, under center), and he can go. Difficult.

  18. i enjoyed watching Manning throw fits like a little kid as if somebody stole his oreo.
    deal with the new rules…everyone else has to play by them…quit your bitchin’!

  19. YES! Anything that makes it slower for an NFL offense is super exciting…..I don’t get this at all. Seriously don’t get this. The game can be slow and tedious as it is at times. If this slows down the action, leading to LESS plays, I’ll be disappointed. The Colts are fun to watch. Why would the NFL want to mess with that. Put a helmet on the guy. Get someone else to spot the ball. Make them be in actual shape. Anything but slow the game down.

  20. Isn’t there 31 other teams in the league that have to adjust to the new placement of the umpire?? Quit cryin Colts, suck it up and deal with it!!!

  21. It’s most likely a non issue except for the fact these guys are all slobs and can’t run except Ed “LA Fitness” Hoculi. Have a guy ini that role who can actually run and hustle.

  22. *yawn*
    Isn’t there a giant, low-hanging scoreboard somewhere we can freak out about? Or shark attacks? Or something?

  23. Maybe they SHOULD get umps that aren’t 65 years old. Get some guys that can actually move around and avoid being hit.

  24. @ Citizen Strange
    If you hire a new ref to only spot the ball where does he go? This new positioning was to keep the officials out of the way for their safety… adding another official would be a little counter-productive no?

  25. Like all rules, you adapt to it – like the teams that use the umpire to pick the defender adapted to that.
    Jaworski’s an idiot and he’s always been one. If there’s a rule that he doesn’t like or doesn’t understand, he makes fun of it and tries to change it. It’s one of the reasons why AFL fans hate him so much because he constantly bashed the rules of the game and actively sought to change many so that the game was more NFL-like so his puny brain could understand it better.
    If he thinks that a more athletic guy is going to get there faster to spot the ball, maybe but he’s not going to avoid getting his ass run over by the defender unless he was an active NFL player and even then that would be debatable and a helmet isn’t going to keep him from getting hit by the football when the QB tosses it his way and he doesn’t duck in time and being more athletic and wearing a helmet isn’t going to keep him from being hurt when he’s run over by a defender. Jaw’s talks out of his ass 99% of the time and this is part of that 99%.

  26. The NFL pulls in how many billions of dollars and they still can’t find a way to:
    a) Hire officials that are in shape and not within striking distance of collecting social security, and
    b) Hire officials that are full time and don’t go back to their lawyer/accounting jobs during the week.
    Instead they move one of these Geritol popping morons to the backfield and slow the game down for them? Brilliant.
    For the record, I’m not a Colts fan and I think that damn near all of Indiana should be invaded and annexed to Illinois, Michigan and Ohio. It’s still a dumb move by the NFL, compounding even more dumb moves (see points a & b above).

  27. No QB caught the defense with 12 on the field more than Peyton. That’s basically gone, with this rule change. Defenses can look to the same official the QB is looking to to know when the play will start. This rule is designed to prevent no huddle offenses from having success, and is meant to favor slower, more run based teams. The rule is obviously aimed at Peyton, but will affect all of the elite QBs.
    Remember when they first discussed having challenges and opponents said it slowed the game down too much? It doesn’t slow the game down nearly as much as this BS. Hey refs, if you want to assure your safety, pick a different job. You are well compensated for a reason.
    One thing no one is talking about; with the official lining up behind the RB instead of the LBs, expect a HUGE spike in offensive holding and a plummet in defensive offsides. This new set up is hugely anti-offense. Boy NFL, you really know how to mess up a good thing. Cripple exciting offenses and next, a holdout! We knew they’d mess it up somehow.

  28. What’s the big deal?
    Before the rule change, you still couldn’t snap the ball before the ump got back near the linebackers. Does moving 5 yards to the defensive side take that much longer than moving 5 yards to the offensive side?

  29. Manning was actually called for it twice. The first time the ref was 100% wrong because despite the rules, the Ref spotted the ball, not the ump. When the colts snapped the ball, the ump was behind the last player, so it was a legal snap.
    Its a joke that a rule would be put in place to slow down a game. Its obivous they knew this rule would hurt the no-huddle since they revert back to the old rules in the last 2 minutes when every team runs it.

  30. “Starting this season, the umpire lines up behind the running back.”
    I suggested something similar … but the wife said no.

  31. It was BS, he kept like rubbing shoulders with Peyton as well..
    I would have spiked the ball and went to the sideline and had Painter take over.. see what this stupid rule does for ratings..
    F the old, tired refs…. they’re role is overstated in this sport.. they should be young and athletic like the players, give them some pads.. if necessary.
    I’m sick of rules and refs destroying the game..

  32. PS y is everyone on here actin like its just to peyton.. its goin to affect EVERY nfl team.. it just happened to be highlighted when peyton got pissed.. this wil be a prob for every team and its absolutly rid.. im tellin u if goodell keeps makin these “little” rules eventually hes gonna change 100% the game everyone loves and it will lose value.. just like its already startin to lose me and im a huge fan but i just cant take these little rules it makes the game less exciting. so ucan protect a ref who barley gets hurt neways? lol cmon goodell just stop already u made the game safe its a huge way u dont need to tinker with everything just because u can

  33. Colts had 12 penalties in the game compared to GBs 2. I dont think the colts were as crisp as they thought they were.

  34. On one of the penalties, the Umpire was actually in place, behind and to the left of the RB, but it was the referee that actually spotted the ball for that particular down. And it seemed that the ref had the flag in hand while backing away from the LOS.
    Anyhow, bullshot call, and bullshot rule.

  35. im tellin u.. theres gonna b a team down 4 with a min n 30 sec.. runnin a no huddle to win the game and that penatly is gonna cost them a win I GUARNTEE IT and i now cant wait til it happens so goodell willl have a shit storm on him..its gona be hilarious and i hope it happens to peyton or tom brady or an elite QB bec if it happens to orton or bradford noone would care..
    i personally cant stand goodell now if ppl cant tell by my posts lol.. i think hes done great things.. but hes trying to hard now and thats what i dont like.

  36. Polian will get it changed, anything that is bad for Manning gets changed. I’ve come to realize that two things will never happen until Manning retires: There will never be a rule that makes it harder for him to complete a pass; and there will never be a season schedule that requires him to play outside in bad weather.

  37. Right after they called that penalty on the colts, the refs reverted to the old system for the whole scoring drive of the Packers.
    Just so it is perfectly clear what the rule is about.
    They never once lined up in the new way. And that screwed up the colts defense for a few plays.

  38. no jayy, read other posts. they didnt do it in the last 2 mins of the half.
    they ought to get nice lookin chicks to do it (run in and out and make sure the ball is in the right place).
    on the field. during the game. with clothes on.

  39. jayy says:
    im tellin u.. theres gonna b a team down 4 with a min n 30 sec..
    I’m telling you that the rule changes at 2 minutes so your scenario doesn’t play out.

  40. I hardly ever notice the refs, unless theres a break away reception or a run down the sideline. Another reason for Payton to cry.

  41. it was perfectly clear that Manning was intentionally snapping the ball much quicker than he normally does just to magnify this issue. this rule is fine…the umpire moves back to his position behind the LB’s under 2 minutes providing a team the chance to run their 2 minute drills.
    Manning is just a big baby!!!!!!

  42. The Colts are cheating bastards and deserve any and all suffering they get as a result of this delightful new rule.

  43. Make the change already. Jesus that was ridiculous. What the hellis the issue…umpire safety? Screw that don’t cripple an elite offense for dumbass old out of shape officials. Horrible horrible change. MAKE IT RIGHT

  44. “Maybe they SHOULD get umps that aren’t 65 years old. Get some guys that can actually move around and avoid being hit.”
    Having an official that is supposedly younger, more athletic, and in better shape doesn’t necessarily help them avoid getting run over or getting hurt.
    Most of the time that they get hit, they never see it coming because they are watching a specific area of the field, which is their responsibility. You can put the most athletic guy on the planet out there, but if he gets run into from behind by a linebacker, he is not getting out of the way.
    Also, I don’t think this rule was DESIGNED to slow down a game. It is designed to protect the officials. You can argue all you want that the league should have known this would happen, but that doesn’t mean they designed the rule that way.

  45. So far no other teams have complained, just the Colts, although this means the NFL will end up changing this rule, just like when Manning and Pollian cried about the Pats DBs so they added to the pass interference rules

  46. If this actually impacts the game, they should abandon the idea. There are other more glaring issues that nobody seems to care or complain about. “It is a game of inches” and they precisely measure for a first down to see if the ball carrier got past the sticks…but they just wing it to determine where the sticks happen to start out.

  47. Young guys won’t ever succeed as officials because they have lousy judgment. Face it, it’s true, I’ve been there, done that. Young guys are all balls and ego. At about the same time the male brain begins to mature as a fair and impartial instrument, the body gives out. No easy way around this conundrum. Maybe having 30-something chicks as officials would work. Put em in helmets and bikinis.

  48. # Harm City Homer says: August 27, 2010 11:14 AM
    The guy who places the ball should be on the LOS, running in and out of the neutral zone like a ball boy in tennis.
    That makes no sense. Do you really think they can find people fast enough to get out of the way of quick slants, hooks, outs, sweeps, screens, etc. There is little to no chance of them avoiding getting in someone’s way.
    If you can find people THAT fast, chances are the GM or owner would come down from the skybox and offer them a contract on the spot!

  49. NOT ONLY are umpires in HARMS way at the linebackers spot, but they are practically an extra defender on slants and crossing routs. ok, put the umps back there, not call a penalty for an illegal snap but unintentionally get in the way of a pass heading to reggie wayne on third and 6 on the opposing team’s 30 yard line making a touchdown drive into a field goal drive, then watch peyton manning throw a fit about that, what’s the ump going to say then,”hey, at least you got the snap off?”
    keep the ump out of the way for both his and the game’s sake, they are there to make rulings, not interfere in the line of play.

  50. The offense gets too many breaks as it is.
    I’d rather it be this way, than see teams use the referee as a pick while running a route. Which the passing teams REGULARLY did.
    And I’m glad this helps eliminate the cheap tactic of “seeing who can substitute faster.”
    The Colts would act like they were going to sub, then when the other team starts to sub, they run back off the field and snap the ball. That’s not football. That’s not seeing who is more talented. That’s just cheap, BS.

  51. just have the umpire be in shape instead of 50 or 60 pounds over weight and he might be able to get out the way in time. That guy took forever to get out of the way.

  52. Indy has benefitted for years from being able to make quick snaps , drawing opposing linebackers into the refs allowing WRs to get open, etc etc.
    Boo friggin hoo Colts. Your “cheap” tactics are going to go away, and you’ll have to use a little more fair sportsmanship like everyone else.

  53. Cake or Death is right. The Colts have used umps to set picks for awhile now. And how did the Colts not figure this out before the 3rd preseason game? Don’t they employ someone who looks out for this kind of stuff?

  54. toad, refs get used as blockers all the time too. both sides play their position for advantage.

  55. wow.
    Thank you fellow commenters!
    As a resident of Indy, it’s good to know:
    + I live in a shithole
    + My team thinks the world revolves around them
    + Our quarterback has five heads
    + So many people hate the Colts
    all of this hate and nastiness over a game of football.

  56. I like the rule…protects the ump and frankly, I think of it as a rule that benefits the D. All NFL teams have at least one (and I’m sure more) that utilize the ump as a screen against the opposing LBs that allow the WR to make a clean cut across the middle.
    I understand that the NFL wants to make it a high scoring league, but frankly, I think alot of football diehards appreciate outstanding defensive efforts and rules over the course of several seasons have done nothing but to benefit the offense. This rule, again, benefits both the safety of the umps and helps the D out. The offense have enough favorable penalties as it is NFL!!!
    And I want to strangle Jaws, Gruden, Polian, and Manning. The league is bigger than 1 player!!! (well, except for maybe #4 who thinks the world revolves around him…but even he doesn’t have a rule just for him like Brady does).

  57. I am no Colts fan by any means, but this rule is stupid, it just affects the way to much.

  58. Man! The Lions had so many problems with this while running the no huddle. I mean they were called for this a whopping zero times!

  59. Roger won’t be happy until the NFL is as unwatchable as the NBA.
    I love that the owners created a “problem” that benefitted them greatly (gouging ticket holders for pre-season games when they did not have to do so) and then came up with a “solution” that benefits them even more (18 games).
    Next to go…the 1pm EST game. Then we can move onto getting rid of the 4pm game and adding a round to the playoffs.
    If they can make $1 more they will do it – no matter how badly it hurts the game.

  60. Are you guys really watching these games? 50 or 60 pounds overweight? Hell, if that were the case then we’d have them dropping like flies on a weekly basis. These guys aren’t MLB umpires and while they’re not in NBA-shape, they’re in better shape than most people believe. If you really think that these guys are that out of shape then get off your couch and emulate the umpire and see if you can keep up with him.
    Now, if you think that it’s easy to become an NFL official then here’s what the NFL says that IT requires before they even hire them:
    * We expect our candidates to have a minimum of 10 years of experience in officiating football, at least five of which have been on a varsity collegiate or other minor professional level.
    * Our candidates must be in excellent physical condition and belong to an accredited football officials association or have previous experience in football as a player or coach.
    * Each applicant is requested to furnish us with a detailed copy of his or her your collegiate officiating schedule for the past three seasons, listing dates, schools, location of games, and positions worked.
    BTW, did you know that this was first done in 2001, so it’s not like the players haven’t been exposed to this before and frankly, I haven’t seen it be a big deal in all the games that I’ve watched. The biggest bitching has come from the increased holding calls but some of those people have also noted that there are more holding calls in the preseason and that they think it’s just a way of getting the players to get used to the calls and that they’ll probably tone it down once the regular season starts.
    I’m with the “Manning is crying” crowd because he’s a piece of work when it comes to rules that he feels impacts him negatively.

  61. I really thought both Peyton Manning’s histrionics and the ESPN announcers backing him up last night were way out of line. The moving of the umpire was based on two motivations:
    1) Concern over the safety of the umpire.
    2) Preventing offenses from running the “umpire pick” (which relates to 1, as the offense running a pick off the umpire brings the action directly to the umpire).
    No no team in the history of ever has abused the umpire pick like Peyton Manning’s Colts have, so if anybody is going to complain about the rule change it shouldn’t be Manning. But if the rule change makes it slightly more difficult for to execute the Colts offense, so what? I mean, they changed the pass interference rules a few years back specifically so it was more difficult to stop the Colts offense. Not every rule change is intended to help out Peyton Manning. The quarterbacks for 31 other teams are going to have to adapt to this, and the fact that P. Manning doesn’t like it doesn’t make it bad.

  62. Tufdan says:
    On the play the Colts got the penalty it was the rather slim and athletic referee who was placing the ball and awaiting the relocation of the down marker. Peyton tried to take advantage of a rookie referee and see if he could snap it before he was in place. On that particular play the umpire was in position and ready to go. The penalty was properly called by the referee.
    You are correct about the referee placing the ball on that play which is funny. By rule, only the umpire is supposed to place the ball unless he was injured in the game and then the side judge places the ball. Seems like the referee was assisting a fat ass umpire who was out of shape and couldn’t fulfill his duties….interesting point the announcers make about having a slim umpire.

  63. Not even a colts fan but the rule is stupid. I understand the need for safety but there are endless other safety needs that involve considerably more opportunity for injury that are not being addressed, so why worry about an official that gets knocked on his can 2-3 times per year? This rule unfairly penalizes any team that depends on a hurry up offense and gives a distinct advantage to the defensive teams that play against them….thus the rule is applied to certain teams on a much larger scale than others and it’s not right . Put the ump back where he was and get officials in better physical shape.

  64. # superb owl says: August 27, 2010 12:28 PM
    no jayy, read other posts. they didnt do it in the last 2 mins of the half.
    they ought to get nice lookin chicks to do it (run in and out and make sure the ball is in the right place).
    on the field. during the game. with clothes on.
    I agree with every word but the last one.

  65. Sooooo…..
    Why was the ball placed before the referees where in position?
    Perhaps they need to work on that as well…

  66. Slow down the NFL, great just what we need. Actually like all these offenses the last few years that starting running the No huddle, fast paced and fun to watch. Stupid rule, get more athletic refs or put a helmet them but don’t slow the game down.

  67. there’s been how many preseason games thus far? and this is the first time it’s come up.
    Whiney MacWhineberger is always going to whine about something but all it does is take away the far-too-much-of advantage that the offense has over the defense in getting set. Peyton’s become an expert at throwing with the defense’s back turned, that was never supposed to be in the spirit of the pro-game- that’s backyard crap and he’ll just have to adapt and play the way every other qb in the league does.

  68. “Leave to the Colts to complain bout another rule that hinders their offense. ”
    Another rule? I thought this was the first one. I mean, there’ve been a lot of rules changed to *help* the Colts offense.

  69. I think it is funny that so many people think the problem is out-of-shape officials. I am willing to guess they have to be in pretty good shape to make it through an NFL season as an official.
    I find it ironic that we can look at 300+ pound NFL lineman and talk about their great athleticism and fitness levels, but when an official looks overweight he must be out of shape.
    There are probably many people who can run a lot faster and a lot farther than I can ( 5’9″ 155 LBS) yet they look far more out of shape than I do.

  70. Your report is in error.
    There were two illegal snap penalties called on the Colts. The second was in the 3rd quarter.
    I think the commentators made a great point: the new rule exists to protect the umpires. It’s not intended to affect the pace of play.
    If it does affect how the game is played, they need to fix the rule.

  71. I actually am a football official. I hate to say it but the rule wasn’t the problem the Ump was. There were several instances watching the game where I could see the Ump was confused. As a result he was forgetting about the new position and taking gobs of time to get there. We need more fit refs and for guys to get more familiar with assignments. It’s gonna be ugly for the preseason at times, but I hope come week 1 it’ll be much smoother.

  72. “Being an umpire is not for everybody,” Gruden said, suggesting that the pudgy DeFelice wasn’t moving into position quickly enough.
    Jon Gruden critizied somebody?

  73. Great to see this years volume of Colts haters is healthy. I would be angry if I had to support a less superior team as well, it’s understandable.
    Funnier to see your corresponding sidekicks who make it clear they aren’t Colts fans before agreeing with anything the Colts do.
    As for ALLLLL the other teams that run the no huddle that Florio forgot to mention — they apparently are too slow to run it correctly. Or their heads are only big enough to remember the limited amount of plays they use under 2 minutes. Thank god the scoreboard doesn’t have an analog clock! Who knows what tricks Manning would pull then?!?
    I suppose Peyton should also check to make sure the defense is set and not offsides. He should probably knock it off with the fake play calls or any other trickery. I mean… it’s the “spirit of the game” we’re talkin about…. which would be as spirited as my Iranian statistics professor if your opinions mattered.

  74. To say the announcers exaggarated how much time it took would be an understatment.
    The defense gets what 1 more second? Please give me a break.

  75. I hope it does affect the Colts, It’s fun watching Peyton “whine when I don’t get my way” Manning sitting on the sidelines, arms crossed, pouting like a spoiled child. Ma-ma, ma-ma. Love it!!

  76. Officiating in football is the most inconsistent of any major sport. But putting TWO officials in the offensive backfield has GOT to be one of the most ridiculous moves they’ve made in years. And it removes the ability of offenses to run the ‘hurry-up’ because they have to wait for the idiot officials to get into position. WAKE UP NFL. You made a mistake, accept it, and put the umpire back where he belongs!

  77. I say NO head-gear for the officials. If they can’t get their asses out of the way, tough shit. Let em take the hit!

  78. Let me get this right, Colts can have rules changed but they can’t follow new ones? For the Colts, it’s always been about how Polian can change the rules to supplement their offense. He’s got the perfect partner in Peyton Manning, crying about getting flags, and throwing team mates under the bus.
    As someone else posted, three weeks of preseason and no one else has had this problem. Peyton’s a baby.

  79. For Christ sake, the ref has plenty of time to get into position behind the RB while Manning does his 100 audibles and 10,000 hand gestures before each snap

  80. i didnt kno it changed for 2 mins.. but that doesnt help the rest of the game for someone whos trying a no huddle with 8 mins left in 4th quarter down by 17 hopin to come back and win in a quick fashion..
    ps roger made alot of rule changes, no celerations, nomore push out u need 2 ft down, no hittin qb below knees or drivin into ground and couple more.. even tho i didnt like changes there necessary for protection and i never disagreed..
    but wen u change little bullshit rules like that that affect the tempo that QB is trying to establish that is a big problem.. and i hope it changes and all for the referree who at best gets hit once or twice a year lol strap a helmet like hockey refs n keep it the same..

  81. Did anyone watch the Philly-K.C. game last night? K.C. had no problem running the hurry up offense.Manning is just pissed because he can’t use the ump to set picks anymore.

  82. Give me a break! So what if there is a change like this? Every team in the NFL is having to adjust, not just the pansy Colts. They are professionals, paid millions of dollars a year….that being said, make the adjustment necessary and move on. If the team is not able to make the adjustment, it just shows that they are a one trick pony, and cannot make the changes like every other team. GO PACK GO!!!!

  83. A lot of morons on this board. Gruden and JAws rarely agree on anything, but they both agreed that the rule change is foolish and detrimental to the pace of the game. The NFL wants to speed games up – this new rule slows it down. I am surprised that the NFL didn’t evaluate the rule change in the preseason BEFORE making any change permanent. The refs should wear helmets. Problem solved.

  84. The Dolts are the reason the NFL is ruined now. They are the only NFL team that had to have tampon dispensers installed in the locker room, and the league has completely eliminated the defensive side of the ball beecause they don’t want Peyton “Big Vagina” Manning to get hurt. Their fans are terrible, and the whole city is garbage. I can’t wait until sissy boy Manning retires, and the Dolts go 0-16. Then it will be back to the old days when there were 15,000 toothless rednecks at the stadium that payed more attention to comparing mullets and illegitimate childeren than watching football. Then Florio can start talking about the Dolts moving to LA.

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