Orlando Scandrick breaks his nose

Three months ago, Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick shattered a finger.  Now, he’s suffered the same injury that Rocky Balboa avoided for his entire boxing career until he stepped into the ring with Apollo Creed.

Scandrick has broken his nose.

Gerry Fraley of the Dallas Morning News writes that, while diving in practice, Scandrick “damaged cartilage in his nose,” which sounds roughly as tough as saying “oops.”  As far as the men in the audience (to which some of the commenters will surely say, “and Florio”) are concerned, Scandrick broke his nose.

We wonder how Scandrick’s nose looks.  Mick would likely call it an improvement.

9 responses to “Orlando Scandrick breaks his nose

  1. Can’t be worse than Bryan Barker’s nose a few season ago when he was on the Redskins and had his punt blocked.
    That was SICK.

  2. “You fill his face with blood!”
    — Manager Joe Gould to Jim Braddock in “Cinderella Man.”

  3. First Eli now this, guys are gonna have to wear Lambier face guards inside their helmets pretty soon.

  4. Lets have these guys return to the leather helmet days and then add a meter to PFT right alongside the Days without an arrest meter. It could be the facial damage meter. Eli would qualify and surely Scandrick. Would the meter count for off the field activity also? Chris Canty got into a bar fight while attending UVA and ended up with the detached retina…would that ring up both meters?
    I kid…give them solid facemasks and a headsup display inside, kinda like Robotech. That will save from concussions and facial damage. They’ll also save money on bandages for their face, mouthpieces, and the occasional eyeblack sticker.
    They play football. It’s nothing new for a scratch or bruise. Congress will step in and ban it before long. Our country is turning into a PC creampuff nightmare.

  5. Did his lid come off? Seems to me that more & more helmets are popping off on contact & guys are getting hurt. Just ask Eli. Anybody else agree?

  6. UBERJET, I noticed that too. I’ve also noticed that half of the players dont even strap on their chin straps on very tight. You’ll see a lot of players with only one strap buttoned on and their helmets.

  7. Wrong again Florio. He had a bloody nose, it wasn’t broken. Now let’s see if Cowlishaw writes 5 articles a day about how you should apologize for starting bs rumors.

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