Rex Grossman has his Orlovsky moment

Rex Grossman is lucky this blooper happened in the preseason.

Leading 6-3 late in the second half Friday evening against the Jets, Grossman wasn’t ready for a shotgun sack on a second down play on his own six-yard line.  The ball bounced off his hands and over his head.  Grossman turned around, bent over for the ball, but instead kicked it out of the end zone.  (Yes, you should kick the ball. But first he fumbled, bobbled, and unsuccessfully tried to pick it up.)

Two points for the Jets.

Since this game doesn’t count, the play won’t go down in history with Dan Orlovsky’s famous run out of the back of the end zone a few years back.  But it’s fun to have Sexy Rexy back in our lives, if only for the preseason. 

(Incidentally, Grossman hasn’t looked too bad overall.  His stats would look pretty solid if Santana Moss didn’t drop a beautifully thrown deep pass.)

18 responses to “Rex Grossman has his Orlovsky moment

  1. How is this anything like the orlovsky play? Sounds like a smart play by Rex to make the best of his error. Sounds like he’s doing great tonight. Go Rex!!

  2. it was already funny on its own without the whole “bounced off his hands and over his heads” but now it’s really funny

  3. From the half time stats, looks like Nacho is leading another offensive explosion leading the New Jersey step children to 3 points on 74 yards passing and ANOTHER PICK

  4. Listen, I’m no Grossman fan, but this post is simply mean spirited. I saw the play- yes Grossman botched the snap, but the kick was not a mistake. Grossman realized that if he picked up the ball, three things could happen- he could recover it in the end zone for a safety, he could attempt to recover it but have a jet wind up with it for a TD, or he could kick it out of the endzone and guarantee the safety.
    Seems to me that Rexy made the exact right decision given the circumstances.

  5. The single one person who handed Peyton Manning his only super bowl.
    Peyton better be sending Grossman a fruit basket every year for saving Manning from being known as Dan Marino II

  6. Damn the Jets have no offense at all and their d isn’t good aldo, Dirty sanchez is still in the game in 4th quarter against our 2nd and 3rd tm defense and still lookin horrible.

  7. I am confused, is it okay for a man to call another man Sexy? I thought that was in the man code dudes.

  8. Come on Rex..You are the man when McNabb isn’t. Get Bobby Wade in there and rack up a few more yards…go Skins.

  9. Rex is not nearly as bad as his reputation seems. He got that rep by having the worst couple games for a QB that year (06) but he also had the three best games for any QB that year and led his team to the SB. He is inconsistent and has a case of fumblitis. Protect him and he is very good. If he is worried about his line…disaster.

  10. @realitypolice
    Dumb post Gregg Rosenthal. Post about how he is playing well instead of finding a dumb reason to hate on him. Anyone who knows anything about football knows kicking the ball out of the end zone was the smart thing to do. How is that comparable at all to Dan Orlovsky running out of the back of the end zone without even knowing it. That’s some other level shh. I will defend Rex to my death.

  11. If someone from West Virginia would have done this, it would be posted as the greatest, smartest play in NFL history.

  12. How is this anything like Orlovsky’s completely mind-numbing unaware and accidental run out of the back of the endzone?
    Grossman missed a snap? Happens all the time, especially in preseason with second team guys that don’t get many reps. Sounds like he did exactly what he should have done.
    I think Grossman is a waste of a roster spot and even I can’t see the relevance here.

  13. I’m just glad Rosenthal didn’t squeeze in a personal story about what he had for lunch or whatever.

  14. “Grossman wasn’t ready for a shotgun sack”……????
    I think you meant “shotgun snap” but with all the criminals playing in the league today we may one day see a sack via shotgun (or mini Uzi).

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